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    So an awfully stupid new boy question…but what is the focus/point of each of the different forums? (Friends, conjecture, relationships etc)?

    Thanks in advance for tolerating my naivety!


    @iambalrog – Honestly….I’m not sure that *we’ve* figured out the answer to that question. 😉
    Also just to let you know, there’s an activity feed, in case you haven’t discovered it yet, at, and if you edit a post you can delete previous versions of your post from the activity feed so that it doesn’t clog up the feed (which isn’t a criticism, it’s something we all do and could be reminded of from time to time).


    @coryphella does deleting the previous versions in the activity feed remove it for everyone or just yourself?

    EDIT: testing it..
    EDIT 2: it *looks* like it just deleted it for me!
    EDIT 3: nevermind looks to be a delayed delete for all..

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