Noah Call 7/26

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    So we’re all at Residuals and I got the No Caller ID call.

    I run outside and answer and it’s Noah.

    He says “Whats up goofball?! I need you to put me on speaker I got something to say.”

    So I grabbed as many as I could and they came outside and I put the phone on speaker.

    It was incredibly difficult to hear but the gist was him saying someone here needs to remember their promise to him (and to not blush and give it away) and to call them after and let him know something.

    He said something else and then said don’t drink and drive (don’t worry Noah we took Ubers).

    So…. there’s a plant amongst us?

    @lilmsfancpants @meghanmayhem????

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    Does that person have Noah’s phone number??

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    I’m summarizing because I’m 2 double whiskeys in but…

    He said “everyone can listen but this is for one person in don’t blush and give it away. Remember you made a promise so follow through on that and do what you said you’d do. For the rest of you, drink it up and be safe and don’t drink and drive” and then he garbled some more Noah-esc shit and then hung up.”

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    @thebuz I always thought you were the plant!

    @lilmsfancpants would make sense since she had spoken with him before in private.. and @meghanmayhem would only make sense if Noah was part of The Resistance eh? Unless she’s playing The Resistance.

    Anyone else there get a call from Noah recently?

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    Who’s there? Come on, do what you promised, plant!! Never Silent!

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    What’s the complete list of Lusters in attendance?

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    They’ve tried doing this before with the whole “leak” thing and it didn’t stir us up. I’m wondering what they’re expecting differently now? Cause there is a group of us now to pin point?

    With that being said, I don’t care who you are as long as you do what you’re told.

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    Does Noah know for sure that the person he wants was present? Then again, I suppose it doesn’t matter, since they’ll likely see this post if they weren’t. Also, good of him to discourage drunk driving.

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    I’m at a loss here. Why did they call Buz if they wanted to get a hold of someone else? They have all of our numbers.

    Also, what about all the other nonsense he was spewing about putting on our big boy pants? How did we all stand around a single phone and not record? Poor Noah, all his pearls of wisdom just get lost to shitty cell service.

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    I’m at a loss here. Why did they call Buz if they wanted to get a hold of someone else? They have all of our numbers.

    So that you’d all be sitting here wondering who he was actually referring to.

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    The philosophy of Stoicism comes to mind. Rather than subconsciously letting ourselves be worked up over who Noah was talking to or what they’ve been asked to do, neither of which we can know or control, we can choose to let it play out and respond appropriately when the time comes.

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    What I’m wondering is what Noah has to gain by making us point fingers?

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    @kortneydarling do you mean revealing that there’s a mole amongst you? He just likes to stir the pot!

    For those who didn’t see @bcbishop‘s Periscope with @mkarrett tonight re: their meet up with Noah.. He said he’d post about it later but here it is:

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    But who was the mole?!?

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     Nicole Mae 

    We know Noah and likes to stir up shit. This could have all just been a diversion to get us to flip on each other.

    He’s a smart guy, he wouldn’t just give away a valuable mole he has in our ranks… Unless they recently stopped being valuable and fell out of line.

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