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     Brad Ruwe 

    So how long before Noah sends someone to “take care of” @bcbishop?


    OSDM cleaners are flakes, I’m still waiting on mine.

    Or as you would say, @nothenrygale… “Come at me, brOSDM.”

     Brad Ruwe 

    Something tells me I’m even MORE safe from the OSDM now. Bigger fish to try after recent events.

    Good luck with the fallout @bcbishop

     Bryan Bishop 

    @maenicole I’ve always been quite open on the forums about my Noah concerns. Given the recent escalation of events, I felt it was time to escalate mine.

    @nothenrygale @kipsie I’m not too worried. Noah’s not exactly a follow-through kind of guy.

    In any case, should anything happen to me, there are measures in place. I am not alone in PFS.


    Well, It seems that @bcbishop is taking his power back. But, the blackmail is useless if it doesn’t have supreme strength behind it like intense fear or shame. The fact that Bryan 1) broadcasted this 2) we know it exists with some context, and 3) they’ve made the threat before to release it; (To me) now has very little gravity.

    “Bryan was in a hotel room with a naked woman!?” Has no weight to me. Whatever, party however you’d like, LA is a crazy town. It’s very subjective if such a thing affects you, morally.

    But to threaten releasing it to his wife and therefore disrupt his life, I too, would be vengeful as fuck. No one would be allowed to threaten the emotional well being of my spouse. Look at that Noah did to get Sarah safe? He broke in, stole all the files, and leveraged her safety against the wrath of his father. Why shouldn’t Bryan be inspired?


    Judging by what @bcbishop says, and what we’ve seen from Noah, I’d say Noah wasn’t forced into it. Sure, his father or somebody else in the company probably told him to do it, but seeing and hearing him, he just seems like the kind of guy who enjoys making people do things. He’s only going to “help” people who do what he says, and he’s only going to do exactly what he wants now that he’s started getting out from under his fathers thumb.


    There’s facts and then there’s truth. It’s all about context. That may sound like spin or worse, but in this case I think it’s genuinely true. Yes, everything @bcbishop lists happened, but so much of the why that most have us have come to understand is missing. There are nuances of circumstance that are lost here as each event is presented as the same type of evidence that Noah is the same kind of bad. There’s no telling yet what Noah was willingly complicit in during Tension or the beginning of Lust, but there is enough evidence out there that Noah was born into soenthing evil that he was never in control of, and nearly all of his actions appear to be of a man trying to rail against that. This feels not only extremely biased in its presentation, but willfully ignorant and outdated considering what many of us have experienced. I for one will wait to pass judgement until we see how SI operates under the new agreement between father and son.


    Listen, and I know this will be eyeroll-inducing coming from me, but we’re getting constant threats and warnings from everyone (except Otis I guess) but Noah is the ONLY guy crazy enough to tell us that he ACTUALLY wants to help us.

    Can we ALWAYS believe him? No way. Should we blindly trust him? Probably not. But should we disregard him because he’s two scoops of crazy? Absolutely not.

    Yes, @bcbishop, he 100% got a kick out of messing with you that night. Now that we know him better, I don’t think he even meant it as a real threat at all. He was inviting you play in his sandbox. The shit-eating grin on his face was a dead give away.

    I understand being cautious, but I really believe he’s being genuine with us. I have this mental image of him tearing through the park, laughing like a maniac, and it just reminded me of my 5 year old nephew. Innocent and uninhibited. The king of the goofballs.

    He said that we’re gonna have to play ball if we want to know what’s really going on here. I’m practicing my swing.

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    @lilmsfancpants 100% yes. Perfectly put. As I’ve mentioned in the past, even the most “innocent” of people has their own motivations and as far as we’ve learned so far Noah is the only one who at least has the balls to show us his knife while the rest are busy aiming for our backs in secret while flashing a smile.


    For what it’s worth, I’m not a huge fan of Noah’s methods thus far, but he has at least proved a (seemingly) genuine interest in this community’s future happiness and success. After the incident with @confuseddude at the restaurant and the subsequent phone call from Noah, he has earned a little more respect from me. I’m still wary but I have reason to believe his motivations are pure (however misguided his delivery).


    Well, I can’t wait to see how Noah reacts to this. Maybe you just made a friend in Papa Sinclair.


    For me all the theories about what Noah may, or may not, have been pressured to do feel like reverse engineering ourselves into an outcome we’re looking for. Noah was delighted and gleeful when I spoke with him after that blackmail attempt. He wasn’t forced into doing it. If anything, I’d say he got off on it.

    Judging by what @bcbishop says, and what we’ve seen from Noah, I’d say Noah wasn’t forced into it. Sure, his father or somebody else in the company probably told him to do it, but seeing and hearing him, he just seems like the kind of guy who enjoys making people do things.

    I’m going to agree with these sentiments, especially because Noah has said as much. At the warehouse break in he said that trying to clean up in Tension, “was so much fun.” And then he he said to his father, “I hope we can go back to business as usual because I like telling people what to do. I feel I’m very good at it and I feel I really like telling them how to do it.” And then we know that his dad said that he had reached an “uncomfortable agreement” with Noah. That doesn’t read as someone who was pressured to do those things.

    Noah may have looked like he was helping us, but it was all for his own ends. Aside from keeping Sarah safe, we have no idea what his play is here. He was willing to alert us that his dad was doing something, but we have no context or details about what he was up to. Noah could have very easily given us more, but opted not to. He looked like he was ready to take down his dad, but then went back to him, uneasy though their alliance may be.

    I’m willing to extend a small amount of trust to Noah because he has offered up some information and has major issues with his dad. I’m also totally ready for him to sell us out when it’s advantageous to him.


    Just catching up. I say don’t trust Bryan or Noah. Not at all. Why would you be so invested in trying to expose the truth, @bcbishop? I understand what Noah did to you but what kind of red herring shit are you pulling? What are you trying to distract us from?

     Kimberly Stewart 

    So many insightful things have been said on this topic so far. I particularly enjoyed @lilmsfancpants & @macbethinabathtub‘s takes. To pile on…

    This blog won’t scare Noah Sinclair. Noah would proudly tell us all these things himself because, as he’s demonstrated so far, he’s a little bit of crazy and a lot of no fucks given. In Chapter One I don’t think it’s possible for us to know all of what makes Noah tick, but if I had to take an educated guess I’d say he’s the product of a wealthy yet morally bankrupt and abusive upbringing… he’s unruly, unpredictable, often untrustworthy, and I believe we might all look back months from now and realize he really should have been the least of our concerns. The distractions will get us every single time.

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