Lust FB Painting 6/7/17

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    The Lust Facebook page posted this image:

    which is actually this one (Thanks to @wanda102, I believe, for pointing out that we’re looking at a tiny portion of a much bigger picture)

    here’s what I’ve found out about it:
    “Shortly after the War of Austrian Succession (1701-1714) Paolo de Matteis worked for Naples new Austrian rulers. This painting is just a Bozzetto of a larger work, that has not survived. It shows a self-portrait of de Matteis with an allegory of the Peace of Utrecht.”

    Still looking or more info, but wow, part of an even LARGER piece that did not survive?

    Wanna see it even BIGGER:

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    @brianamatopoeia wins the entirety of the Internet, you guys. That was a tricky find.

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    Bless you for tracking this one down @brianamatopoeia.

    Look at the angels, etc, chasing away the soldiers, sat upon the bodies of the fallen, to clear the way for the peaceful portrait in the center. We were shown the desired result without the consequence.

    Stacey thinks she’s “back in charge.” What is he fallout of her presumed disobedience in going to @daela‘s apartment and removing the bug?

    Noah’s possibly realigned with Horace; a tentative peace. If we pull back, how many bodies would we find surrounding this alliance?

    Sometimes there are consequences to getting what you want.

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    I also think it’s interesting that there are only two characters looking at the viewer in this painting- the artist and the lion to the right- both with a stern glance. It’s also intriguing that his choice of shoe color is red, a color Which often represents anger and passion, meaning he walks with/in anger and passion, perhaps? There’s a LOT of interesting stuff here.

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    @brianamatopoeia @wanda102 This is such an excellent display of teamwork! Nice find! I wonder what this bigger picture is that we seem to be missing. Are there clues right in front of us that we haven’t picked up on or are we being teased with future reveals? It’s so mysterious!!

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    And another Naples link…
    I’m probably reading too much in to it, but I’ve come over here this week as a holiday just as I found iconfident and Noah…

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    Two queens forming peace. Sarah and Stacy? Just a thought.

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    Kind of what @wanda102 is saying…

    There is chaos and mayhem surrounding people all the time and we never see it, we only see what that person wants us to see. In this instance we have the heavens, war, and even standing on the shoulders of other men (literally) all going on around this artists painting of two royal women.

    It could also mean that all accomplishments have sacrifices. The man holding up the canvas particularly signifies this to me.

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    We are shown what people want us to see-something which looks peaceful, but all around a war is going on.
    The painter and the man bearing the picture on his shoulders…who can they be?

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    @iambalrog I didn’t find anywhere that man holding the painting was anyone specific, more likely a metaphor for peace being won on the shoulders of those who have sacrificed for it. The painter is Matteis himself, styled as a haunting self-portrait.

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