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     Brad Ruwe 

    I wanted to discuss a bit about how Lust is being structured. The powers that be made it clear very early on that this would be a long, overarching story, saying back in April “We are still on page one of the foreword.” That sort of thinking continued after registration with the FB post stating “Prologue ends…”

    So far we’ve had two distinct segment unfolding, the prologue and where we are now, “chapter one”. Both have seemed to have stylistic and thematic focuses separating them. Prologue featured images of statues on the FB account, while chapter one has been the cropped paintings. Thinking back on what we know now with the “bigger picture” concept, is there possibly something we missed with the statues in the prologue?

    Each segment has also seemed to have a unique focus in terms of where our attention is. The prologue focused on The System, specifically Noah and Sarah. iConfidant was introduced during this time, but it was more of a hinting at what was to come rather than our focus. After Registration, things shifted. Noah and Sarah were still in play, but even they were shifting focus elsewhere. Noah’s rants to his father, Sarah warning us about iConfidant. With this segment, it is fairly obvious iConfidant is the focus. Shit is hitting the fan, and something big seems to be coming with Stacey finding the bug last night.

    So here comes the speculation. We are about to cross into another chapter. We all know something is happening on Sunday. Some of us will apparently meet our iConfidants, others may Facetime with theirs. Others may not even have any interaction with theirs. But with Registration, we know that what we expect isn’t usually the case. We went in thinking we were registering for The System, but instead registered with the Investors. So what’s coming? What is going to be the shifting focus for the potential impending chapter two?

    My thinking is we’re about to get up close and personal with The Investors. If Stacey isn’t lying about last night, if she now has evidence her company was being tampered with, it fits that soon she’ll shine some light on that “bigger picture” and point us in yet another new direction. I’m thinking that direction will be The Investors, the OSDM (if we’re correct on OSDM = Investors).

    I personally can’t wait to see what sort of art gets highlighted next if the pattern continues. I’m sure it’ll still make me feel like I’ve forgotten everything from my art history classes, no matter what it is.

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    Based on how the Prologue ended (Registration and Noah’s/@meghanmayhem B&E of the warehouse) this event on Sunday definitely seems to be pointing towards the end of Chapter 1.

    In order for us to begin to see a pattern though, we must abide by a rule of three. Impossible to notice a pattern with only two incidents.. but if stuff changes up for Chapter 2 we may be able to detect where things are heading.

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