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    Last year, participants followed the story of Addison Barrow – a naive young actress sheltered and taken in by a cult: the OOA Institute. As we investigated the cult’s sinister origins, we met with characters, chose sides, delivered packages, and solved puzzles. We witnessed rituals and ceremonies. We shared in secrets. And in September-November, we climbed into unmarked vans, put on blindfolds, and were driven to a secret compound where we were indoctrinated into Addison’s cult. This year-long project was called THE TENSION EXPERIENCE.

    Now, we are experiencing a new season of stories. Join us.

    Required Reading:

    Getting Started: A guide to getting started and caught up to The Lust Experience

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       Cameron West 

      Late to the party here, too…but ready to be the life of that party 🙂

      Hello everyone.

      Fucking Excited to be here!


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    Hi There! I know I’m showing up pretty late to the party but better late than never as I always say.

    Hello All.


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     Robert Fuller 

    @missdahlianoir Hello, and welcome. It’s never too late to seek what you Lust for.

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    If @missdahlianoir is late to the party, then I’m not sure what I am! Been lurking for months on the board but still overwhelmed at the sheer amount of information. This googledoc has been incredibly helpful but I’m still not sure who to trust.It seems that everyone and everything leads back to the OSDM, even if we were lead to believe otherwise. What about the Midnight Commission then? Am I to trust that they are indeed in opposition? Do I do what they ask of me?

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      @rpearl I think the best guess we have right now is that all factions are connected. We spent the entire summer picking sides and showing our devotion to one group or another but with THIS reveal, we learned that apparently, there are no sides. Moving forward (and especially if you’re attending the midseason event) all you can do is follow you gut. And trust no one.

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      @lilmsfancpants- yeah, I heard about that. Apparently we’re all in the process of being messsed with. Yes, I’m attending the mid season event. I’m very curious as to how the OSDM is going to present themselves when they “open their doors” to us. It seems like no one is innocent here. Doing my best to follow the events as they’ve already happened. Thanks for the support!

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    @rpearl: I’m feeling more caught up(ish) but still behind in some things if i don’t stay on top of the posts. There’s alot to sort through but you’ll totally get there if you’re diligent. I am sad and envious. Sad I was not able to attend the mid season event coming up and envious that you will have a look behind the curtain which will gain you much more insight then it feels I can glean from being in far away lands. (LOL not really that far but timing and $$ didn’t work in my favor for this event. *shrug*) But I will hope that perhaps there will be another event at some point.

    Also welcome!!!!

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      @missdahlianoir- I’m very sorry to hear you won’t be able to attend the midseason event. I am happy to be your eyes and your ears and to recount to you the experience in detail. Right now I’m trying to make a list of all the names that I’ve been seeing on the forums. If I make anything worthwhile I’ll share it with you.

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    Thank you @rpearl! That’s super sweet of you! Have you already watched all of the Lust Experience video’s on FB? That can help you gain some understanding as well as seeing characters people talk about. It’s quite a deep rabit hole to crawl into from the alice in wonderland perspcective but it’s definitely been an interesting journey thus far.

    I hope you enjoy your journey and also they say you don’t neccessarily need to be involved with the online forums to enjoy the event as well. It sounds like it is being catered to both groups. Those who have beeen following online and those who have not. *shrug* so we will see. But I think the more insight you can glean before going in the better.

    Did you see the forum/invite recommendation on people needing to bring a masquerade mask and also dress to impress? Different people have been getting different emails it seems. Did you already get your waiver email? #livingvivariouslythroughothers xoxoxo

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     Omar Hanson 

    I am still thinking about the mid season event. What an emotional ride. They outdid themselves with this show and this has to be one of my favorites I have ever attended.

    As a new follower to the forums what suggestions do you have for me? I would like to get involved if I can.

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      @omarhan hey! This is a good thread to pick through, and also there are sections on the Slack channel #newusers #catchup that will help you out. Additionally @kevin has a great Twitter account, @LExpUpdates, that gives a bare-bones highlight reel of important daily events with links to the forum post that discusses them all the way up to the MSE. Come hang in Slack and ask whatever you like, we have some really smart and helpful people kicking around these parts.

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    Hello, I’m also new!

    I’ve just recently started learning about all this and I just wanted to thank you, the Google Doc was an amazing help! Still feeling a little behind, but I’m trying my best to get caught up!


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     Beth Hipple 

    This google doc was incredibly helpful! The amount of information is insane but that put it into great perspective. I’ve tried adding those channels to my Slack forum and for some reason it’s not working. Can anyone invite me to the forums please? I can’t wait for things to pick up again.

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    Hey @ehipple, welcome!

    Are you using the slack invite below? If that fails, feel free to send me a PM with the email you’d like to use and I can send an invite directly

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       Beth Hipple 

      Hey @thegilded! No I actually wasn’t apart of that Slack, so thank you for the invite! I just got on there so I’m looking forward to catching up with all of you.

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     Glenn Jackson 

    just made a profile im new here, excited and nervous lol

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    Welcome, @thedancinman. Glad to have you here with us. Feel free to ask questions. They’re useful. *grins*

    ~~ Jenni

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    Hi! New here, will try to catch up!

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