PHONE CALL! 4/6/2017

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    I don’t now that I remember much about the beginning but it was something like “have you ever someone to help you feel wanted to feel safe, secure….” blahblah

    “have you ever wanted a friend like that, Megan?”
    and then PA– USE
    so I said yes
    she said “describe the kind of friend you’d like, Megan
    I said “um…a cat”
    she said “describe the kind of friend you’d like, Megan”
    I said “um…a nice one.”
    she said “I think you can be a little more descriptive than that, Megan”
    I said “umm….adventurous.”
    she said “an adventurous friend. what else?”
    so I’m like wracking my fucking stupid people hating brain
    I finally come up with “someone with a really twisted sense of humor”
    and she said “we look forward to fulfilling your request, Megan”
    and hung up

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    Looking forward to this new friend! Great description. That should be fun haha

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     Bryan Bishop 

    You’re in for it now. 😀

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    Shadow friends?

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    @coryphella Haha, I lol’d at “a cat!” On a more serious note, I wonder who’s behind this call. Is it Sarah’s group? Do they want you to open up to someone so they can get something out of you?

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    @izryn – yeah I’m…not good with the humans. 🙂

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     Kyle Bown 

    Yeah, this 100% sounds like a computerized response. Your initial input wasn’t on her list, so she asked again. Then, your second wasn’t, so she asked in a different way. Finally, you gave a response that fit, and she accepted it. Interesting.

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    But we’re already friends, Megan?

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    How could I NOT!? :3

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    I love that so very much. ❤

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    @theladyj – I love you so much right now.

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    Swear to god if I just ordered a Buz replicant, someone is gonna pay.

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    @coryphella Careful what you wish for.

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    :3, I really like the color scheme of this one.

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    @meghanmayhem – I wished for a cat. That wasn’t on their menu.

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     Taylor Winters 

    Your best work so far @theladyj!

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     Andrew K 

    To me, these very decisive, specific phone calls goes very well with the theory that @shaun posted about in “Conjecture” regarding “the FARM, IT” etc. regarding them building an AI personality meant to replicated a human being.

    They are asking very specific people what they look for in a friend and what kind of personality traits they look for in a friends- otherwise known as: SOMEONE YOU WOULD TRUST.

    They are examining and logging our responses to various emotional, physical and psychological exercises and interactions and using that information to create an AI possible of replicating us and manipulating us in ways that are effective based on the person the AI is interacting with. For what purposes, I’m not sure- but I’m sure it’s nefarious.

    All of this also goes along with the magazine Sarah had about the “next human beings” – the next human beings not being humans at all, but in fact advanced robotic AI that can accurately replicate human emotion, appearance, moral compasses, etc. – once and AI can do that- is it still just AI?

    Maybe this is all crazy conspiracy theory, but it all makes sense to me….

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     Kyle Bown 

    @anakindrew I guess that depends entirely on your definition of AI vs. human.

    If it walk like a duck, talks like a duck, and bleeds like a duck. It’s probably dinner.

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     Andrew K 

    @bruinbown – totally agree. Once something accurately imitates every aspect of something else- what is it, really? Is it that new thing that it is imitating or is it still what it once was?

    Many aspects of media has explored this subject before, with varying degrees of success. Some examples of this are Black Mirror and the film Ex Machina….

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     Brad Ruwe 

    Humans is one of my favorite shows right now (along with Westworld) and it covers this very subject. AI consciousness. What does it even mean to be human?

    Dollhouse also seems to fit given the whole “programmable people” thing. Technology run amok. What happens when other people are suddenly able to make you someone else?

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     Kimberly Stewart 

    I just read back the most fascinating and hyperactive conversation I once had with a certain ex-creator. He was obviously madly in love with a show, Westworld, and telling me in great detail, all the reasons why. Of course this creator no longer works with OSDM, but he did when Westworld was airing. Take that for what it’s worth.

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      I really hope we’re all getting our own special programmable boyfriends and girlfriends! Ooops, I’m married… Didn’t just say that!

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    I just read back the most fascinating and hyperactive conversation I had with my cat. She was obviously wanting to be fed and super concerned that I might not follow the steps in the right order so she narrated the whole thing, loudly, in cat of course. Which I speak. Because that isn’t creepy at all. Take that for what it’s worth.

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     Alecia Steiner 

    @sfire8 Always good to have a bionic backup too!

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     Haley Wilde 

    Really, really interesting… man, now it looks like I might have to start thinking of my dream friend. I’m really excited to see how it is that they fulfill your request.

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     Hannah Schenck 

    @coryphella You and I are very much alike. Cats are the best kinda friends…. meow meow

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     Hannah Schenck 

    @electrichippo If this has any influence from Westworld, I will never want to go back to “normal” reality again! Here’s hoping… lol

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