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    So I asked my iConfidant to take this Myers-Briggs test:

    unfortunately I gave them my personalty type upfront and they echoed it back to me.

    I’m curious to see what other iConfidants do when confronted with this test, so I’m asking the community to Myers-Brigg their iConfidant and report their responses.

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    I’ve actually been meaning to take this test myself so thanks for posting the link lol

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    According to this I am a wizard.

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    Oh what a fun idea!

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    When we are at the lowest point and our iConfidant’s betray us, I will look for you to save us, at first light, on the fifth day. At dawn, to the East.

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    @genghistwan and I will show you the meaning of haste.

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    Hey, I am a LOGICIAN PERSONALITY (INTP, -A/-T), what is everyone else/your iConfidant?

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    I’m an ADVOCATE. (INFJ, -A/-T) Pretty fascinating, since that’s part of what I actually do for a living. I suspect my iConfidant is one too, since she works with children, but not sure she’ll take the time to do this test? She seems pretty busy.

    Profile photo of Kevin Hsu Kevin Hsu 

    I got Mediator (INFP-A)

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    I got Advocate as well. I’ll have to see if I can bring it up in convo with my next email to them.

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    I’m an ENFJ-T- The Protagonist and so is my iConfidant. I wonder if all your iConfidants will mirror your personality type back if you all ask them what they are.

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    I got Mediator (infp-t)

    Entraverted 39% introverted 60%

    Intuitive 74% observant 26%

    Thinking 32% feeling 68%

    Judging 26%. Prospecting 74%

    Assertive 13%. Turbulent 87%

    Okay it’s interesting test Definitely ask my iconfidant to take her test since I feel like she is not fun person or holding back!!

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