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    I’ve never been a fan of The System, from everything we know about it based on Noah’s website. It claims to help people take charge of their lives, but not in a socially or morally healthy way. But I’m more concerned about the things happening higher up the chain that have more sinister motives than Noah and Sarah seem to at this point, so I’m willing to see what they have to say if it means getting a glimpse into the inner workings above them.


    @bcbishop states very valid points about his exchanges with Noah and Sarah – where have they led him?
    Indeed, it can be said, he might be doing EXACTLY as Noah asked him do weeks ago. Noah has flip-flopped (it seems to me) on being in or out of The System and its agenda – whatever that might be. He’s an opportunistic guy, that’s obvious.
    Interesting to me is interpretation by some of what this all means. If someone personally insults Bryan, his career or his integrity for taking action based on things Noah directly stated to him… it does not say anything about @bcbishop but speaks volumes about THAT person’s integrity.

    @izryn I agree with you, I am also more interested in who might be pulling the strings from above, and we seem to be getting glimpses into that void as some mysterious people indicate all of this is “a mess” that needs to be cleaned up and people have appeared announcing their intention to do just that. If @bcbishop‘s actions help get some of this mess cleaned up, more power to him, I say.

     Bryan Bishop 

    @lilmsfancpants I actually agree with all of your (excellent) points, but they lead to the same conclusion for me: we don’t actually know anything about Noah Sinclair, his accomplishments, or where he really comes from. Each of us has our own _path, but choosing to trust him in the hopes that he will eventually provide clarity has echoes of choosing to invest in Addison Barrow. (Something I did last year, only to discover that I’d invested in somebody that didn’t even exist.)

    This may have been discussed in another thread already, but I was intrigued by the quote from your @kevin‘s post that was raised in the FB post last night, as well: “… uneasy though their alliance may be.” Something is brewing, and who knows what the fallout might be.

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    I think it was @kevin‘s quote. Credit where credit is due!

    @bcbishop I also agree with you. #TeamNoah is not for everyone. But I have to ask, if not him, then who?

    Macy and Kristen come to mind, of course. They’ve shown compassion and been seemingly honest with us thus far. Maybe a new, more “woke” version of Sarah?

    And of course, we can’t forget our old friends Darren, Clint and Gordon. That is…if they don’t end up as collateral damage in this process.

     Bryan Bishop 

    Whoops – sorry about that @kevin. Updated!

    @lilmsfancpants I’m of the opinion that we don’t know enough to trust anyone just yet. (I also question whether we can trust anyone is who they claim to be beyond Darren, Clint, Gordon, and The Investors — but that’s a discussion for a different topic.)

    But that’s the point of the site in the first place: to root out the truth, wherever it may lead. That may mean learning that Noah is a swell guy and innocent (I doubt it, but we’ll see). It may lead to investigating his father. I suspect it will eventually lead to the group that we’ve all been tracking in one form or another since last year. Only time will tell.


    @lilmsfancpants Do we know Kristen has been honest? She pretended to have a crush on me to lure me outside so the ODSM could break into my apartment, and then soon after our last meeting an OSDM agent came here to threaten me and tell me that I don’t know who I’m fucking with..


    I think @bcbishop brings up a salient point, here. The System seemed to be recruiting, or at least studying, those who had the ability to lie with ease. Now lying isn’t too difficult I suppose, but finding the truth amongst all this sure as shit is. I for one think we need something like PFS to keep us knowing the difference between what we KNOW and what’s being sold to us.

     Andrew K 

    I don’t outwardly trust Noah, I still think his exact motives are a little unclear.

    But, as others have pointed out- he’s the only one that’s shown any semblance of being up-front with any of us recently.

    Stacey we know very little about for the most part, I agree with @111error‘s sentiments on Kristen (is she really trustworthy?) and Macy we haven’t even heard from recently.

    Noah (aside from Otis, but I’m quite certain the OSDM have gotten to him and I’m a bit weary of him now as well,) has been the only person recently to contact us ALL directly and does seem to have some interest in exposing what’s really going on to us all.

    That being said, I do agree that we really can’t trust anyone at this point. The only people we can really trust right now is each other, and even that might be a thing of the past soon.

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    Looks like @bcbishop may have started a movement…


    So, new guy here…but we have to put our faith and trust in someone/something right? Otherwise we will get nowhere?

    And Bryan’s photo makes me want to live in LA!

     David Shields 

    Have people seen the new posts at the website? It is feeling more like a conspiracy theory and less reliable? Could this be a smear campaign, starring with a some what understandable post, but then posting a artical that is very hard (at least for me) to see someone who i would want to hang with posting. just throwing idea out, so what do you lot think?

     Bryan Bishop 

    You both have good timing, @iambalrog and @parzival. Post-Fact Society just launched its podcast, and on my recommendation the first guest is none other than @mike fontaine himself.

     David Shields 

    @bryan remind me who Mike Fontaine is? What has he done? He is the guy from “my haunt life” right?

    • This reply was modified 2 months, 1 week ago by  David Shields.
     Bryan Bishop 

    @parzival Also heads up: there’s a Shadow Me floating around the forums that goes by @bryan. I’m boring old @bcbishop. Damn shadows!

    (I’ll hit you up on PM re: mike.)



    What has he done?

    “He’s done awful things to people and he’ll do awful things to you.”

    Just kidding. 🙂 I met Otis and created his Facebook profile for him

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