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    FWIW, I got the young kale salad, @nothenrygale. I ain’t going inside that gingerbread house.


    As someone has just messaged me asking if I was serious, I was joking. Please don’t induce vomiting.

     Brad Ruwe 

    @lilmsfancpants Good, avoid the temptation that @joycecarlberg lays in front of you. Mr. Fluffernutter would be proud.


    1. @joycecarlberg is rapidly becoming my favorite person in this experience thus far. #teamjoyce
    2. @thegilded Really?! You had to clarify that was a joke? This worries me.
    3. D’awwww! I’m sad I had to miss this. One of these days I hope to actually be able to join for a Lust meet-up or event!!

     Meghan Mayhem 

    But like, maybe it’s not some great sneaky clue in the forest of mysteries.

    Maybe Joyce was just being sweet and buying us a treat, unrelated to the chaos.
    So thank you for dessert Joyce 🙂

     Brad Ruwe 

    We’ve had warnings to avoid the sweet treats though! Fluffernutter man, I heed your warning. I’m ready for whatever knowledge you have to depart upon us.


    She’s a stand up gal that Joyce!

     Lukas L 

    I must try this fluffernutter you all speak of. It sounds glorious.

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