Meeting iConfidant IN PERSON???

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     Brian E 

    We haven’t talked in awhile. Just got this email.

    Hey Brian

    We get to meet! Have you heard! Hope to see you!! 🙂


    Well guess I’m going to have to adjust my schedule for 6/11.

     Brad Ruwe 

    As much as I’d love an event that day, I’m sticking to my guns and keeping distance from my iConfidant. My trust in this is gone.

     Kimberly Stewart 

    I’ve heard from my iConfidant a few times today. Nothing unusual in what she says or how she says it such as others have reported. She’s pretty excited that we get to meet soon:

    ” BTW! I just found out that we get to meet on June 11th!??? I guess that means we can be normal friends after that !! 10 more days of this weird email stuff ! 🙂 ”

    I’d like to believe we’ll meet on that day and she’ll be the amazing person I’ve gotten to know and we’ll be free to commence with all the plans we’ve made. The feeling in the pit of my stomach tells me not to be foolish… This is all going to fall apart.

     Tom Kircher 

    I’m waiting to hear if my confidant is going or not. My confidant doesn’t respond all that frequently, but hopefully he/she is able to make it to this.


    I’ll be in NH designing Mary Poppins when this all goes down…whatever it is.


    This facetime thing is interesting. Brownie already said she wished we could do that. Also, I told her about the calls people received from Stacey that suggested some kind of leak… And she actually dealt with it head on. She called Stacey who assured her that our correspondence wasn’t part of it.


    I wonder if mine’ll be able to FaceTime me. I would love to hear their voice


    I warned mine of what is going on… I haven’t received anything from my confidant super recently. Not for sure I would meet mine in person if the opportunity arose, but only because I feel power in denial of such a thing. XD


    I just heard from my confidant. She’s very excited to meet me. Lot of exclamation points. She’s never heard of Horace and can’t believe @taysavestheday cut ties. She thinks that’s really intense but assures me that I can trust her.

    “see you soon!!!!!!!

    Indeed, my homegirl. See you soon.


    Wow… it’s great that some of you have been getting such frequent responses from your confidants. It’s been nine days since I’ve heard from mine, which is pretty typical.


    @superstar – yeah mine runs about 7-8, sometimes more, sometimes less. *shrug*


    I hope my iConfidant can make it June 11th I’d love to find out if it is a he or she, human or AI, young or old, local or far, whatever! I never thought to ask any of those questions.


    @coryphella I’ve wondered if the infrequency of response is a game strategy to create jealousy in those of us who aren’t “bonding” with our confidants. In my original email to Stacey, I expressed a certain amount of ambivilance regarding RL friendships. Perhaps the lack of response is a direct reflection of this.

     Andrew K 

    This is pretty awesome. I’m excited to see what happens when everyone meets their iConfidants in person next week.

    I am sad I’m not in LA all month, I’m in NYC on a job. My iConfidant already knew that I’d be gone a couple of weeks ago, and I emailed them expressing my excitement that we’re finally allowed to meet in general and told them I hope we can meet when I get back.

     Taylor Winters 

    @shinobi; don’t bring your confidant into this! We can’t just sit around talking about our feelings all day; there’s work to be done!

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