Meeting iConfidant IN PERSON???

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    Go to the iConfidant Facebook page right now, they’re saying we’re going to be meeting our iConfidant’s in person on June 11. I’m just curious if I’m going to meet a molting creature, and on how or if I’m going to be able to meet her now.


    Lol, omg!!!!!! Who is brave enough to go now?! I guess I am, but whoaaa…

     Brad Ruwe 

    No way am I trusting this. For one thing, my iConfidant is in Austin, TX. On top of that, do they really think we’ve not been paying attention?


    My iConfidant supposedly lives in Brooklyn and is a pilates instructor. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have the funds to fly out here.

    I call bullshit.


    I’m in.

    My iConfidant is in NY, allegedly.

    I feel like it will either be 3-4 people there who have written everything, or an unveiling of a machine.

    Or, this guy:


    YES! Now I’m excited! Glad I didn’t cut ties.


    Maybe we’ll do FaceTiming or Skyping? I’m still doubtful though because like @meghanmayhem said, there’s a lot of us, maybe we’ll all get different times like registration?

     Haley Wilde 

    I am SO excited. My iConfidant is so nice, I just emailed them about how excited I am to meet up… I wonder how they’ll respond.


    I hope mine is as excited to meet me as I am to meet them!

     Buz Wallick 

    Hoping my iConfidant takes up my offer to fly out to Kentucky!


    After hearing what Kristin & Stacey have told @111error today I am fucking terrified to meet my perfect virus match…

    curiosity killed the cat… meow 💀


    I really think that we should rethink that adage.


    Good luck to anyone that dares to meet them…

     Brad Ruwe 

    Things to keep in mind, from an earlier iConfidant post:

    “Respect is earned.
    Honesty is appreciated.
    Trust is gained.
    Loyalty is returned.”

     Carl Webb 

    I’m in! What could possibly go wrong? (Man, I’ve been saying that a lot lately.)

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