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    Soooooo, I don’t bring this up to offend anyone and please no flaming torches, I’m just speculating here.

    Recently, someone reminded me of Noah’s love for tic tacs. I couldn’t help but think of that video of Trump with Billy Bush where he talks about loving the tiny candy. It’s such a specific thing! Especially because they’re orange. It sort of got me thinking about some comparisons. Both had a highly rich and successful father who’s company they took over. Both say things that would normally be considered highly offensive or ridiculous with little to no consequences, in some cases it makes them loved even more! And finally, both also both are known for using money as a tool and are commonly associated with it. Yesterday, we heard how good Noah is with money, which is something often said about Trump.

    I mean, emotions set aside, you have to admit, there are a lot of similarities. Can you think of any?

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    I remember when this whole thing first started in Feb and we were introduced to Noah there was definitely a few of us who made the Trump comparison! So I agree with you there are plenty of similarities. He says the most fucked up shit yet everyone still backs him (true for both)

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    Both are supreme Alpha males.

    The comparison is definitely valid.

    And if you search, there are a lot of really interesting anecdotes of Trump doing something nice for someone else. Like the bus driver who saved that person from jumping off the Brooklyn bridge. Trump tracked them down and gave that guy 10k just for being a good citizen because he thought it should be rewarded.

    Noah has these stories too. Yesterday being another of them.

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