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    I wanted to say a couple of things before we continue in the hopes that maybe they can shed some light on some things for some people, if it’s needed and/or wanted. If not, continue on your merry way.

    1. Pretty sure most of us are aware of the PlAndy situation at this point and don’t really need a ton of explaining, but I think it’s safe to say – TPTB can correct me if I am wrong – PlAndy was not a participant who got something awesome and fun. We were all participants who got fooled real good. Sometimes things are needed to move storylines along and as much as we’d all love to be actually living in the middle of an action film, the fact is we’re living in a piece of theatre crafted for us that has scripts and actors and all that stuff. It *is* planned. Get used to how awesome and cool that is. And go read a book.

    2. All the people who are involved in this have their own lives, family, homes, jobs, etc. That goes for your confidants and Stacey and Sarah and Noah. Trust that people are working their butts off on your behalf. And then go eat a cupcake.

    3. On participating from afar: I’m good at this, trust me. The fact is that the bulk of stuff happens in Los Angeles, as far as any of us can reasonably expect. I was one of the first (maybe THE first?) to get involved outside of California last year and I did so honestly believing I had NO shot of being involved at all. I had 80% of my “interactions” in the space of one weekend I spent in Los Angeles, when I actually flew out partially in hopes of having something happen but also just to see friends and attend a workshop because stuff might NOT happen. After that weekend, VERY LITTLE happened for me the entire rest of the summer. I watched the rest of the story from Minnesota, and yeah, it was frustrating, but that was how it was. This is an alternate reality. It’s not the only reality. That’s why finding & building relationships with the real people here is more important than the fiction.

    Yes, you ARE expected to put in. You are expected to interact, to give, in some way, of yourself, because that’s the entrance fee for being here and nothing is free. I have no idea what THEY expect of you but I imagine it’s something other than complaining. Complaining won’t make you the next PlAndy.

    4. On people getting different things or more things or whatever: yeah that happens but come on. You know nothing. You have no idea what’s coming, neither do I. The truth is they are telling a story, and stories don’t have 84 main characters, they have 3 or 4. By that logic, 3 or 4 of us will have the bulk of the interactions and the rest of us will be supporting characters, chorus, bit parts, etc. Thats the way it is. Nothing about this was ever going to be fair. That doesn’t mean that we all get the same things or that we’re all guaranteed anything at all – we’re not. Stop being cynical and just enjoy the ride. And eat a peach.

    Seriously, if you can’t do those things, why are you here? BELIEVE ME AND OTHERS WHO DON’T WANT TO REVISIT IT, there may come a time when we are ACTUALLY angry and cynical and all that shit all over the forums with each other. When we don’t have to be, LET’S NOT BE. Remember that you are sitting in the audience at a performance when you come on these forums, and the actors & creators all read your words, and when you complain you are essentially heckling them. If that isn’t something you would do in a real theater, don’t do it here. Do it somewhere where they can’t see it so that others can enjoy this space and stay immersed.

    I did not start the thread about Andy so that people could start talking about how contrived the whole thing was, I started it as an honest, Megan-trying-to-be-immersed move to help out an IG-character and was really pissed when it was derailed into something else. It takes a lot for me to step outside myself and do anything like that, and it’s not something I would have done AT ALL five years ago. I imagine that others on this forum might have similar issues as well and that’s why we need to be present & immersed in the story here, and take that other shit to the not-the-forums.

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    Very very well put @coryphella.
    And I co-sign all of this.

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     Maxwell R 


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    Those are wise words @coryphella. in times like these, we can get SO immersed that we forget these people have their own lives.

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    Well written!!! I am ready for this and enjoy the ride as first timer!! I am still figuring out where my place in this and I know I will get it figured out somehow!!!

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    @meghanmayhem Great Meg(h)ans think alike?

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    the actors & creators all read your words, and when you complain you are essentially heckling them. If that isn’t something you would do in a real theater, don’t do it here. Do it somewhere where they can’t see it so that others can enjoy this space and stay immersed.


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     Meghan Mayhem 

    @coryphella It ain’t easy being the best, but we Meg(h)an’s try.

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    Wow yea, thumbs up to all of this.

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    For some reason I want a PEEEAAAAAAAACH.

    Well said @coryphella.

    I love how fooled I got because I even told my wife some plot points related to @confuseddude over the last week before I realized I was had. Bravo!

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     Lauren Bello 


    We needed this, thank you @coryphella

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    Well put, @coryphella! Well put indeed.

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     Kevin Hsu 

    All the world’s a stage and there are no small parts…

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    Not saying anything new here but I agree with you/all the comments. Yet another “thank you” for this and your maturity on all of it.

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     Hannah Schenck 

    Thank you @coryphella for taking the time to put this all down and out in the open. I hope this helps bring people back to reality and understand that this experience is a PRIVILEGE. Your words could not have been more perfect ????❤️

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    This is the perfect place to add this link.

    Are you someone that doesn’t behave well in these adventures? Do you walk past actors telling you to turn around? Do you steal props from shows? Do you make it harder for other people to stay immersed? Are you just a grotesquely unpleasant fucker?

    This might help.

    Respect the Actor: the Unspoken Rule

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    I totally agree and sincerely apologise if anything I’ve ever said appeared to be contradictory to this sentiment. I am so excited to be a part of this and I’m a very passionate person that doesn’t always communicate effectively. I’ll really try and tone down the sappy meta appreciation in game and focus on the story at hand. The last few days have been amazing and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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    Just another echo of applause from me to you @coryphella for writing this. Thank you. It needed to be said!

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    Late to the game, but no damper on my appreciation!

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    So wow, I guess I’m glad I said this and didn’t just go hide with the cats and Labyrinth and vodka for the next few days. Which is really too bad, I should really do that because I *HAVE* to get these fucking bullshit scholarly whatevermaterials finished before Tuesday night or blah blah I lose my job.

    @theladyj I love that but my favorite one is still “um..a cat.” 🙂

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    @coryphella um cats and labyrinth?! Can my cat and I please join you ?

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    More applause from me, @coryphella. Well said!

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    That was brilliant and beautiful! Bravo! 😀

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     Bryan Bishop 

    Thank you for this, @coryphella. An important and essential reminder.

    Bookmarked and screenshotted.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    Missed this post when it first went up. Excellent points across the board.

    *insert gif of clapping person here*

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     kody s Batchelor 

    Thanks for the food recommendations. Has there ever been a peach cupcake?

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  • #15263
     kody s Batchelor 

    @coryphella immersive experiences AND brand new cupcake ideas?! What new world have I become apart of?!

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