My Haunt Life interview with Noah

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     Mustafa Said 

    Yea, the title kind of explains it. Here’s the link if you wanna listen:

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    Episode. Sixty. Nine.

    Clears schedule.

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     Robert Fuller 

    Apparently Horace is a teddy bear compared to Noah’s mother. God, are we going to run into her at the MSE?

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    Interesting that Lust has been known to have significant things happen on significant lunar calendar/phases as @nothenrygale pointed out in a thread.

    That said, y’all know that Hanukkah starts this evening, right?

    And the Jewish calendar is based primarily on the lunar calendar. I think it actually began (back in ancient times) on a specific month and when the crescent moon was spotted.

    Coincidence that MHL would drop a podcast featuring a man who has been a key figure in Lust?

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       Drew Huntley 

      This is a stretch, but it sounds as if they wrapped the tic tacs in blue holiday paper. Blue holiday paper is generally Hanukkah gift wrap.

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    Ok, so this interview is an absolute delight in SO many ways and makes me want ALL the candy, but it’s also full of some crazy bits of information. I’m just going to list some of the things that stuck out to me.

    -Noah’s backstory from his website isn’t BS.

    -Sarah’s story of how she met Noah in the hospital was a “rumor.”

    -In Noah’s eyes, his mother is the real monster. (Um, what’s worse than someone who burns puppies?)

    -Also he’s not talking about her in the past tense. “[Horace] is a fucking teddy bear compared to my mother” sounds like mommy’s still very much alive, which brings Mason’s comment about her being killed by Noah into question.

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     Drew Huntley 

    The podcast also still gives off the vibe that Russell is still under Mike’s control somehow. In the beginning it is most evident when they are doing name intro’s and Russell doesn’t speak up. Mike makes a snide comment directed at Russell to get back in line in a sense (sorry don’t have the exact quote, at work and cant bring it up now). There are also a couple other key moments when it seems Mike is the one in control.

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    are you IN FUCKING CONTROL @mike ???


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