New Video From Morgan 2.20.18

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    Tonight an image popped up on theexperiences Instagram that we discovered was a video still.
    The Resistance website revealed yesterday has been updated with a video uploaded to @111error‘s personal account.

    As you can see, the video is distorted and chipmunked, but a couple of people (@addisonborn and @chrysalis359) were able to use video editors to slow it down enough to understand. Below is a transcription:

    Here is a poem.
    It is entitled “Fucking hell people.”
    Oh so many questions, all of these mounds of heated chatter.
    Just show the buried bodies! Where’s the evidence of that!
    And aren’t the handlers healthy? Don’t you dance with them at Cloak?
    And how is hunky Mason? He seems SUCH a lovely bloke.
    Before I delve much deeper into why they need to burn, there’s something that a few of you have failed to grasp and learn.
    For at no time have I demanded any pick side. I merely asked, whatever your allegiance, that you let it ride.
    Use the hashtags wisely, show the world what you desire. Let’s see where the opinions fall. Not everyone wants fire.
    But I think we’re all quite aware of movement in all quarters.
    The Brotherhood of Seraphs are flowing with supporters.
    And while some vilify us everyday to meet their quota, you’re not compelled to join us. You can be an absent voter.
    The fence will get uncomfortable. It’s hard to be a floater.
    But not as hard as getting info out of Minnesota.
    Regardless, let me take a moment to call you out by name.
    I want to offer answers where I can and not be lame.
    But you must realize I barely know who I can trust.
    Michelle, I don’t reveal my cards until I truly must.
    So Addison- The man, not the helmet snake god mother. I did read your suggestions. Here’s an answer for my brother. If I delete their bullshit, I’ll be asked why I am scared. But if it stays in plain sight, other folks can be prepared.
    And as for Sam, hah. I just asked for honesty. Just say who you support. I won’t be sad if its not me. I did not make demands or threaten you in any way. But look at the reaction. Welcome to my normal day!
    So, let’s reconsider if I’ve really shown no proof.
    No evidence, nowhere to search and always so aloof!
    See I remember barely just a week ago in fact, you intercepted messages, all of them quite intact.
    You saw with your own eyes that something weird is still around and someone’s threatening Darren, there’s still shitheads to be found.
    That’s why when I’m done here I scurry buried back underground.
    Talk less and smile more means always try to make less sound.
    [Loud banging]

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    @111error I fucking love you

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    And in case there’s anything else visually that we missed, here’s the video inverted and in B&W. OK, I’M DONE NOW, I SWEAR!

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     Unseen Presence 

    I do want to publicly commend @111error for this video. I applaud his clarification of previous statements and will assume (barring someone having a clear invalidation) that he meant exactly what he said here as far as choosing sides or ‘letting it ride.’

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    Feeling like there’s some meaning behind the gate at the end…it was the only part of the video that wasn’t altered.

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       Meghan Mayhem 

      I totally agree. Especially since it was a loud gate slamming sound immediately after the line:
      “That’s why when I’m done here I scurry buried back underground.
      Talk less and smile more means always try to make less sound.”

      He’s implying that he does his thing, then goes back to silent, not making a loud sound. So what was the loud sound? Him changing his ways, or him drawing attention to those who do make a rattle?

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      @erisbonn @meghanmayhem that was interesting to me, too. Does that gate look familiar to anyone? I dunno if I’ve seen it before but I wasn’t around in OG warehouse party days.

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      @wanda102 The gate kind of looks like the gates to the OOA compound….

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      @chelsea oh! like when you leave? Huh. That’s…a bit of a statement, then.

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       Meghan Mayhem 

      @erisbonn @wanda102 I joined the Tension fun towards the end so I am not aware of the other locations used, but at the OOA warehouse there was the gate at the lot we exited from that they slammed shut on us after they kicked us out when Addison escaped.

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      @meghanmayhem I’d say that fits more than anything else. Would be a nice button on Morgan’s vid for him to signify the closing of the past, in a sense.

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      @chelsea @meghanmayhem That would make sense…

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       Meghan Mayhem 

      @wanda102 Or that it’s the OSDM that makes loud sounds, not him

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      @meghanmayhem mmm yeah that’s plausible. I kinda see the door slam as him saying he doesn’t intend to stay quiet. A demonstrative middle finger.

      It’s a little weird to show something that’s so specifically closely tied to OOA/OSDM to prove the point though. Maybe not weird…but telling?

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       Meghan Mayhem 

      @wanda102 Also entirely possible. Him implying that they’ve been the ones making noise while he stayed quiet and he’s done with that.

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       Lauren Bello 

      It’s a little weird to show something that’s so specifically closely tied to OOA/OSDM to prove the point though. Maybe not weird…but telling?

      When the Resistance first came out of the shadows, they announced themselves at the OOA compound. (Or rather, Stacey did.) I think they have an interesting and definitely intentional history of reclaiming OOA/OSDM places and themes.

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       Meghan Mayhem 

      @daela That’s an excellent point. The scavenger hunt gave us a clue that said for us to “go back to where it all started” and Stacey was waiting for us there to tell us the Resistance was real and chose who would be meeting the leader. And Morgan was there with us.

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    Here’s @111error statement video at 25%. Shout out to @addisonborn for solving this as well!

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