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    So last night I received a phone call at this place I was eating, I thought the call was a LUST call so I jumped on the boards and posted about it.


    I am going to just copy and paste the private message I just sent to @thegilded.

    I feel more than stupid to say the least.

    * Message below

    Last night my friend Jeff called me to go to Cole’s Downtown.

    I tagged along, but was constantly refreshing the Activity feed reading about all these insane encounters.

    On top of that I am trying to explain to Jeff what the hell TENSION/LUST is.

    Cut to an hour later, the phone at Cole’s rings, I get asked to take the call. I freak out. I go home. I post.

    This morning I wake up to a text from Jeff. “hahahahaha Lust”.

    So I called him and he admits he was tired of hearing me talk about the forums so he screwed with me. He texted his roommate and told him to call Coles, and what to say.

    Sean, I am so sorry. I feel so stupid and gullible.

    Any thoughts on how to deal with this?

    I really feel like a tool.

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    Bummer, Andy. Not your fault though. We all would have posted about something like that. On to the next thing, right?

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    As someone who’s been the victim of jokes like this, I don’t think there’s any fault here. You certainly don’t have any reason to apologize. You experienced something you thought was in game and came to the forums with it. That’s exactly what you should be doing

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    Yeah, nothing to be embarrassed about man, you did good.

    *BUT* now you will have caught the eye of the same people that fuck with us, and they know you’re jumpy and will report quickly on anything that happens. I’d keep your eyes open and your phone on, just in case.

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    First of all do not feel stupid this could happen to any of us! And it HAS. Your friends probably thought they were being funny, and in a lot of ways it was, but since they aren’t directly part of the community they just didn’t understand how it affects the narrative and the group to interfere like that. The good news is you’ve got all of US to talk about the game with instead of them going forward and we’ll never play a prank on you like that. No harm done, glad you figured out what happened! You can sit with me, friend. ✌️

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    Oh, there’s fault. That was a massively assholeish thing for your friend to do, just to try and shame you over something you obviously care and are excited about. Fuck that guy.
    As @thegilded said, you reacted exactly as you should have by reporting it.
    Zero shame for you.
    All of it for your “friend”

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    This is a huge bummer to hear, but it’s not on you @confuseddude at all.

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     Hannah Schenck 

    @confuseddude Don’t feel foolish. It inspires me so much how excited and anxious you were to get an interaction and post it to share with us. This is not your fault. I too am new and experiencing some rather unpleasant aggression and teasing from friends. This was really low of them and I’m sorry that they did this to. It’s uncalled for but we appreciate your honesty and dedication! Never silent and we will have your back no matter what! ❤️?

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     Taylor Winters 

    It happens to the best of us! No need to feel bad. You had no control over the actions of other–and you were never silent. You have a community behind you!

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    Definitely nothing for you to be ashamed about.

    My whole thing with Henry Williams wasn’t the exact same thing as your situation, but I know how you feel. Your friends shouldn’t have pulled a joke just because you’re really excited about something. If they were really so annoyed about you talking about it, they could have just asked you to move onto something else or something, not gotten your hopes up. Best thing is just to move past it and keep having fun with the people who actually enjoy this.

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    Your friend(s) is/are dicks. We are your new friends now.

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    Yo dude, seriously don’t worry about it.

    You probably would have been super suspect if it was any other day but yesterday was absolutely insane so your friend got really lucky.

    Do not be afraid to post in the future or feel in the least bit bad. And if you ever have a question about something just message @thegilded and we can always check.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    Yeah, I wouldn’t feel bad. I too have gone to the internet with something I thought was Lust that wasn’t. Prank phone calls are still a thing.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    @kipsie “We are your new friends now” doesn’t sound culty at all. Nope. Not one bit.

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     Max Z 

    Dude, let me add another voice to the chorus here: do NOT feel silly or embarrassed about it. I mean it was believable enough that EVERYONE in the Forums was right there with you right? I think it was something any of us would have fallen for and reporting it was something any of us would have done. I’d say always report these things as soon as you can (just like you did), it’s a very safe place to wind up being wrong, as you can see.

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    @kipsie @nothenrygale @confuseddude One of us. One of us. One of us!

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    Dude. Don’t feel bad. At all. This happened to me back at the beginning of Lust, I got a phone call from a certain person who heads up a certain immersive theatre podcast, pretending to be Lust. I fell for it too, and was PISSED.

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     Max Z 

    @coryphella Wow, you’d think that of all problem someone who headed an entire podcast dedicated to immersive theater would understand how much of a dick move that is.

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    @maxzumstein – he understands now. I made it…clear.

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    That sucks your friend did that to you but it’s not your fault. Your friend could use a healthy dose of the helmet. :-/

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     Brad Ruwe 

    @mkarrett A LOT of people in general could use a healthy dose of the helmet if you ask me.

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    Many hugs. With friends like that who needs enemies. Certainly a perfect storm for shininigans. They suck, if your friends don’t get excited about things you’re excited about, then the are the worst of fairweather.

    We’ve got you. ♡♡♡♡

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    @confuseddude Also, @kipsie

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    Brava, @theladyj!!!!! One of your best!

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    Awww, @theladyj! Feeling like one of the gang now! <3

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    @theladyj Aw, cute! Just saw that poster. 😀

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