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     Winston Smith 

    There’s something shady about that mid-season-event-00.jpg. Every image I can find on the site to run through a steganalysis tool comes up clean, EXCEPT that one, which says there are 5124 bytes of hidden data in it. There’s just no good reason that jpg would have 5124 bytes of hidden data in it unless someone PUT them there.

    So, I know a bit about steganography techniques, but it’s not something I do on a regular basis, so I don’t really have any experience using these tools with any degree of confidence.

    I don’t know what’s hidden in this file, but I know for sure there is *something* different about it. It *could* be password protected, meaning we’d need to find a password to decode it. It *could* be encoded with a tool that I’m not familiar with. It *could* be a wild goose chase, but there is *DEFINITELY* something different about that file. It *could* be that there is no password at all, I’m just not using the right tool to extract the data.

    *IF* there is a password, then is there anything weird that we’ve heard in the last few days that might be the key?

    I didn’t see anything in the EXIF data that looked like it could be a key, and I didn’t see anything obvious when I opened the file in a hex editor.

    Here’s the steganalysis tool output:

    C:\Users\winstons\Desktop\New folder\stegexpose>java -jar stegexpose.jar lust de
    fault lust.csv
    mid-season-event-00.jpg is suspicious. Approximate amount of hidden data is 5124

    File name,Above stego threshold?,Secret message size in bytes (ignore for clean files),Primary Sets,Chi Square,Sample Pairs,RS analysis,Fusion (mean)


    You solve that matrix, @winstonsmith

     Buz Wallick 

    Something I think warrents a bit of discussion here is that this is being called a “Mid Season” event.

    At this point last season we were coming up on the end of Indoctrination.

    So by saying a mid season event is coming soon it can only lead us to conclude that Lust is a hell of a lot longer than Tension was.

    We’re not even to the half way point yet.

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