Mason and his Masters

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    Taking the discussion over from Slack:

    For those that want to stand against Mason and his actions, how do we take our next step? What can be done?
    @kingkill33 brought up that Mason thinks he’s a lone wolf. But who’s holding his leash?
    The person we know he’s in cahoots with is Michelle. Michelle befriends no one. No one is close to her. We have no way of contacting her. But seemingly she’s had issues with the OSDM as far back as last year, even when she was working with them (if she’s not still). When she visited @thebuz, she spoke of having the rug pulled out from under her in regards to everything she believed. We never did find out what she was referring to.
    Mason spoke of being raised in the OSDM. It’s not illogical to assume he’s got a lot of animosity towards them and wants to destroy him by his own means, and make them pay.
    The same could be assumed of Michelle, who believed in something and had the rug pulled out from under her.
    Perhaps she also wants to destroy the OSDM and make them pay.
    So they work together.
    Is Michelle the one holding Mason’s leash? Letting the mad dog run wild while she points at the targets?
    As @wanda102 put it so beautifully, “He thinks he’s the gun when he’s really just the bullet”

    The only way to get an idea of the hierarchy is to lure them out.
    Michelle has been in hiding. We don’t know what she’s up to, but she was there at Joyce’s beating with Mason insinuating that it was at the hands of Michelle. Then she left him to clean up the mess.

    So these 91. Did Michelle give him the list and say “make them pay”?

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    Michelle and Mason seem to have a version of a common goal, for now. Take down OSDM. Both out of some sort of vengeance for something taken from them, if their stories to Buz and Chelsea are to be believed.

    The interesting twist here is Briarberg itself. I don’t think it’s just some elaborate front; so why waste resources on that? Where does the actual concept of Briarberg sync up with what Mason and Michelle, through manipulation of Mason, want to do?

    And where is Michelle while Mason is running amok? She doesn’t strike me as one to completely sit and wait while someone does ALL the work for her.

    You have to wonder, if a clever boy like Mason is being used like that, if it’s because at the end of the day he doesn’t really mind.

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     Robert Fuller 

    I can only think of three possible motives for Mason.

    1. Money. The 91 all have cushy severance packages. But murder-robbery doesn’t seem likely, given what we know about Mason and his methods. You don’t show up to a picnic with a chainsaw in order to rob someone.

    2. Revenge. We know he hates the OSDM. But the 91 are no longer part of the OSDM and were just pencil pushers anyway. The OSDM doesn’t care about them, so killing the 91 doesn’t really hurt them.

    That leaves:

    3. A means to an end. Mason said something about trying to save the world. What does the death of these 91 accomplish? How does it further his goals? What are his goals? These are the things we need to figure out.

    Michelle seems to be even more of a question mark. Are her motives the same as Mason’s? Or are they working together out of convenience, because doing so happens to further both of their goals?

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       Meghan Mayhem 

      I’d imagine it’s along the same lines as someone who murders a sex offender the week they get out of jail after serving a 10 year sentence.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    It could also potentially be Jaime. We don’t know if these killings are an officially sanctioned Briarberg thing or him off doing his own thing.

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