Lust FB: End of Chapter One

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     Michael Rizzo 

    @parzival I don’t believe we know where Stacey has gone… yet. I can’t imagine that was the last we saw of Stacey. Especially due to her “code” we keep hearing about. I would bet money this code will pop back up soon enough tbh


    I still don’t understand why we were told to stay away on Sunday?? Anyone?

     Meghan Mayhem 

    I really like the theory that Prologue was showing us head and Chapter 1 was showing us heart and Chapter 2 will be making us choose between the two.

    But I’d really like to know where the fuck Noah and Sarah have been. We saw Noah once when he led @confuseddude to the slaughter ritual, and a short phone call to him before that, but other than those two things he (and Sarah) have been radio silent for a month.

    And is Macy rotting in a gutter somewhere? Where the hell is she???

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