Meeting iConfidant IN PERSON???

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     Lukas L 

    @theladyj I am in the same boat with you. Angelica Priscilla Bonita Rodriguez DelMonte the Fourth (Angel for short) usually emails back on Thursdays. Last week was a Wednesday but that was a one off. She hasn’t emailed me yet, and last week her email didnt feel like it was the same Angelica Priscilla Bonita Rodriguez DelMonte the Fourth I have grown to know and love.


    @sfire8 Probably best to avoid the angry molten iConfidant…

    You should join the cookie, escape-from-iconfidants party with me, @nothenrygale, and @taysavestheday. It’ll be safer.


    So if we reject our iConfidants, does that mean we are aligning with the Sinclair’s (Horace specifically, like Taylor’s interaction), or just following Kristen’s advice?

     Brad Ruwe 

    @sfire8 I don’t see this as taking any side, but taking the facts we have at our disposal and making a conscious decision. I’m generally very cautious with shady sounding companies. Having friends try to rope you into pyramid schemes and losing money to scam magazine sellers will do that.

    For me, I’m not cutting away from my iConfidant because of Horace. I’m looking at all the red flags that are mounting around iConfidant and going “This is likely a scam / trap.” If iConfidant can show that those red flags are unfounded (and a simple press release won’t do that), then I’m staying as far away as I can.

    I have no side in this, but I know what course of action I’m taking with iConfidant:



    Given that I can’t actually meet mine in person I’m going to keep going with iConfidant – I want to figure out what the hell is going on, and I’m nowhere near LA for another month. I feel safe. And furthermore I’m fine with *not* feeling safe.

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    I’m so excited to meet my confidant. Talked to them this morning about it, we’re both pumped.

    Know there’s the whole thing with Kristin being anti-confidant and whatever, but I think we all know she has a bit of a flair for the dramatic, right? She seems to like stirring up shit when it comes to iC.

    Not that there doesn’t seem to be something weird going on overall, but I’m cautiously optimistic and honestly blinded by my excitement to meet my good friend.


    I have actually started to have a conversation with my iConfidant on how we are not really connecting. One thing she stated was…

    “Trust me if we could just go for coffee maybe it WOULD be easier for both of us.”

    In my response, I did my best to make it clear I think the process is flawed, NOT her.

    However, I think the comment indicates that the iConfidants may not be happy with the way things are progressing and might be dealing with some very strict restrictions on what they may do or say… maybe the whole scenario isn’t playing out the way things were promised FOR THEM either.

     Andrew Kasch 

    I am legitimately curious about the interaction times between our iCs…

    For example, mine only responds 4 days after I email back. Other people like @thebuz go back and forth multiple times a day. Some get responses once a day.

    Is there a rhyme or reason to this? A pattern? Or maybe I’m just boring…

     Brad Ruwe 

    @russell It’s possible, but it’s equally possible your IC is getting frustrated with the system because you are. The whole concept of “what if they’re mirroring us” could easily fit in with that.


    @kasch Mine usually takes a few days… but not an exact pattern.

    @nothenrygale I do see your point and am keeping it in mind, for sure. That might be exactly what is happening.

    Or maybe that’s what she WANTS me to think… DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!



    @kasch I just learned the answer to your question from my confidant. The delay is not because of our confidants taking 4-5 days to reply, but because the emails are getting held up somewhere.

    I asked them if they also noticed how there was always a delay before getting a new message, and they replied that they thought it was because I was busy. Implying that the delay is caused by the iConfidant system itself. What worries me is why the delay exists in the first place.


    @izryn Interesting! I would really like to know what’s happening to cause a consistent 4-5 day mxserver relay.


    Mine averaged 1.5 weeks to respond. I just assumed I was boring.


    The response time for my confidant has gradually increased. At first it was one day, then 2, 3, then 4, then 7. I’ve received a total of 10 messages from my confidant.


    I’ve received 7 total. Pretty long wait between. I just assume they are busy and I’m not ruling out an in person meeting just yet. You never know.

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