Noah Call 8/3

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     Brad Ruwe 

    Putting my feelings about @maddyxxx, The System, and my “task” aside and want to say…. I’m legitimately happy to hear some real good being done through this. I think we get so caught up in sides and “winning” that some times we forget there’s real people dealing with real struggles while we’re facing these experiences.

    Noah, I still don’t like The System, but you are starting to earn my respect.

     Buz Wallick 


    Got the No Caller ID call twice in a row and I currently can’t talk because:

    Noah or whoever, give me 45 minutes and I’ll be good to go!


    I can’t stop looking at that.

     Buz Wallick 

    Spoke with Noah. I have a new task. Will update shortly.


    @thebuz is Noah’s new toy.

     Buz Wallick 

    Well that was certainly the strangest situation I’ve been in while taking a No Caller ID call. I was in the middle of getting my teeth whitened at the dentist. Mouth was stuck open.

    So @bcbishop was on the money thinking that there was another shoe to drop.

    So this is how the conversation went while I had my cheeks pulled back and my teeth fully exposed looking like the cenobite from Hellraiser.

    Noah: “Did you get good and saucy last night??”
    Noah: “…..” Bursts into uncontrollable laughter (like genuine not fake I’m mocking you laugh but he legit found the situation funny.) He continues: “Well that’s alright goofball you just need to listen. So last night you gave. Today I want you to take. Go to a friend, neighbor, or strangers I don’t give a fuck, and you go to their place and take some of their booze and have a drink with them. Have a conversation. But use their booze. Then when your glasses are finished I want you to get up and find something you think should be yours and take it. Do not ask for permission, tell them you are taking it. Do not tell them beforehand that you have some task to complete and choose no one from the community. Get to it. ”


    So I’m posting this here because the person I’m going to go see in a few hours does not read these forums and I can’t use any of you folks anyways so figured I’d build up the suspense a bit because that is my task.

    Indeed another shoe to drop. I’m not entirely sure how to complete that second part. I’m a lot of things but I hold property rights in pretty high regard. Going to really have to see in the moment how to pull that off so I don’t feel like I’m straight up stealing something.

    There’s also the fact I may have misheard that last bit while the dentist annoyingly scraped at my teeth.

    I’ll be on Periscope around 3pm.

     Nicole Mae 

    The Petty Thievery Experience.

     Buz Wallick 

    Bright side is I am least telling the person what I’m doing?

    This definitely is the first in these tasks that have given me pause. As a strong outspoken supporter of Noah I have no doubt that he gave me a morally ambiguous task on purpose.


    Wow, That’s sort of surprising. “Don’t cross the street illegally, but def steal something from someone just cuz I said so.”

    Is this a Breaking bad scenario? Is he trying to see what he can get you to do before you push back?


    @mike‘s chocolate milkshake, anyone?


    @lilmsfancpants and, ALL of our drinks, EVERY time Noah shows up anywhere?


    @superstar The Thirsty Experience


    lol! Wait! I think I’ve got a way to “connect” with Noah Sinclair: buy him a frikkin’ Starbuck’s card!

     Lawrence Meyers 

    And little by little, morals get scraped away….

     Twan Intarathuch 


    I have confidence that you’ll find a way to accomplish this task without throwing away your values. And when that time comes and you don’t have an out, look at the bigger picture and know that you are a far better man than Noah Sinclair will ever be. Last night you came to my house with a bottle of scotch and you left with something few people have from me, my utmost respect and deep admiration. You’ll do fine. Good luck! Let me know if you need a getaway driver.

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