Noah's little tantrum

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     Bryan Bishop 

    How quickly we seem to have forgotten the lessons of the past.

    All it takes is one rabble-rousing Periscope, and people fall in line behind Noah Sinclair with a hearty “fuck yeah” while dancing to the Beasties.

    Last night Noah Sinclair told us what we wanted to hear. That his dad was the bad guy. That his incorrigible assholosity was something to be emulated and celebrated. That indulging in your worst possible tendencies is the way to success.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: he’s playing every single one of us. And it’s working.

    I’m supposed to suddenly take the word of a drunk, lying con artist… because why, exactly? Because his story is convenient? Because he’s suddenly acting like he cares about the woman he’s pilloried up until now? Because it makes me feel like I finally have a side to stand on?

    Noah Sinclair was the guy that drug me away from Sabrina Kern, screaming, so Samson could drop her to the ground with a kill phrase. Noah Sinclair was the guy that threatened my family. Noah Sinclair has been a scumbag from the jump, and it’s going to take a more than a livestreamed tantrum to convince me he’s suddenly worth following.

    This story has just begun, and we don’t know shit. Except for one very important fact: Noah Sinclair cannot be trusted.

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    YAAASSSS!!!! Finally! (ok I tried to add a gif and failed epically)

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    I’m not seeing a sudden outburst of #teamnoah after that Periscope. I see more people just excited that things are happening. I think it could have been anyone on that Periscope and you’d see the same excitement. I don’t think he’s playing anyone at this point. According to him, the people who signed the form got played (myself included)

    With that being said, you absolutely make great points about Noah. It’s important to think for yourself and believe what you want to believe. Don’t focus on the shiny, new, flashy object so much and take a step back and think. Remember the blackmail, remember the “arrest”, etc etc

    To me, it remains to be seen if we can trust Noah.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    @mike I want to sign up for The Gary Cole Experience.

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    My opinion on Noah will be handidly decided on how he treated Otis last night.

    I appreciate the maniacs intentions but the dude nearly got Sarah and his kid murdered. Redemption is an option for him but there’s still some unforgivable acts here.

    I was team Noah for a long time until I got that Sarah call.

    I’d honestly say that now I have more respect and admiration for Sarah Sinclair than Noah.

    But let’s see what Meghan says about Noah’s treatment of Otis…

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     Bryan Bishop 

    Agreed on Sarah, @thebuz. But Otis seems like an easy lever to pull to manipulate us and try to gain our trust. If Jeffrey Dahmer loved his cuddly old grandpa, he’d still be Jeffrey Dahmer.

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    I’m going to have to agree with @bcbishop on the treatment of Otis too. A narcissistic sociopath can still have a soft spot for someone.

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    While my experience with him last night showed me that he is quite unstable and emotional, I do trust him.
    I trust him because he has proved to be the most straight forward intention wise, out of all the other players. He’s not kissing your ass and then stabbing you in the back. He’s showing you the knife.

    Humanity as a whole can be rather untrustworthy.
    I choose to side with those that are strong enough to show their real selves, even if it’s ugly and wild.

    And as a side note, I was wondering, what do you guys think the chances are that Suit Guy from the book release is actually Papa Sinclair?

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    I agree, @meghanmayhem, ever since his first break with The System after the focus group Noah has come across as erratic and mischievous but otherwise wholly sincere. Everything he’s been saying seems too plausible in light of how the organization has been behaving. And now that we know conclusively that Noah’s father worked hand in hand with the OSDM on Tension’s data collection, it makes perfect sense for him to appear with Michelle at the book party. The way he was talking already sounded like Sinclair propaganda. Now we may know why.

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    I seem to be missing whatever periscope this was.. can someone share?

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    @masomoment – I believe you’re looking for this one

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    Thank you Sean

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     Mustafa Said 

    Personally, there’s no one we can trust at this point. Noah’s off being…well, Noah
    then there’s this whole iConfidant thing(how many of you are being honest and truthful in your responses? How truthful will you all be over time?) which just strikes me as weird times 1000 and then there’s the business with the Investors going in and doing stuff and Clint’s not doing stuff and….

    Imo, there’s a lot of moving pieces at this point and unlike Tension, I don’t feel anchored to any one particular piece. I’m gonna give it time but right now I’m not interested in giving my trust over to any group or entity in this.

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    Do we know how Noah went from “convinced my father’s board to remove him as CEO and instate me” to begging his dad to let Sarah go and let him boss people around like the good ole days?

    Is “My Story” just BS or did his father somehow end up with the upper hand as Noah grew up (past the age of 22 when he ousted his weak CEO of a father)?

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    That’s where I’m at Mustafa.

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    I’d like to discuss some of the implications of the things included in Noah’s rant.

    For those that were at the beginning of Tension, you had mentioned that the older man from the book release party that threw us out was the same man that conducted interviews on the OG towards the beginning of Tension. Is that correct?

    If that’s the case, then it would absolutely make sense for him to be Noah’s father. He would have been there starting the experiments of mining data.

    Noah also mentioned that his father had Sarah and that he would continue to release secrets until she was released. That would explain what he told me on the phone after Sarah’s emotional call to @thebuz where he said “He’s not going to get rid of her yet”. I think it’s safe to say after this that the “He” is his father. N mentioned that “He” wouldn’t get rid of her if I helped him with something. The something obviously was Monday night’s adventure. So essentially that’s saying “Help me threaten my father with releasing secrets as a way to ensure he doesn’t hurt Sarah”. Obvious, but eh, why not spell it out.

    Now we just have to figure out the meaning behind “I pledge my desire for their sacrifice and freedom.”.
    Who are “they”.
    What does this mean for those that signed?
    And what is the alchemy ouroboros telling us?

    …and what happened to Otis after our little drive? He’s been silence on FB. :/

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    It does seem that a number of bread crumbs from the Tension days are beginning to pay off. I agree with the logic of Old Suit Guy being a strong candidate for Noah’s father when you add up the substance of his in-person appearances both in the early Tension days and the Book party, coupled with Noah’s tantrum. So then we can safely say that he is OSDM, right? A high powered member involved in the data mining practices Michelle talked about in The End. The Stick Man in the red office complained throughout the day about losing money from Tension, so while we are only meeting this man now, he is not new to this world. Similarly, Nicole claimed to have been involved with these people from a young age and specifically mentioned Anoch, a being we know from Michelle some members of the OSDM do truly believe in beyond the lies of Ascension. The only person there who seemed to be new to all this was Tina. All this being considered, is it safe to assume that the Investors are all members of the OSDM? We know that The Investors are unhappy with how things went last time, and that they are not above removing or punishing people like Darren and Clint from positions of power if they are unsatisfied. Now things with Noah and Sarah have gone off the rails almost immediately, and rather than watch the train wreck from the sidelines like they did with Sabrina and the others, they appear to be exerting their influence and taking a more hands on approach to this new endeavor.

    While many people met a Stick Man who was cross, complaining about money and just about anything else he could, I saw a much more spiritual side to him. I believe someone already mentioned that “I pledge my desire for their sacrifice and freedom” sounds a bit like Oracular speak. After Monday I just got the impression that we are not done following Anoch yet, and might begin to see glimpses of what the actual belief system entails when not bastardized in Ascension. In Tension they dealt frequently with the idea of people being vessels, both with choosing Oracles and Sabrina’s use of the helmet. In Lust we have had similar rumblings, only with a more science fiction/AI slant. Is that what we signed our names to? Another search for the perfect vessel? Is it possible that The Tension Experience and Ascension were actually the shadows of the real OSDM and Anoch belief system, and now that the Investors are taking control we will begin to see echoes of what came before, but in a much more real, dire way?

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    @macbethinabathtub very strong points. I agree that all there are a lot of easter eggs for those of us whom were participants in Ascension.

    This is just my opinion, but what if Anoch is Noah’s father? As in, Anoch is a real person. On the Noah Sinclair website, we learned that he got with board members and ousted his father from his own company. That could have happened during Ascension. The OSDM throws in their play that the “god” of the OOA is Anoch. Sort of a subtle head nod, inside joke type of thing to the guy in charge. Or maybe they actually DID worship him. Regardless, whatever happened… we know the data was corrupted. We know Noah had to be brought in. Could this be when “they bastardized Anoch” by ostracizing him (Noah’s father, Anoch in this scenario)? Obviously based on the registration, Noah has failed at what he was brought in to do. Now the investors have had to take back over. Could this include putting Noah’s father back in control?

    Regardless, the one thing I believe is true in my conspiracy theory is that Anoch IS a real person. Maybe not Noah’s Dad… that is far fetched but would be cool and sort of makes sense. But I believe Anoch to be a human being.

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     Tom Hite 

    Noah just can’t seem to get a clear message out… but then again, can any of us? The presentation of the “pledge” on the back of the signature forms suggests an awful lot of planning – did anyone look on the back of theirs when signing it? Mine was blank, but I recall that someone else’s had “strange marks” (was it @nosnevets?). The fact that they had the exact amount of forms signed by the exact amount of people (if they were the same forms, in fact), the premeditation of it all… who would and could do such a thing?

    Can we assume, then, that by “submitting fully to the Lust Experience,” we are tacitly pledging our “desire for their sacrifice and freedom?” Was it a clarifying move on his part? For which audience was that message, if it were a threat, and what actions must be taken to prevent his alleged release of “secrets”?

    And whose secrets are they? Presumably, it’s the OSDM – but there’s a sticky wicket: imagine an organization with a wide enough ear and large enough eye to come into contact with all the information we could possibly divulge. It’s an organization with enough influence to make sweeping changes (they copped to the election-rigging, FFS) and control vast amounts of what we naively assume is a product of democratic processes, karma, or some other comforting fairy-tale…

    How could Noah be beyond their control? How can any of us? If they are really who they appear to be, then what miracle of human agency are they unable to summarily quell?

    For Addison, it turned out to be her faith in Anoch… who was brought up by Nicole during my registration interview that very evening. Specifically, she asked “Don’t you think it was fucked up what they did to Anoch?”

    This is a troubling question: she was with the Investors. They have explicitly claimed that the OOA was strictly a machination of control through which they could organize the forum through which information was collected… but they are also calling the entire Tension experience a wash, and seeking a full redo to recap their lost millions… so does that mean the OSDM is also mere invention? I wanted to ask Malik, but he was less than receptive to answering questions.

    So what, exactly, *did* they do to Anoch? Are we so willing to accept the narrative that the OOA is no more than a patsy, a complex paper-tiger of a network which served only to draw us in? Is the OSDM just more of the same? Are Darren and Clint bound by NDAs, unable to speak the truths they may have learned by participating in this elaborate ruse? Why wasn’t Gordon kicked off the project if they have, as many report, gotten rid of the old to make room for a new, financially successful project?

    We may need to go all the way back to the beginning, here… and we can’t rely on any of the Sinclairs for a straightforward answer.

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     Kimberly Stewart 

    Since @prufrock5150 & @nosnevets brought it up and I seem to be the only one who brought home my unsigned form, here’s the back side of mine:

    Registration Form - reverse side

    All that appears are a series of small dots such as I’ve seen before as a remnant of regular printing. On the front I had a number “9” which would make it seem my form would never have worked in the puzzle @meghanmayhem assembled for Noah a couple nights ago.

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    @prufrock5150, yes I noticed that there was an unfinished pattern on the back of my paper before I signed it, Nicole kept her pages in a stack face down. Mine turned out to be part of the eye. Buz and I also got the “fucked up what they did to Anoch” line. At the time I interpreted it as her bemoaning the use of their actual deity of choice as the basis of the Ascension fiction, which I believe Michelle confirmed during The End. I for one hope the OSDM is real. There are too many people currently in play that hav plausible ties to that group for it to be purely fantasy the way the OOA was. But anything is possible as the snake continues eating itself. The OSDM is presenting the Lust Experience. That’s good enough for me for now.

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    When assembling the paperwork numerically (which was harder than usual due to the uh…energy in the room), I noted that one paper had the corner with the number torn off, and there were two 29’s. One printed, the other with the printed number scratched out and 29 hand written over it. There may have been one other hand written number if I’m remembering correctly.

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    I didn’t bring mine home, but did get a picture of the front. Didn’t think to get a picture of the back, but you can see the design on the back of mine through the paper. @moustachemax and I compared designs, but they didn’t fit together. If it’s hard to read, the number in the bottom right corner of mine is 26.


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    Regarding Noah’s father…I had drinks with @ziegenbartsr and told him about an “unsupported” theory I came up with, only to have him find something that might possibly support it:

    “Is Tom your boss? Well I want you to go in and say…
    “Tom, I am a threat. I don’t respect you. I’m going to take your job because I am better, smarter, tougher and more tenacious than you. In fact, I already have it and you’re too goddamn stupid to even realize it.”
    Maybe some of you will think, “Aww, Tom has three little girls and that new Fiat, maybe I should just work hard and get ahead by coming in 15 minutes early, making people like me and taking it up the ass every day.”
    Fuck Tom and fuck his family. They are the ones who chose to put their stake in that weak little bitch, not you.”

    When @mike went through Ascension the 2nd time, he was confronted by OSDM people in the Red Room, and at the head of them was Tom Barrow, who was acting rather sinister. And we saw at The End that he was in on conditioning Sabrina Kern the whole time. Noah’s dad is someone who was involved in Tension as an experiment, and he obviously resents him – and this language on the website (as well as further language about actually taking the job from his father on the “My Story” page) points directly to Tom Barrow, as has been noted previously, AND to his father simultaneously.

    So, the Twin Cities Theory is that Tom Barrow is Noah’s father.

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    @coryphella What you said.

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    @ziegenbartsr – no, what you said.

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    @coryphella shhh, I’m hiding behind this magic curtain. ? Thanks for taking time today to connect and share ideas.

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    I don’t trust anyone yet.

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    @coryphella didn’t Tom get killed by the OSDM?

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    @tyson – Not that I’m aware of? And regardless hasn’t it been shown that no one who was killed is actually DEAD dead?

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    To be honest, I think the one thing we know is that we know nothing. (except that Tom is dead in trunk of a car that was heading to a car crusher. See what I did there? It’s called interpretation. That’s the way a thing called “art” works.)

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    @tyson you’re right we no nothing, and what we “know” means nothing. Even in real life. For example, what is the famous question the wicked witch asks in Snow White? What’s the last line of Queens “We are the champions”. Easy right? Now Google it.

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    OK, I’m clearly missing something, because last we saw Tom, AFAIK, he was most definitely NOT in the trunk of a car, he was talking to @mike.

    And Tyson, there is absolutely NO need to lecture me on how “art” works, so STFU. I tried reaching out to you early on in this game to help and you have been hostile to me since day one. If you don’t like my theories, fuck off and ignore them like everyone else here does.

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    • This reply was modified 4 years, 9 months ago by  Megan.
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    @tyson – based on what I saw in Ascension and the video being played at The End, I would think Tom is either in charge of or at least pretty high ranking in OSDM. He was “leading” them in my red room where as Addison was “leading” other’s red room.

    As far as Tom being Noah’s dad…I think it’s a plausible theory and could explain why we haven’t seen him yet.

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    @coryphella I didn’t intend hostility. Maybe chill, and see that I am not against you or anyone else on here. I merely stated, it is art. We are each right, in our own interpretation… Your assumptions that I thought you didn’t know that are merely in your head. I actually assumed you did know that, and would be able to relate in a sense. Someone can argue that they know what a jackson pollock means all day long… that doesn’t mean either of them are incorrect. That does not mean it is a personal attack. You are a very passionate person. I also am a passionate person. But I have learned my passions are better spent elsewhere when I get to a point of telling someone to “fuck off”. That would be an example of responding to something that someone says in a hostile way. You have obviously made a decision in your mind about me – – there is nothing I can do to change that. Belief systems are what make up most of our lives and choices. Again, I assume you know these things and it is not intended as a lecture. I’m hoping you can see it and we can work to change that opinion. It is false that I am hostile towards you or do not like you. I have not met you.

    @mike So that was after the periscope? Tom pops back up in my path, I hope there will be some explanation for the periscope I saw like the last week or so of ascension with Tom in the trunk of a car – of course I’m relying on my memory.

    In this particular instance – – and oh the irony – – I think the authors are constantly changing the narrative anyway. Tom could very well be alive and be Noah’s daddy. Would that make him Addison/Sabrina’s brother, too? Such a confusion. What’s the point of arguing about the differences between two paths? I believe we each have been told we will have our own narrative anyway. From what I understand the authors watch the forums and have changed the narrative based on the forums before and probably will do it again. I think @larry is a perfect example with his shadow theory.

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    @tyson – That Periscope that showed Tom in the back of the SUV happened about an hour before my second time through Ascension. @larry and I were in the processing room and Samson and Noah (I think? Larry, might remember better) brought him in. And by “brought” I mean, were dragging him. He saw Addison and broke away from them and they hugged each other. Then Addison became….aware that he might not be her father and Samson used the “phrase” on her to drop her.

    Later that night, I encountered him…and the rest of OSDM in the Red Room. He told me that no one would believe me if I told them what happened in that room. He seemed to be in charge. We were never led to believe he was killed or died as he was on “the winning team”, so it’s possible we’ll see him again.

    During The End, it was revealed, through a video, that he had a part in the Sabrina brainwashing process. So between seeing that and my Red Room, yeah…he’s probably still around recruiting and brainwashing.

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    Tyson, don’t act like you’ve been here for five minutes and no one has given you a second chance. you have been rude to me since you got here three profiles ago. I don’t suffer fools, I’m not wasting energy pretending to be nice to someone who has admitted he doesn’t want to interact with the community and is only here for what he gets.

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    Guys cool it. Back off or comments/thread gets locked.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    @mike That is an accurate recollection.

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