"Pre-sale tickets" VS "tickets"

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     Brad Ruwe 

    Here’s the thing that I still am left wondering with the whole “pre-sale” thing that was supposed to happen today. I always found it a bit odd that they used the words “Pre-sale tickets” instead of just saying something like “Tickets go on sale Sept 15”. Why pre-sale? Was the plan never for us to actually buy tickets today? Was today supposed to have been something else, before we actually could buy tickets for TMSE?

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    I just assumed it was “pre-sale”, like active participants get the first chance to buy them. Like on Ticketmaster when the have an “American Express Member Pre-sale”. People who have American Express cards get first dibs on tickets, then it opens up to general public later.

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      Only problem with that is that they advertised the pre-sale all over social media meaning anyone could see it, even those not active…

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     Brad Ruwe 

    The thing there though is that it was also promoted that was on the FB and Instagram, where anyone could see them. If it was an exclusive thing for the active members, why promote it that way for everyone, regardless of activity level? And then why not just sell us the “tickets” instead of “pre-sale tickets”? What is a pre-sale ticket anyway? Something that guarantees you a ticket when they go on sale? Why not then just sell the ticket and take out that step?

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    I think it’s just tickets that go on sale before they open up to general public. Not for active members necessarily, but those following social media. Then later opens to everyone, major media, LA haunt advertising, etc. I don’t know…doesn’t seem that weird to me.

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      This is how I was reading it too – “pre-sale” for those in the know, and then they’ll likely get the push from the usual media outlets after that.

      And this is 100% from an outsider perspective, and there are likely real complications happening behind the scenes that call for this push.. but it’s crazy to me that they’d make an announcement to push ticket sales only a matter of hours before they’re scheduled to go up, after promoting it for weeks. Either shit is MAJORLY hitting the fan over at OSDM headquarters right now, or we’re getting played.

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     Drew Huntley 

    Yes, what @sfire8 has said. Pre-Sale suggests an exclusive first dibs at the tickets. I assumed at first it would just be those who go to the forums and see the banner would know about it, but after they started pushing FB/IG hard I just chocked it up to dumb marketing tactics. The psychological aspect of if you think it’s presale then you’ll buy a ticket more immediately. After last nights slack events though, my opinion has shifted to that this was all planned.

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    The new banner got me all excited because my eye was drawn to the text in black that says “TICKETS ON SALE” and “MID SEASON EVENT”.


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