Meeting iConfidant IN PERSON???

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     Claire Buchignani 

    Holy moly, so I worked pretty late today and I ended up checking my email FIRST and I come to find an email from my iConfidant! She was super excited saying that we get to meet in 10 days! I was obviously SUPER confused because I had yet to read the forums or see the FB post 🤦🏼‍♀️

    I am super interested in how this is going to work!!! Sorry to my iConfidant for not being up to date on the internet and in turn asking you a lot of redundant questions!!!

     Hannah Schenck 

    I emailed my iconfidant a photo today showing them how excited I was that I would be meeting them in person on June 11th…

    Their normal response time to me is 5-7 days usually, however, they responded to my email within ONE HOUR. They sent a rather short (perhaps rushed?) email back saying that they loved my pictures (I’ve sent more than one) and that they are excited to meet in person.

    I then responded an hour later with some light banter, questions, etc, but ended my email asking this…

    Would you betray a friend? Are there any circumstances that deem it okay to do so?

    I’m eager for their response.


    After finally catching up I will stand by my initial reaction to the announcement of in person meetings with our iConfidants. I would still love to get together for a face to face chat. Right now it’s just hearsay that would have me considering cutting off contact. My experience has been very positive overall (yes, the last email was a little concerning, but me for her, not me for me). Could I get burned? AbsolutelyProbablyMaybeNotIdontKnow. It’s worth that risk to me to keep in contact with one of the people I can actually talk to. Sometimes life is great sometimes it’s shit. I’ll figure out where this leads and deal with the consequences later.

    There is some definant strangeness going on with the staff though.

     Brian E 

    @shankfx22 Wow that photo is kinda amazing and creepy at the same time! You have the best selfies.

    I’m all for following this rabbit and seeing where it will lead. Who knows what’s going to happen between now and then, I’m positively optimistic to find out what this is about, and where it leads, and regardless of what the outcome is.

    Still no idea why Sarah is warning me to not get involved in iConfidant, and Stacey never returned my email about missing the meeting.


    @superstar – I think what’s more likely is that our confidants are separate individuals who all lead separate lives, some of which are busier than others and thus not all of them are able to respond on exactly the same schedule as everyone else.


    @shankfx22 That selfie. 😂 I wanna bottle you up and sell you.


    I’ll be there with the usual $300 in personal burial money, hoping that @winstonsmith‘s Turk actually plays chess and that my Kara is truly anti-System and pro-baby cats. Let’s get weird.


    @coryphella You make a convincing argument. 🙂

     Winston Smith 

    @kipsie It would have to be correspondence chess, so they can wait a standard week between moves. 🙂

    I stopped talking to mine, because they had nothing interesting to say, just repeating what I said back to me, sprinkled with a few one-dimensional “you can doit!” platitudes.

    I honestly don’t even know what I would have to say to mine. Truth is, I don’t even care, my iConfidant isn’t genuine anyway so it’s hard to develop any sort of personal rapport with a lie. Anything they had to say about themselves would be suspect. My only real interest is in determining how it all relates to the OSDM, what happens to the data, and how it’s used. All these front groups are just distractions from the real meat and potatoes.

    I’m curious how are they going to introduce people to their iConfidants without blowing the “secret?” that they likely can’t have a 1:1 ratio of confidants to confidees. We have to be oversubscribed, which is probably why they’re so boring.


    I asked my confidant yesterday about June 11th and she replied with

    yes I did hear about it and I would absolutely love to meet you in person!! Then we can stop with this emailing thing and just do what we want :)) <3 and I too heard about the security problems btw..It all sounds a bit weird to me…

    I haven’t told her anything secret or embarrassing so I feel like I don’t have much to lose if she ends up betraying me. Just some wasted time I guess. But I want to stay optimistic that she’s not in on whatever terrible things are going on over there. Maybe she is innocent and at risk just like us. Wishful thinking I guess.. June 11.. looking forward to meeting a new friend in person but also expecting her to completely let me down (if she even exists & isn’t just some computer program)

    Ps. She hasn’t seen Andy but sounds genuinely concerned that I have a missing friend. 🙁


    My iConfidant replied this morning. She’s in NY but said she thinks she’s going to try to make it. So fingers crossed I get to meet her!

    Or the 45 year-old dude pretending to be her…

    Or the robot pretending to be her…

    Either way, exciting!

     Brad Ruwe 

    Bad time


    *refreshes email obnoxiously * I hope Phoenix didn’t die. I’m going to email her tonight once I wake up for work.


    I think my iConfidant might not want to meet me because I yelled at her. I guess I don’t blame her. But then again she might be extra pissed when she molts on the 11th so…

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