Message from Russell 10/25: Briarberg is a lie

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      Russell did a Periscope (seen here) with a short message:

      “I cannot say how but I have it on very good authority that the Briarberg Group is a lie. It does not actually exist.”

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      This is extremely disconcerting. They were heavily involved with BOS in some capacity early on, so if it was actually OSDM (the obvious suspect at this point), what does it mean for, well, everyone?

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      So, Briarberg is the elephant that doesn’t exist? Who is the king that we aren’t expecting? And if that’s true, who the fuck is Mason really?

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       Lauren Bello

      I’m wondering if the same thing happened to Russell and Brad.

      – They were both dressed unusually.

      – They both had messages that seemed out-of-character.

      – They both had recent contact with Mike Fontaine.

      Did they both get helmeted or conditioned somehow? And was Russell trying to fight it? Was that the reason he seemed so conflicted, spitting the words out so slowly?

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      I haven’t watched Brad’s video. But, I agree, @daela, Russell seems off in the video. There’s an comfortable strain in his voice.

      I guess that means the mystery continues.

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      I don’t know Russell, but he sounds sincere to me. I believe him. So who are Mason and Jaime, really? And now Mike too.

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      Well, if Briarberg doesn’t actually exist then what meeting did I attend? How does Mason, Lisa, and Jaime connect in all of this? And just exactly how is Myles and the rest of these actors that supposedly “got out” are connected to a group that doesn’t exist? Why would Myles tell me and @mike how terrible things were in the warehouse if they are actually connected to say, the OSDM? More so @daela you already touched on it but Russell’s speech was very deliberate. What’s with the suit?

      Something is very, very off.

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       Kyle Bown

      On the Alleged Nonexistence of Briarburg or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Not Knowing What’s Going On

      So per @russell, Briarburg doesn’t exist. What. The. Fuck.

      I have so many questions in the wake of this revelation.

      1. Who is Mason, really? Horace and Mason both claim he was OSDM. Horace said he put on the helmet, and left. Is there any truth to that? Or was Mason part of the OSDM all along? Why would Horace confirm parts of his story, give him legitimacy if he was a fake?
      2. Who was Morgan actually trying to work with? Originally Mason was Jack. Morgan was going to get funding from Briarburg. But they don’t exist. Fairly quickly Morgan seemed to realize Briarburg wasn’t what he thought they were. So if the goal of setting up Briarburg was to infiltrate the fledgling BOS, why allow Morgan to figure out the game so early?
      3. Was it all to make Morgan less trustworthy? We find out that Jack, his trusted confidant in the BOS, is actually Mason, psycho anti-OSDM murderer (serial killer?). If that was the whole point, why keep up the ruse so long?
      4. Speaking of the ruse, as mentioned by @mkarrett, why take a group of participants there in the first place? Why make any of the cult deprogramming claims? Why do any of that? What did they, or the OSDM, or anyone gain from that?
      5. Is Briarburg an OSDM creation? Are they a front for the OSDM? A way to do the things the OSDM doesn’t want anyone to know they’re doing (like Mason killing the 91)?
      6. Maybe the most likely possibility. Is Briarburg a front for something else. For someone else? Is it Noah and the System? Is it the Investors? Is it a new group/faction we haven’t even met yet?

      At this point, does anyone have any idea what is going on? I suppose it’s always possible it’s all “fake” in the way everything here is part of an alleged “ARG” that is looking less and less “Alternate” and more “Reality” every damn day.

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        Good list of questions @bruinbown. I’m going to be a jerk and add more questions, because that’s really all I have right now.

        1. And what about his connection to Morgan from his days as “Jack”? Mason also said that Horace was running the show. But if the king isn’t who we expect, then that wasn’t true either. And where the fuck does Joyce land in all of this? Where is Michelle?

        2. Were these financial meetings happening before or after he learned Jack’s identity? Did he learn the truth about Briarberg then? How do you get funding from an organization that isn’t real? And if he did know they weren’t real, why the fuck wouldn’t he just tell us/BOS so BOS could focus on the goal rather than be distracted?

        4. And yes. Why the fuck were we invited there that night? Could something be learned in how upset Stephanie was that night? Why have us talk with actors clearly trying to darken the OSDM farther?

        5. Briarberg as the OSDM cleanup crew has been brought up before. But then we would have to acknowledge the existence of Briarberg which invalidates it immediately.

        6. There is the king we aren’t expecting. That might be someone we have met leading something we aren’t aware of. Find the king, we find the organization?

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      YES EXACTLY @bruinbown!

      Myles: the cult people made me do terrible things. I’ve seen terrible things. I’m telling you this so you have a chance to get out while you can.
      Myles: just kidding I’m actually part of the cult thing!

      Like, what?

      Did several of us get invited to “Briarberg” intervention to basically be told there is no getting out of this shit? Forewarning of what’s to come?

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       Lawrence Meyers

      I find it hard to believe that Stephanie would willingly lie and mislead me.

      But…I told Jaime I was ready to move forward and never heard back. You’d think a deprogramming unit would be pretty eager to get their first catch of the day.

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        @larry Really? Do you find it hard to believe that, or do you wish not to believe that because it would suck? At this point, I have no issue believing anyone involved in this would willingly mislead each and everyone one of us given the opportunity.

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         Robert Fuller

        @larry I hate to say it, but I think maybe someone should: Stephanie is your kryptonite. You have a blind spot when it comes to her, and you should be careful with that.

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         Lawrence Meyers

        Granted @remrelganaps that…used to be true. But I’ve sufficiently examined and become aware of the Anima projection that she was to know what is real, and what is not.


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       Lawrence Meyers

      You’re just jealous of what we have.

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      My brain is still swirling around this. I’m adding one(ish) more question. If this is another lie and Briarberg does actually exist, who wants us to believe that it doesn’t? “Briarberg is a lie. It doesn’t actually exist.” Where did Russell receive this message? It might not exist in the sense of what they said that they were (“deprogrammers”, the alternative to the OSDM, etc.), but there is a group that wanted us to believe that they were real. Mason, Jaime, Stephanie, Myles, Gayle, etc. all wanted us to believe that it was real and that they had a goal. The flip side of who wants us to believe it doesn’t exist: Why would these people want us believing in Briarberg to begin with?

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       Kyle Bown

      The thing that makes it hard for me is the lies within lies within lies. If it was OSDM trying to trick Morgan. Ok, I get that. If it was OSDM trying to get any of us trying to leave by using the deprogramming angle, also, totally get that. If it’s OSDM using Briarburg/Mason to do their dirty work and kill the 91 (and others) after we (@bcbishop) made the decision to let them go, ok fine.

      But none of these lies persisted long enough to be useful. So what is the point?

      Unless the point IS the confusion. Briarburg is everything and nothing and now no one knows what to believe and maybe that is the whole point. Maybe there’s no deeper meaning than that.

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        Briarburg is everything and nothing and now no one knows what to believe and maybe that is the whole point. Maybe there’s no deeper meaning than that.

        This is entirely possible. In which case, well done?

        Wait, but then the follow up question is: Which one of them is behind the confusion?

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       Robert Fuller

      If Briarberg does exist and someone merely wants us to believe otherwise, surely there are better ways to achieve this than, “Let’s get Russell to say it doesn’t exist, with no context or explanation!” I think it’s been clear almost from the beginning that Briarberg is in fact a lie. But what is the lie? Where does the truth end and the lie begin?

      Kyle seems to be onto something with his “confusion” theory. Give us a series of diverse, contradicting sets of information so we don’t know what to believe and voila: chaos reigns. They’ve certainly achieved that. Whoever “they” are.

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      @russell’s periscope has been on my mind a lot over the past couple days. Without knowing who his source is, big claims with no evidence is hard to accept as fact.

      This feels EXACTLY like the whole “Mason is a disgruntled ex-participant trying to gamejack” thing – we heard the calls talking about how “they’ve dealt with this before, they’ll handle it.” We didn’t buy it then, because we don’t trust “Them.”

      So now this is another attempt, except with someone we all know and love and trust.

      Who we just saw being tortured in @mike’s basement.

      So now we’re more likely to trust him.

      This feels like even more misdirection. But this time, maybe from Briarberg themselves. Maybe @russell’s in on it. Maybe @mike is, and Russell’s been brainwashed. It’s not beyond reason that Briarberg might be trying to throw us off their trail – you can’t fight something you’re not sure exists.

      At this point, we have more evidence that they do in fact exist than we have evidence that they don’t. Let’s not write them off yet.

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       Robert Fuller

      It’s also hard to accept big claims delivered in such a dramatic fashion. In a way that seems to be deliberately out of character for the person delivering it.

      I keep going back in my head to the Boy Who Cried Wolf. How many lies are we told before the truth comes out? How do we know when the wolf is actually attacking?

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