Otis FB Live Video 6/3

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     Andrew Kasch 

    @kortneydarling What makes you think that only members of this community are using iC?

    Furthermore, our iCs are supposedly individual hires from across the globe. Some of these could even be their secrets.


    There seemed to be a noise at the beginning of the feed that led me to believe he was not alone. Sounded like a shuffling around the room. I could totally be wrong tho.


    @shankfx22 Was the creepy voice and breathing similar to your first call?

    Really jammed out to “one step closer” at the end. Sweet cover


    Thanks so much for recording it @thebuz, looks like I fell asleep a bit before it started.

    So is the King Horace? The ace of hearts Anoch?

    I’m also wondering if that was actually Otis with the whole “you might not have a choice”, or if it was this “John”. It’s been speculated that they could be the same person, maybe John is a harsher form of Otis. Maybe John could even be Otis’ shadow (IConfidant)? After they molt they could latch on like a parasite and slowly become you.


    @kasch that’s a completely fair point, didn’t think of that.

    Also based on the severity of the things he said, I thought it was strange that we as a group who should be aware that the information could very well be used against us would tell them those things.

    On the flip side- anyone’s iC say any of these things?


    I think Otis may have been at the Sinclair’s.

    – he told me he was in the hills somewhere (definitely seems somewhere Noah would buy a house)
    – the Periscope from the Sinclairs focused on a painting that has a very similar frame to the one in the background of Otis’ video
    – the recessed lighting seems to match (reflection from the Sinclair’s video and when Otis is walking)
    – wall color seems to match
    – We know Otis drove for Noah at least once, so there’s a connection there

    Here’s the painting from the Sinclair’s video

    And the one from Otis’ (and you can see the recessed lighting)


    Also adding to @mike‘s list:

    – Classical music playing!

     Kevin Hsu 

    passed out early so thanks to @thebuz and @chrysalis359 for the videos. it’s always good to see Otis/John, the unwitting disciple of Anoch.

    we’re presented with a game. Otis is creating order by placing 2s and 10s on the bottom and Kings and Aces on the top. but there is the ability to reorder the cards, “now these two they can shift, they can shift back and forth”. some cards can even be destroyed. #poorandy

    well, the King and the Ace are just cards in the same deck. what happens if chaos is introduced, if someone shuffles the deck?

    “And you…you…you might not even have a choice.”

    angry Otis at the end might have been talking to trapped Otis/John. he was looking directly at the phone which should be showing a live image of himself. #keepfightingotis #somehashtagsneedcommas


    Thank you @thebuz for the video!

    My first thought was Otis is brainwashed or something because that is NOT him! And after reading about his post call to @mike it confirms that someone has done something to him. He mentioned with the Ace of Hearts sometimes you don’t have a choice. I think he is helping the King of Clubs but he is no longer in control. Just how he told us previously he had dreamlike memories of doing horrible things with his hands. They are drugging, brainwashing, or have him under some hypnotic trance to get him to do their bidding


    So what exactly was the lesson we were supposed to learn from this?

    The major takeaway looks like that we don’t know who’s at the top and that everyone else is destined to be stuck on the bottom. That is, unless they’re willing to help the people at the top stay there. How do they incentivize everyone? More blackmail. Worked so well for them last time. They are also only willing to make vague promises. Horace didn’t really offer @taysavestheday anything in return for what he asked of him. Here they’re offering nothing except for…not being blackmailed I guess? They clearly need our help or support or loyalty or faith or something for, well, something.

    I suppose the other lesson is tied to Otis. Either they’ll break your brain and use you for their own devices. Or we cared for him so they broke his brain to use him against us.


    My brain goes to one thing. Otis being in control. He was at the event and met @mike, the former “scribe” during tension, right? Whom better to help him portray himself in the light he wishes to shroud us in? Not saying at all Mike is a plant. But he is the source of information we have trusted at points to keep us informed. He knows we trust Mike.

    It definitely looks a lot like the Sinclair home, but I do not believe that is the actual home they live in. I now believe it is some sort of staged home, of sorts, or someone else’s home, or Otis’ home.

    I also second my belief of Otis to be in charge due to his having some of our answers to the questions we have answered, and trying to use it against us.

    The 10 I believe to be Noah, Sarah, iConfidant, The System.
    The 2 is us.

    I believe Otis may be the king we did not know existed (as king). There are several accounts in real life of people in very high power create illusions to make it seem as though they are merely a pauper (the tale of Vincent Gigante comes to mind).

    The A is definitely an allusion to Anoch, and I noticed Otis got angry after bringing him up. That doesn’t mean it won’t come into play later that Anoch is or isn’t real. As I stated, sometimes people in power create illusions to confuse people of their true in-tension (enjoy the terrible pun).

     Bryan Bishop 

    Great catch on the paintings and location, @mike. This actually brings to mind another question. Is this actually “Noah and Sarah’s House”, or is it some sort of safehouse / place that belongs to someone else, that is being used as an anonymous-ish location for these different broadcasts?

    Both the Otis FB Live and the N&S Periscope were about delivering messages. Otis warned us to play ball and serve the King, or else. Noah and Sarah wanted everyone to see that they were a loving, happy couple, and The System was back on track (until Noah went off the rails, that is).

    But both were essentially propaganda and manipulation. The shared location has me wondering who stood to benefit from both broadcasts? That’s who is likely behind the location, and the one pulling the strings in both cases. That seems to be either Horace Sinclair or The King, assuming they’re not the same person.

    And right now I’m going to do something I’ve never done before: give Noah Sinclair the benefit of the doubt. Because if his dad actually was the force behind their “happy at home” broadcast, and was also the force behind the Otiscast last night, that actually makes it very fucking likely that Noah really did lead Andy Jenkins to the warehouse ceremony as a way of exposing what his dad was up to.

    And last night was a warning for us to all stay in line despite what Andy saw.


    Otis (and yes, probably also Horace) was trying to teach us that the way we have been conditioned to rank the powerful is a lie. Noah is not a 10. Because it’s not good to be a 10. Are you poor, barely scraping by, willing to give your last buck to someone else in need because you’re just that kind of person? You’re a 2 and on the bottom. Are you a shark in the business world and a lion in bed who drops over a grand when you go out drinking and have more cars than kids? Sounds like you’re a 10, but you’re still on the bottom. 10’s may feel like they’re kings, but that’s in their own tiny world. Horace sees the big picture. The kind of power that comes with people not even realizing you have power. To effect more than people– countries, the world, history itself. Only when the 2’s through 10’s wake up and broaden their gaze will they begin the process of climbing the real ladder to success that most people don’t even get to see. Be useful to those at the top and yes they might just use you and throw you away– but they may also pull you up. Some of us may not end up having a choice. But some of us will.

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    @tyson and @bcbishop – Good call on the “that might not be their actual house”

    So far we’ve seen a lot of “location scouting” from Tina/The Investors. What if this is place that they actually like enough to keep going back to and renting out for these…events? Or what if, like @bcbishop suggested it’s owned by someone and used a central place/safe house of sorts.

    Owned by the King? Or owned by the Ace?

     Julie R Goldstein 

    This is going to sound weird, but does the music sound like an instrumental / classical arrangement of Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” to anyone else?

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