Parable of The Workers in the Vineyard ("Take what is yours")

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    Also I just had a thought – I wonder if Noah will be sacrificed and replaced full time with the AI, like in the Sushi bros email. Maybe it would happen offstage and we will just suddenly see a changed Noah.


    But to happen offstage… than the events will be what? meet and greet the new Noah?

     Buz Wallick 

    If we’re talking about who would be one of the 12 apostles…

    My middle name is Philip.


    @kwanyin – I don’t know what you mean by “the events.”


    @coryphella sorry, i meant the workshop on this saturday and the one on the 13th.


    Oh I have no idea, I don’t mean to suggest that the two are related in any way. I don’t think that Noah’s sacrifice, if he is that, is necessarily happening that soon.

    Honestly I know that people yesterday theorized that the treatment received by Brad and Chelsea was for members of the Resistance, or perhaps people who were going to the seminar, but my gut told me that Noah was going to fuck with all of us like that eventually. Which means he’ll be around for a bit.


    Yeah, exactly, and like said early here, if the theory of the words/chapters are right, than were does this theory of Noah’s sacrifice fits in the timeline? It does sound like a mighty finale…


    @larry This is gorgeous, but…

    Ugh. I hate religion for all of this right here. Let’s force a sacrifice from someone not wanting to partake in it! Let’s make someone suffer because we believe it’s going save our souls from the bad place! And it’s ok cause it’ll save them too so we aren’t horrible people look we are helping! Even if they don’t want it! Whoot yea!

    If Noah is being forced into a sacrificial-lamb-stance here, I will do whatever I can to stop it. Because y’all remember that Anoch is a pawn? A tool? “Maybe it’s true, it doesn’t matter.” — Remember her? Noah’s personality… may clash with a lot of other personalities, but let’s not let that bullshit happen again.

    The controversial asshat in me really wants to come out here and be like “Of course there are parallels, but maybe that’s because douche bags tend to fall into a variety pack box of types of douche, and the bible happens to be chock full of douche bag flavors to learn from and draw inspiration.” Oh oops! Did I hit submit? 😉


    This does match up really well, well done @larry.

    With the raising Anoch that you mentioned as well, it also makes me think of Revelation with the whole Antichrist thing that we were on near the beginning of Lust. In Revelation 13:3 the beast (Antichrist) “seemed to have a mortal wound, but its mortal wound was healed, and the whole earth marveled as they followed the beast.” Most believe that this means that the Antichrist will be killed or horribly wounded and later “resurrected” or be possessed by Satan leading to the Great Tribulation of the final days. This could parallel with Noah possibly being sacrificed, possessed by Anoch as his vessel, and head us on into the “Great Tribulation” or the final days of The Lust Experience.

    And if we’re thinking some people may be assigned to disciples/roles of people in the Bible, I also wonder if @taysavestheday or maybe even @bcbishop might being playing as John the Apostle, who saw everything that would happen in the final days and wrote the book of Revelation to warn everyone.

     Taylor Winters 

    @larry, I find this very interesting–especially that you say “God gives to us according to who HE is, not according to who WE are.” Those who come early, and those who come late receive the same reward.

    However, I don’t believe in this. “Aristotle claims that in order to determine the just distribution of a good, we have to inquire into the telos, or purpose, of the good being distributed.” (Sandel, p. 188, 2010). Sandel makes the claim that if you have a stradivarius violin, you don’t distribute it to everyone–no, you distribute it to the best player. If you have resources, you take care of the strongest first, those who are willing to get the greater purpose from the reward.

    Going against the idea of entropy, Aristotle further proposed that life moves from imperfect to perfect. A seed becomes a plant, a baby becomes an adult. And our path and the trials we come across is what pushes us to become perfect. I see this with Noah and The System; they are pushing us to be better, more perfect. In this way Aristotle believed the essential nature of things lay not at their cause (or beginning) but at their end (telos).

    But is this really Noah’s goal? I don’t think so. This doesn’t sound like Noah. This sounds like Horace to me. Rewarding the strong and punishing the weak. Making people stronger and more perfect through tests and trials. This is exactly how Horace raised Noah, and I see Horace’s influence all over this.

     Andrew Kasch 

    Fascinating theories…

    Although I have my doubts that we will see a literal version of Anoch.
    So far, all we have seen are actions motivated by ritual, belief and indoctrination. And if there’s one harsh lesson we learned from the OOA, it was that it was all in service of nothing more than control. None of us have seen or experienced anything that could even remotely be construed as “miraculous” or “supernatural”…only the same tragic consequences that befell Jonestown, Waco, etc.

     Hannah Schenck 

    @larry Having been raised with Catholic beliefs shoved down my throat, I cringe reading this, HOWEVER, I could see this being a valid theory. I have a wild theory of who Judas could be, but I’m going to keep that to myself for now until more happens 😉 I definitely agree with you that Noah could very well be the sacrifice, and he knows it. The quote of him saying he’s already dead in the book, has stood out to me for a while as I wondered what he meant by that. And then this beautiful theory landed on the forums and it absolutely makes sense. I’m interested to see, if this theory stands, who the chosen 12 will be…

     Lawrence Meyers 

    Don’t take all my blathering too seriously. I’m only looking for parallels that may give narrative or character clues, which can now be altered since they are public. Far be it from me to argue with Aristotle or whether any possible Noah sacrifice is worth stopping or not. That’s your individual decisions.

     Lawrence Meyers 

    Judas would theoretically be the person closest to Noah.

    Matthew’s original name was….Levi. He was a tax collector who died a martyr in Ethiopia.

    There’s also one known as…heh…Simon The Zealot. LOL.

    And I was wrong about Saul/Paul, @bcbishop. He is an apostle but not one of the original 12. Morgan might end up being Paul, since he was dedicated to persecuting the early disciples.

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