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     Buz Wallick 

    @meghanmayhem She is def not anymore I’d say. But she definitely thought she was King there towards the end of Tension. Now she’s obviously been knocked down a peg or two.

     Meghan Mayhem 

    @thebuz Yes, she definitely thought herself more powerful than she was and was slapped in the face with the harsh reality.
    Someone who is ACTUALLY a King card would never make that mistake and get cocky.
    That’s the difference between a supervisor and a CEO.


    @thebuz just to be cute: if we’re playing Blackjack, the 10s and King win easily when paired with an Ace. Put all of them together tho…that’s a 23 at best. Dealer breaks.


    Could the “King” be someone obvious in this family we haven’t met yet, like Noah’s MOM?? Just also thinking of the division of the sexes theme and the preponderance of female imagery in the Facebook paintings?

     Lukas L 

    I know quite a few of you have said that its too well known for Horus to be the Ace but this is how I interpreted this video.
    Otis took on a job as Noah’s driver. That links him to Noah. Noah is less than happy with Horus. We know though at least Tension, Noah has the ability and understanding of mind control ala Sabrina. And thanks to @mike we know that this is most likely the same location as the Noah Sarah video.

    That said, here is my take. Noah is using mind control on Otis to send a message. Otis is just repeating what he has been told. The 2’s and 10’s are just the average people in the world always trying to stay “On top” think the protests “we are the 99%” vs the “1%” the 99% percent have power in numbers but the 1% owns more of the worlds wealth than all of the 99% combined. “They are always fighting to get ahead but they are still on the bottom.” Noah is saying there are another class of people who rule the world. The Kings “ALA Noah” who you should help if called upon. They are the ones who control the 2’s and 10’s by any means necessary, be it mind control, manipulation, ect. But the A’s… Whats the only thing higher than a king… A GOD… Which is quite fitting for a person named Horus… Otis gets angry when he mentions the Ace because he is a puppet for Noah and Noah hates his dad. He may be saying, you may be a god but you may not even get the chance to help this king’s rule.

    I do wonder now. Could each of these chapters be referencing a different god? What I mean is Tension referenced Anoch, Lust could be referencing the Egyptian god Horus. Could each chapter be for a different god? Is there 4 gods aka 4 Aces?

     Lukas L 

    Also thinking further into this, which I shouldn’t but I have problems helping it. I always wondered why they were after so much “Data” on us. I mean, yeah they can blackmail us to do things with it. but @bcbishop already proved we can counter this blackmail. With this whole “God” thing for the chapters I spoke about earlier. Could it be possible that “The Tension Experience” was a failure not because it didn’t make enough money. What if the purpose of “Tension” was exactly what the immersion was to be. The story line brought to life. What if “Tension” failed because… WE NEVER BROUGHT BACK ANOCH…. It was a Failed Attempt.


    @lukasrl I’ve been struggling with the “WHY!?” of all of this for a while as well. So what if they know about my deepest darkest secrets, right? What does some billionaire Russian guy expect to get out of me anyway? I don’t have anything they want. Right?

    What if what we’re giving them (our desires, our sins, our pain) is the currency? Tension failed. They’ve retooled the machine and they’re trying again. More info. More pain. More souls. Another chance to wake up a dormant monster.

     Lukas L 

    @lilmsfancpants What if they are looking for something specific but they are not sure exactly what it is yet. I mean you are right, all the money in the world and even if they take what money we have, its just a small drop in the bucket. Its not money I think they are after. Anoch was failed to be summoned. So think of it like this. Like a disease. Dr.’s know how the disease works, but it is through trial and error that a cure is found. IE They know what they need to do to get it to work, but they have a missing ingredient. A specific variable that they are not aware of. So they collect as much data as possible until they figure out the missing variable. Then find the person that has all the “Data” qualities they need.


    What if they are looking for something specific but they are not sure exactly what it is yet.

    I think they know exactly what they’re looking for, and I think we know what it is too. They made a bunch of people give it over to them at registration.

    I pledge my desire for their sacrifice and freedom.

    People desired The System and the power it might bring. People desired iConfidant and the companionship it might offer. I think almost everyone here bit on at least one of those two things.

    We know they still need us and want us to serve whoever it is that’s on top. So maybe they have a continued need for that desire (I think there was quite a bit of talk in the earlier Lust days about belief being important to keep things going) or they haven’t had a chance to perform their sacrifice yet.

    Whatever form that sacrifice takes, from the email the other day, it looks like it’s so He can be unshackled and they can roam free. And who knows what that means…


    Alright. Dumb question here.
    Who is “THEY” in the “I pledge my desire for THEIR sacrifice and freedom?”


    @coryphella I’ve been operating under the assumption that it’s Horace and whatever group he runs or works for. Noah mentioned that his father owned the warehouse, so that’s been my best guess.

    Could be totally wrong of course!

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    @kevin – so THEIR sacrifice – like, Horace/his group literally have to be sacrificed in order to get freedom (like maybe a phoenix)?


    @coryphella I have what I realize is probably a strange reading of that quote. I think it’s saying that people have offered up their desire so ‘they’ can sacrifice it to achieve their freedom.

    I do like the idea that we have to desire their sacrifice so they can be reborn, now that you mention it though.


    It’s just always struck me as an oddly structured sentence and I haven’t been able to figure out exactly what it was trying to say.

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