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    I invest in those who invest in themselves.  

    A member of your tribe was given an opportunity to grow, to care, to share and to most of all to learn.

    To take steps within The System…

    In fact, I normally don’t even think about work on the weekends but for some stupid reason I was feeling generous.

    This member decided to shit the proverbial bed as it were.

    Well my friends, Noah Sinclair has and does do some weird stuff but alas, he does not lay down in the brown.

    I believe that all of you now know that I am above calling out people by their real name but for the sense of narrative I feel I need to call this person …something… so,  Smim Smedman let’s say is the member in question and I’m frankly none too pleased Smim. None too pleased indeed.

    What does this mean for all of you?

    It means I have a short attention span and although some of you have been absolutely crushing it lately, your collective rate of return has now been diminished by this singular, obstinate member. I think I’ll take some much needed time off until I feel that there are more people out there that are indeed ready to show up and become the best that only I can make them.

    Side note, congratulations to Mr Bradley R, you’re no longer the biggest turd burglar on my radar. Feel free to celebrate by denying a few of our finest convenience store clerks items of little to no importance OR by letting me know if you want Smim Smedman’s ticket.

    No charge. Brad, it honestly makes little to no difference to me if you want to change your path but know this… anymore of your grand gestures over this will only serve as attention getters and will only broadcast a celebration of mediocrity.

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    What happened @timsmyname?? Never silent.

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     Andrew Kasch 

    Christ. How hard is it to perform what is required of you?

     Tim Redman 

    Sorry everybody. I was in the middle of working on my post when Noah lashed out yet again. The guy is his own worst enemy. I’ll post when I’m ready. It’s really a lot over nothing.

     Tim Redman 

    It’s not hard at all to go out and be an ass clown on Periscope or Facebook live or whatever. It’s a lot harder to try to bring a teachable moment to somebody who is crying out for help on a daily basis.

     Brad Ruwe 

    Interesting turn of events for sure.

    As for the ticket, I’m not one to make rash decisions. I’m gonna think this one over a bit. Maybe I’ll go for a stroll tonight around, oh, I don’t know, midnight or so. Who knows, I might have some enlightenment this night over whether or not to take you up on your offer.

    You’ll have your answer from me tomorrow @maddyxxx.

     Buz Wallick 

    Uh… what the fuck?


    @nothenrygale ah yes if you suddenly decide the System is right for you after tonight I am sure no one will suspect your motives. 💋


    Ruh roh.

    @maddyxxx You still have some rabid fans. Don’t lose faith.

     Brad Ruwe 

    @wanda102 You know I love @111error. I trust him. BUT, I do recognize I’m stepping into unknown territory here tonight. Morgan has helped out Noah recently with his project last weekend. Who knows what will go down tonight. Hell maybe even Noah himself will be returning the favor for Morgan. I’m keeping my mind open to any possibilities regarding the BOS and The System. I’ve been wrong before, I’m sure I’ll be wrong again. Right now, I’m at a crossroads where I’m going to listen and re-evaluate myself.


    @nothenrygale I’d venture to say Noah doesn’t give a shit what you choose, and I don’t think he’s waiting with baited breath for your decision.
    But, see what paths appear in front of you and don’t forget who you are. You’ll manage.

     George Zuniga 

    I think @nothenrygale made the best decision he possibly could’ve in that moment, personally speaking. He made his stand, and voiced what he thought was right. Catherine Hepburn said “if you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” Brad told Noah’s rules and instructions to fuck right off and opted to play by his own. That’s something to be admired.

     Tim Redman 

    Short version:
    Noah called me today and asked me to do something. I said no and he trashed me in the forums.

    Long version:
    Earlier this afternoon I missed a NO CALLER ID call and received a second call right afterwards. It was Noah Sinclair. This was the first of two calls I received from him today.
    Noah apparently was going through my application and had paused at the part where I mentioned that I like following fake cults or something like that. I don’t recall exactly what nonsense I wrote down where or when but that’s where we started.
    He wanted me to perform some task then and there and I told him I was busy and he could call later if he wanted. It’s not like I’m just sitting around waiting for something to do. I don’t know what that task was going to be, but I’m guessing it was going to be similar to what we’ve seen before.
    Instead of insisting that I perform whatever task he was calling about, he negotiated himself down to when I had time, he wanted me to make a video and demonstrate that I could lead. To list three principles of Tim Redman and see who would follow me. Ok, that’s a fair request so far. I was on board with that. It was less than inspired, but maybe he just woke up and I caught him off guard. Or he was distracted by his “stories.”
    But then he wanted me to post it to my Facebook page because I guess that’s the only social media he knows. To try to cultivate my own cult from all the aunts and uncles and parents of my daughter’s friends and high school buddies on my Facebook feed. That’s where he lost me. I know my audience and this was going to be a pointless task. I don’t have time for dead end shenanigans. Every minute needs to have meaning. Just doing what I’m told doesn’t cut it with me. Doing this would only prove that I don’t have a firm grasp of my own path.
    Also, I have money. Or enough that making a choice like this isn’t difficult for me. I don’t mind doing something that might impress him, but to shame myself or humiliate others, that’s not my game.
    And really who gives two craps about whether I jumped through this hoop or not? Certainly not Noah Sinclair. Or you would think. I didn’t say no at the time, but when he called me three hours later to follow up, I let him know that I wasn’t going to do it. He immediately hung up on me.
    Is Noah so unhinged that I, Tim Redman (aka Smim Smedman), somebody he has never met, nor spoken to, nor heard of ever in his life, has suddenly become somebody that crawled under his skin? Really?
    I work for very rich people. I see how they cultivate respect and instill self-worth and purpose to the guys in the corner offices all the way down to the crews in the parking garage and every other dark crummy corner beneath the street. And it’s not by berating people. It’s not by making a scene and taking off heads in public. When things aren’t working out, the grim reaper crew is quietly called and suddenly that person is there anymore. You know the call came from the top but the top is Teflon. Believe me, that is a very effective way of doing things.
    Guys like Noah are blemishes in corporate America. They’re usually the chief’s son. Entitled, lacking character and basic life skills. Put there because their rich fathers don’t know what else to do with them but can’t bring themselves to just hand them the money year after year. After a lifetime free pass, they’re supposed to earn their keep? It’s not their fault. Being adrift in riches is not a great place to be.
    I don’t know if Horace is a good father or not. I don’t know if Noah fits the template above or not. I’d like to think he’s better than that. Regardless, when you work with these guys, you have to find common ground with them. You need to help them get past their own insecurities. You have to scratch the itch so they stop picking at it and making it worse.
    I liked where things went last weekend when we fed the homeless. I appreciated that unexpected message. Does he even remember last week?
    Noah did make a good point during our call. Why am I working for billionaires? Why am I not one? This is a very valid question.
    Being at the top takes its toll. We may be seeing that now with Noah. It’s a lot of unnecessary pressure. You have a lot of people counting on you. It’s a fricken headache. Life is too short, in my opinion. We call it living in a velvet prison. One hundred million and one billion really aren’t all that different. If you have the drive to keep going like that then more power to you.
    I’m ok with one hundred million. Or even ten million. I’m not driven by ego. I don’t need to be liked by everybody. I’m not afraid to speak my mind. I’m not afraid to call BS in a room. And to the leaders I know and work with, that is something which is almost priceless to them. Noah just blew an opportunity.
    I have the drive to be excellent. I believe that you earn respect rather than demand respect. A good leader makes you want to be led. He makes you believe that he’s great even when you go behind the curtain to check the batteries in his wireless mouse and you realized he’s some befuddled guy who’s just as lost as anybody.
    But Noah has the focus and drive to bash me in a post. Which is fine. My feelings aren’t hurt by words and I don’t take it seriously. If he’s the only one getting so worked up about this, who has the power here? Him or me? He seems to have the energy and drive to accomplish things. What those are, we still don’t know. At least we know Trump builds buildings and Musk makes cars and rockets.
    If Noah doesn’t want to take my money, that’s fine. I was willing to spend a lot more than fifty bucks and now he’s sabotaged that opportunity too. If he can’t stop shooting himself in the foot, we should setup a gofundme and get him some Kevlar boots.
    At the end of the day, it’s his gig and he’s allowed to do anything he wishes. He has free will just as I do. Maybe it’s not us that need the System. Maybe it’s just Noah. Without it, where would he be? I wish this most delicate of flowers well on his journey.


    I’m thinking his reaction is intended to be more of a cautionary tale to others who choose to defy him. Also he isn’t interested in people not fully committed to The System.

    You make some valid points for sure. And I’m glad that we finally got the rest of the story. I was thinking it wasn’t going to materialize. Thanks for sharing @timsmyname.

     Buz Wallick 

    I think your only mistake was just not notifying them right away you intended to not do the task.

    Did you say you’d do it then said no three hours later? I can understand why he got pissed, not because you refused the task but because you weren’t forthcoming with the “Nah.”

    But I don’t know what that first conversation entailed word for word.

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