Pam Chats with Otis

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    Hey guys,

    I’ve had alot going on persoanlly so stepped away from all. Last night my phone was literally going crazy and i didn’t know why.. Otis and i are friends on facebook and we’ve been talking.. Facebook is so new to him and he’s so overwhelmed that i’ve really tried to take it slow and explain all of our abbreviations to him.

    He’s one of the sweetest people on here that i’ve gotten to talk to and im so glad he’s feeling comfortable asking me questions.

    I go by Masomoment on forum and in game but those i call friends know me as Pam 🙂

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    Otis is so sweetheart we did talked about Pam! so do tell ! are you the Pam i mean the woman he really want to be friends so badly 😉

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    i have no idea and it’s to early to tell.

    He was trying to tell me jokes and be funny and stuff and kind of sounded like a teenage boy unsure how to act…

    Also he said my name an odd number of times.. so we will see. Just figured i’d speak up since i feel tagged every hour right now haha

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    I think you are the Pam we’re looking for. ?

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      Pam!!! Pam!!! Pam!!

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