Otis FB Live Video 6/3

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     Buz Wallick 

    So Otis seems a little more malicious that before. Who else caught the live stream?

    I recorded it on my iPad in case FB didn’t save it.

     Bryan Bishop 

    I think @shinobi called it. That Ace of Hearts is Anoch.

    And iConfidant is suddenly looking like a really good blackmail scheme. :-\


    I transcribed as best I could for further dissection:

    (Otis takes a second to get his camera ready. Classical music is playing. He sits, wearing a black button down shirt.)
    2 of diamonds are average, everyday good people. It gets put on the bottom
    10 of spades is the lawyers, popular people, the people who think their hot. It too, goes on the bottom.
    Now it gets tricky
    The King of Clubs, is on the top. Nobody knows that he’s on the top! Especially the 2 and the 10, people who are fighting over positions on the bottom. There’s no difference. They never realize they’re just on the bottom.

    Most of us on the bottom can be useful if called upon. We can do things to make ourselves useful. Now, let me digress. These two cards on the bottom, you see, they’re gone back and forth, and they don’t mean diddly. Yeah. Nothing (as he rips the cards up.) They will stay on the bottom.
    But what if you’re stubborn. What if you don’t want to make yourself useful.

    (as he riffles through some full-sized papers)
    What if people don’t want things exposed, like an affair, or that a friend hates his friends but is afraid of being alone, your children won’t amount to anything, or that you don’t love your partner anymore. So maybe, we should try to help the man at the top. (the King of spades.) Maybe we should help him.
    Ace of Hearts, what does that stand for? You might not have a choice.
    (he gets angrier and the camera moves. The broadcast is interrupted and it finally ends)

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    Saw it and either Otis is a mean drunk, or someone flipped his switch. He’s definitely not the same lovable Otis we first got to know. And he’s blackmailing us now?! This is not gonna turn out good for him, calling it now… Otis is a dead man. Just another pawn in the overall picture of who’s ever behind this.

     Buz Wallick 

    You know what…

    Fuck Otis. I tried to connect with him, but fuck him. Piece of shit this guy.

     Vox Chaotica 

    I, too, am in the “Otis-can-go-sod-off-for-all-I-care” camp.


    Boom. There’s the Iconfidant betrayal. Those who committed the most, will get hurt the most.


    @thebuz Yup. I’m surprised you were taken in this long..


    @theladyj It looks like you’re correct, unless that is the ‘hack’ and not the original intended purpose of iConfidant..


    Thank you @theladyj for transcribing it!


    So at first, mostly because of the music, I wondered if it was the Sinclair’s home. However, the paintings in the back aren’t what we saw in that video and it is also very clearly not Otis’ apartment.

     Lauren Bello 

    There are a few places Otis could have acquired those secrets.

    1) OSDM – our questionnaires
    2) OSDM – the “files” they had on us from Ascension
    3) OSDM – our confessions from the Red Room
    4) whoever has been hacking iConfidant, same person who imitated Kasch, once speculated to be Noah
    5) Horace/OSDM – the men who have been raiding the offices and who have Stacey all stressed
    6) Our confidants personally handed over our information

    I feel like (6) is unlikely but the rest are all fair game right now.


    Noted things-
    •Otis’s ring.
    •at the very beginning when he moves there’s a painting in the background, probably on purpose.
    • I bet all those cards’ meanings play into this.
    • Otis mentioned that the king of clubs people don’t even know he exists. I think this is literally a new player that we don’t know of yet.
    • I don’t think the stuff he was talking about as blackmail are iConfidant emails. Everything he mentioned had to do with incredibly adult-oriented things such as a lot of marriage. Not a terrible amount of us are married- and I’m assuming the ones that are didn’t say the things that are mentioned.

     Lauren Bello 

    Questions I’m left with:

    Who’s the King? Noah? Horace?
    Who’s the Ace? Anoch? The clockmakers?
    Per Otis, it’s in our best interest to help “him” get what he wants. What does he want? Why does he need us to help him get it? Why not just ASK for our help before jumping to blackmail?

     Buz Wallick 

    Here’s the video to review. With my colorful commentary.

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