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    So just got off the phone with Noah.

    I open the call with a “Whats upppp Buddy?”

    Noah: “Well whats up to you goof ball? I was going to ask you to go get a drink but it sounds like you’re already 3 sheets to the wind.”

    (How he knew I had just had a couple of drinks is beyond me.)

    Me: “Well I could certainly go for a few more.”

    Noah: “Let’s do this… Are you a whiskey guy… or a maybe more of a scotch guy huh?”

    Buz: “I definitely prefer the gentle touch of scotch.”

    Noah: “Okay… so go to the store and buy the best gentle scotch you can find. Then find someone who really fucking needs it… and give it to them. Do that.”


    So… I got a job to do.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    me! ME! PIck me!!!! Pick me!!!!

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    Been trying to ship spots all week, but the client approvals never come through. Legit painting out individual blades of grass at the moment. If you’re anywhere near santa monica…. Hello.


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    I think Noah could use a drink or two, but how you’d get it to him is another story.

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    I hope he finds you on the street while dressing up as a homeless man (again)

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    Found my person. Going to go do it now. Might periscope later with their permission. You can follow me @BuzDanger

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    It’s pronounced GlenmoranJEE.

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    Hey @maddyxxx, the task is complete. Go check out my periscope to see the details.

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    Since Never Silent and all…

    Noah called me back while two scotch glasses in and said:

    “I don’t think you understood what I was requesting so tomorrow-”

    I promptly cut him off and said “Noah it’s happening right now and we are two glasses deep and we are in mid conversation of making an impact if you will.”

    “Oh. Okay then.”


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    Just watched your periscope @thebuz and I think that was really cool of you to give it to a friend and hear them out. It’s a reminder to be a good friend and reach out more to people who may need someone to talk to. 🙂 I hope that person feels better ?

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    What an odd assortment of tasks.

    @chelsea – the first task, something very public and challenging for her, to help her
    @nothenrygale – also public and challenging for him, ostensibly to help him & another
    @daela – private, as in between her & one other person, difficulty level…? to help her & another
    @thegilded – less public, challenging for Sean but difficulty level overall…? designed to help him
    @pandace88 – private, very challenging, intimate, to help her
    @thebuz – ??? designed to help another?

    I put the question marks there in Buz’s because I’m guessing by Noah’s second phone call that perhaps he didn’t complete it as Noah had originally intended (obviously he was satisfied in the end). I’m trying to figure out the mechanics behind these tasks. Forgive me for presuming, because I’m not actually any of you, but being ME and being outside of all of this it really seems as though this started off with the most challenging – Chelsea’s – and then with the exception of Candace’s they’ve been getting easier. I would have thought they’d have gone in the opposite direction.

    The running thread of helping the person given the task to feel powerful is obvious (though in Sean’s case I think I might feel the opposite). Altruism and giving as a way of feeling powerful and having power…it’s kind of counterintuitive to “take what is yours.” These do seem to be specifically targeted to the individual person but again, some seem so much more difficult than others. Without actually being Lauren or Buz I have no sense of how difficult their tasks were; I think we all got a sense of Chelsea’s.

    Anyway. Just thinking out loud while I’m waking up and not having had coffee yet.

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    Well the only thing that has been consistent is that each task has been tailor fitted to the person being tasked.

    And I wrote exactly what was said on the first call. I just don’t think he saw my periscope and was waiting for something to happen.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    @coryphella Don’t forget, @chelsea wasn’t the first task. There were a couple others before then, like @larry‘s one to convince 3 people to join The System.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    What ended up happening last night was amazing, @thebuz — so first off, kudos for that. This community really does give me the feels, sometimes.

    As for The System, your second call from Noah strikes me as really, really odd. Almost as if there was a shoe waiting to drop with regard to your encounter… one that never did.

    Let’s be honest: buying a drink for a friend is pretty much the most Buz-iest thing I can imagine. It’s nothing remotely approaching a challenge. It’d be like Noah daring me to dye my hair red and like Star Wars.

    So, I can’t help but wonder… was Noah expecting you to go elsewhere else with your mission last night? Was there another friend he had assumed you would reach out to, where a real challenge awaited — one that never manifested?

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    That is a very interesting theory @bcbishop. I legit almost did end up going to a obvious friend where… they have indeed been to their place before.

    Noah really seemed kind of taken aback on the second call. I’m not kidding when he said “Oh, ok.”

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     Brad Ruwe 

    Putting my feelings about @maddyxxx, The System, and my “task” aside and want to say…. I’m legitimately happy to hear some real good being done through this. I think we get so caught up in sides and “winning” that some times we forget there’s real people dealing with real struggles while we’re facing these experiences.

    Noah, I still don’t like The System, but you are starting to earn my respect.

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    Got the No Caller ID call twice in a row and I currently can’t talk because:

    Noah or whoever, give me 45 minutes and I’ll be good to go!

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    I can’t stop looking at that.

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    Spoke with Noah. I have a new task. Will update shortly.

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    @thebuz is Noah’s new toy.

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    Well that was certainly the strangest situation I’ve been in while taking a No Caller ID call. I was in the middle of getting my teeth whitened at the dentist. Mouth was stuck open.

    So @bcbishop was on the money thinking that there was another shoe to drop.

    So this is how the conversation went while I had my cheeks pulled back and my teeth fully exposed looking like the cenobite from Hellraiser.

    Noah: “Did you get good and saucy last night??”
    Noah: “…..” Bursts into uncontrollable laughter (like genuine not fake I’m mocking you laugh but he legit found the situation funny.) He continues: “Well that’s alright goofball you just need to listen. So last night you gave. Today I want you to take. Go to a friend, neighbor, or strangers I don’t give a fuck, and you go to their place and take some of their booze and have a drink with them. Have a conversation. But use their booze. Then when your glasses are finished I want you to get up and find something you think should be yours and take it. Do not ask for permission, tell them you are taking it. Do not tell them beforehand that you have some task to complete and choose no one from the community. Get to it. ”


    So I’m posting this here because the person I’m going to go see in a few hours does not read these forums and I can’t use any of you folks anyways so figured I’d build up the suspense a bit because that is my task.

    Indeed another shoe to drop. I’m not entirely sure how to complete that second part. I’m a lot of things but I hold property rights in pretty high regard. Going to really have to see in the moment how to pull that off so I don’t feel like I’m straight up stealing something.

    There’s also the fact I may have misheard that last bit while the dentist annoyingly scraped at my teeth.

    I’ll be on Periscope around 3pm.

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     Nicole Mae 

    The Petty Thievery Experience.

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    Bright side is I am least telling the person what I’m doing?

    This definitely is the first in these tasks that have given me pause. As a strong outspoken supporter of Noah I have no doubt that he gave me a morally ambiguous task on purpose.

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    Wow, That’s sort of surprising. “Don’t cross the street illegally, but def steal something from someone just cuz I said so.”

    Is this a Breaking bad scenario? Is he trying to see what he can get you to do before you push back?

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    @mike‘s chocolate milkshake, anyone?

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    @lilmsfancpants and, ALL of our drinks, EVERY time Noah shows up anywhere?

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    @superstar The Thirsty Experience

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    lol! Wait! I think I’ve got a way to “connect” with Noah Sinclair: buy him a frikkin’ Starbuck’s card!

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    And little by little, morals get scraped away….

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     Twan Intarathuch 


    I have confidence that you’ll find a way to accomplish this task without throwing away your values. And when that time comes and you don’t have an out, look at the bigger picture and know that you are a far better man than Noah Sinclair will ever be. Last night you came to my house with a bottle of scotch and you left with something few people have from me, my utmost respect and deep admiration. You’ll do fine. Good luck! Let me know if you need a getaway driver.

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    Good luck! Let me know if you need a getaway driver.

    Don’t think I won’t forget that.

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    Going to be going on Periscope in 5 minutes.

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     Robert Fuller 

    I kind of expected something like this. I knew there was no way Noah was just going to hand out a “nice” task, just to be nice. “You think should be yours” seem to be the key words here, or at least the most interesting to me, and they can be interpreted in several different ways. I don’t know, it’s an intriguing task, even if it makes me dislike Noah even more than I already did.

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    Well, if Noah’s not pleased with what you took, he’ll at least derive joy from the pain and absolute awkwardness of the whole thing.

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