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    Why did The Sinclair’s not want us to go today?? What is their role in this?? And Stacey…also wondering, she must have known right? Why did she warn us to stay away? The Sinclair’s and Stacey don’t want us to pledge our ourselves to Anoch… So what is their deal, who are they aligned with?!


    It was nice seeing everyone and breaking a glass. Everything was fine and dandy until the gentleman in the suit went super cult, going full ‘sacrificing for their freedoms and shit’

    Rome is on fire and we’re the ones burning.

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    That was intense. Here’s the video for posterity in case it is removed from Facebook:
    (And if TPTB would prefer I didn’t share these, just LMK)

     Lukas L 

    @sfire8 and also even stranger that it was all the Sinclairs that didn’t go like you said. Especially knowing how much Noah and his dad dont get along.


    So the guy who came in and introduced it, told everyone to turn off cell phones – that’s Jacob? And he was at the Scare LA panel?

     Buz Wallick 


    You have just opened up a big can of worms but I think you’re right on the money.

    Horace is the Old… Sabrina might be leading the charge for the New.

    Both worship Anoch… just in different ways.

    There is definitely a reason Noah was fighting against us going. Sinclairs vs Sabrina.

     Mustafa Said 

    @thebuz So does that make Noah and Sarah followers of the “Old” ways like Noah’s dad Horace? Are they following Sabrina and the “New” faith?

    Or are they not following any faith at all?


    So obviously a ton of stuff went down, but just wanted to draw attention to something specific Kristen said. She said that Stacey treated her like a ‘two’. While what factions there are within the Anoch worshipers still isn’t clear, that does point to Kristen working with whoever has been screwing with Otis.


    I’m too dizzy from this to be able to post much right now. That was close to what some of us suspected but was still an amazing set of reveals. Here we go again? @addisonborn you looked genuinely shook, and @russell you looked ready to start an actual war. Hope you’re okay man.

    Hi again, 2 / Overseer. Welcome home. Dad’s looking just swell.

    Oh and, Kristen.. THANKS.
    Coffee? o___O

     Julie R Goldstein 

    I may be hurt… I may cry… But I want this to be known…

    Sabrina, you will always be my little miss lime green. And I love you for it…

    I once told you how much I believed in your power… That hasn’t changed…

    Everything I’ve done since is because of you and still will be…

    You broke my heart, but you strengthened my soul…


    Creepiest part was the end…”you have all offered yourselves as a gift of those, of their blood. You have all now begun to pledge your desire for their sacrifice and freedom. Making way for dusk. Making way for him to come to this earth in his flesh once more…”

    One more character is coming…Anoch in the flesh!

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    It was great seeing everyone today!

    This hit me way harder than I was prepared for. I knew it wouldn’t be a simple meet and greet, but I was foolishly hoping for some sort of happy ending. I gave my confidant everything, I opened up my heart and soul for so many weeks.

    Sabrina, you broke me. Again.

    There’s so much going on here that I can’t process, because I’m having a lot of trouble processing anything right now. Lots of things resonated with me. The idea of the online persona vs true self feels like it could be dug into (which btw goes back to the One, No One, and One Hundred Thousand idea) but I feel like crawling into a hole for a bit..


    @kevin What Kristen said might have been “you treated me like a tool,” not a “two.” It was difficult to hear exactly what was being said at times…


    Checking in.
    Thank you for those who have messaged me.

    @111error, I assure you there was much going on within me.

    Addison… Sabrina… SHE never disappointed me.

    For now, I choose to remain…



    @russell, I could barely make out what was going on in the video, but I cried when I saw you.

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