Midnight Commission event 8/05

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     Lauren Bello 

    Midnight Commission members who solved their latest cipher have been invited to apply for an experience tomorrow night, at midnight.

    Instructions for applying followed.

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    Does that set of slashes and parentheses in the middle mean anything…? This is the first Resistance message I’ve gotten so it could be nothing.

     Sarah Musnicky 

    As someone who generally hates both sides, I am thoroughly intrigued by this email.

    However, as someone who is quite used to embracing the darkest parts of myself as well as the darkness around, I admit that I am baffled by how MC will train all of you resistance folk to be prepared for whatever THE SYSTEM has in store. I tip my hat to all of you partaking in all of this shenanigans.

     Michael Rizzo 

    I don’t believe this is so much preparing us to handle “The System”. I’d figure its more so the OSDM as a whole.

     Sarah Musnicky 

    @rizzzoooooo I figured as much. I am just very curious as to what preparation will entail.

     Brad Ruwe 

    @izryn There is indeed meaning to it. There’s a phone number.

     Bryan Bishop 

    This is probably obvious and I’m just tired, but… who is the intel source that Horace gave up on?

     Brad Ruwe 

    “Include your full address”

    If we get picked, pretty sure we don’t come to them, they’re coming to our front door.

    I’m ready to prove myself, to someone that I ACTUALLY respect.

     Lauren Bello 

    Oops, yes, that’s an important detail. We had to email someone and “tell us why you think you will survive this experience, and should be selected. Include your full address and phone number.”


    @nothenrygale ahem, don’t forget I know where you live too, Bradley.


    Welp, nobody’s coming to my front door in this weather.


    I’ve offered myself up to the darkness, though via a puzzle/cipher that I hope Morgan can crack. If they’re willing to venture out to west LA, then bring it on.

    I’ve resisted the OSDM since day one and stood with BOS since they opened their ranks.

    Let’s do this.

     George Zuniga 

    I’m just waiting on my email back.

    Brad and Kevin welcomed me to the BOS with open arms. I’m ready to stand with all of you. Morgan’s admirable, as are the rest of you. I just hope I get the chance to fight alongside you all. Even if I don’t make it, my TRUST lies with the Resistance.

     Taylor Winters 

    I emailed in–and I’m not afraid to share it here.


    I’m not going to bullshit you. I am not yet BOS, nor am I… whatever the other side is called at this point. I am here for power, and right now Horace offers my greatest shot at that. He wants me to be useful to him, so I will be. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he can offer me what I lust for. Can you? This is your shot to bring me onto your side. Let’s see what you’ve got.


    My address is redacted.


    Curious to see how they handle those of us who have declared for OSDM. Are we going to be rejected outright or are they going to take a chance to try to convert us to their cause?

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