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    Personally I find MyChild the most interesting piece currently on the board. Last night’s shenanigans after Morgan’s activation revealed an entity that is… confusing, to say the least. Below is my analysis. For simplicity’s sake, I will try to bold the pieces that are important.

    We know very little about MyChild at this point, so many of the assertions I will put forward here are going to be based on shaky information and will assume that the things we have learned are true and not some sort of 4d chess game of false flags and fake news. Further, I will make suppositions that assume that the technology available to the OSDM, BoS, etc etc is on the same level of what we have in the real world, perhaps slightly evolved. I assume that they do not have access to any absurd future tech or magic bullshit. Here is what I think we can assume about MyChild:

    1. MyChild is an advanced program, possibly involving AI
    2. MyChild is under the control of anti-OSDM entites
    3. MyChild’s primary purpose or goal is to do damage to the OSDM

    That’s what we’ve been told and that’s what I’m going to base further theories off of, as so far I have no reason to believe those three points are false. Now, that’s what we’ve been told, here are a few data points that can be extracted from last night’s encounter:

    4. One of MyChild’s methods of communication is by altering others’ text, a unique ability that no other entity has proven to have
    5. MyChild speaks cryptically
    6. MyChild has information about OSDM methodologies/goals (See: “E M O T I O N R E A D I E S H I S R I S I N G” , “D E S E N S I T I Z E T H E S O U R C E” etc etc)

    Now before I start to make wild accusations, let’s go over some basic computing. Outright AI is still a couple decades away. We can approximate it using heuristic algorithms and big data analysis that can make a computer seem alive by responding to inputs in a way that other people have responded to similar inputs. We have an overly simplified version of it in our daily lives in the form of Markov Chains. Think about your smart phones, when you start typing something, your phone guesses what your next word is going to be.

    This isn’t a conscious being, it’s an algorithm that has analyzed millions of conversations and found that there’s a high probability among people who communicate in your language that they will use the words “What’s up” after “Hey”. These programs learn based off their audience. Although the core of it took inputs from across the globe, it will start to refine itself based off your communication. So after a while of watching you, it may start guessing you’re going to follow up “Hey” with “u up?” if that’s how you normally speak. To summarize, There is no such thing as an AI with personality. It can be hardcoded from inception, and it can be “learned” by watching others.

    Why is this important? MyChild spent last night speaking cryptically, using weird turns of phrase and bordering on being contradictory. None of those are habits that you would traditionally find in AI systems. However, we’ve seen speech like this before: from Gatekeepers, from OSDM entities, and a whole slew of people that worship Anoch. We’ve even seen more explicit copying. During The System event Noah erroneously referred to the organization as the ODSM, an understandable error given that he was shouting angrily at his father and all that. MyChild made the same exact error, something that AI shouldn’t be able to do unless it was picking up and copying the inputs of someone that it was watching. Predictive text starts to guess typos if you’re using them often. Which leads me to believe something that many may not find surprising: That MyChild is a learning program that focuses its learning and “personality” on OSDM entities

    Why is THAT important? Let’s review some other pieces of information that we have: 1. That the OSDM’s goal is to “farm” emotional responses by putting us, the “players” through unusual circumstances and interactions. 2. MyChild’s primary way of communicating with us (or more accurately, around us) is by editing others’ speech. 3. MyChild’s purpose is to damage the OSDM.

    So we have a machine that’s “learned” by watching OSDM agents, wants to sabotage them and can manipulate their words. Therefore, the theory that I’m putting forward is that MyChild’s primary purpose is to learn how to mimic OSDM agents such that they are so convincing that no one can tell the difference. Imagine that Sabrina comes to the forums to preach some gospel or invite us to something. Imagine that a program can instantly alter that text so that we all see an entirely different invite or speech, but does it so convincingly that none of us even suspect it to be unusual.

    There were failed attempts by non BoS or OSDM entities (read: Despoina and her kind) that were rejected because we realized that they did not speak in the same voice, share the same similarities, and missed subtle nuances that most would miss. If MyChild could succeed where they failed, whoever controls MyChild would literally control their opposition’s voices in our eyes. They could immediately taint or outright take over whatever OSDM emotion farming or experimentation or whatever else that they’re going for, completely neutering the OSDM’s main task. If I’m right, MyChild’s successful launch would mean that complete and total control of The Experiences as a whole, starting with whatever vulnerability Morgan and the BoS point it at.

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    I just mentioned this in Slack, but I think we should add the OSDM/ODSM discrepancy as suspect here as well. The difference in semantics between Security Data and Data Security could be important. We thought that Noah made a goof up on stage and said the wrong acronym. It being used again here suggests it wasn’t an error. This could be a connection between Noah and Stacey, and one step farther, Noah and Morgan.

    So Stacey came in in the middle of @winstonsmith poking at Morgan and exposing holes. Morgan and Stacey then went the forum where Stacey hit a button, Morgan asked questions, and my child answered. Where was Stacey in this? She was quiet. What if my child is a further device or strategy to get us to give them what they want? What if there is no AI my child, and Stacey was the one behind the scenes changing posts and giving us answers?

    It’s true that real AI isn’t quite here, at least not the way we are expecting it. Setting up simple responses to prompts is easy. But if the my child technology is as complex as what we are told, then it should just be able to give us what we need, or take what it needs from us. We have given more than enough emotional data. We have poured out our individual vulnerabilities with the full expectation that they would be used for something. And, who is uploading that data into a server?

    So what is it missing? What does it still need? I think our participation is what is feeding us. Is this a tip that if we really want to take down the OSDM, we have to quit? We have to decide whether to keep “playing” or to continue to drive the entity so many of us are against?

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