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    Fall of Rome

    “The Fall of Rome and the End of Civilization.”

    Chapter one ends. Rome has fallen.

     Andrew Kasch 

    That was incredible!

    So many theories confirmed. Seeing Sabrina return was mind blowing…as was hearing Anoch spoken again. And Poor Stacey….

    I can only assume that Noah and Michelle are in cahoots at this point. Sort of an ex-OSDM club forming a new, real version of the BoS.


    Just wow. I was sitting and my jaw dropped like that. Glad I was sitting really


    All I have to say is, what the heck is chapter 2 going to bring?


    Well. That was unexpected.

     Mustafa Said 

    So my earbuds weren’t working the way I wanted them to and I was unable to hear anything that took place. Can someone try to explain what the heck happened?

    oh and SABRINA’S BACK!?!?

     Max Z 

    Maybe someone more versed in the lore can fill me in, I’m wondering about the “why” of it all. He mentioned being dissatisfied with the watered down stuff, as has been mentioned before, and choosing to “publicly outsource” to get more power. I assume they’re referring to iConfidant, and Sabrina was some kind of mediator, but in general, what about us using iConfidant gets them or Anoch or whoever more power? Am I missing something huge or is this still a mystery?

     Lukas L 

    So…. well…. um…. ok so…. Overseer is/was all of our IConfidants… Were those the investors behind her? If so I could be missing something but, why then would Horus want people not to speak to their IConfidants? Also I may have just missed was Sabrina after anything other than data when talking to us? Also, is it Anoch she is still trying to summon or is it someone else? Who/what is the sacrifice. dude at the end said something to the likes of “thank you for finding our sacrifice?” Could that be Stacy? If that is the case woah poor Stacy. Backstabbed by her best friend as well as having her hard work destroyed, her clients who wouldnt listen to her, even after she said the IConfidants were SUS. So if she is also to be a sacrifice, that sucks. Did anyone else see this in a different light as I do? I find it odd that Ascention was all about seeing the light, being in the light, and now its all about darkeness. When his darkness surrounds you.


    @mumumusings In a nutshell, it was revealed that Kristen was an Anoch worshipping mole within iConfidant the entire time, emotionally manipulating Stacey. We met Jacob, another Anoch worshipper who seems to be very close to Kristen in some way. Tom Barrow, real name unknown and inventor of the infamous helmet, returned and spoke of his desire to return to his former place of power as the one controlling the conduit to Anoch. And his one time fake daughter Sabrina was revealed to be EVERY iConfidant, totally of her own free will.

     Buz Wallick 

    Hey @lukasrl, looks like most of the conversation about the FB Live event is happening in another thread already created so I’m going to merge this one into it.

     Mustafa Said 


    Holy shit. This is getting real. Thanks for the info @macbethinabathtub!

    Man…so is Tom a worshipper as well? Or is he just after wanting to control who gains access to Anoch’s word?

    And as for iConfidant…what happens now? Will Stacey rebuild?

    @bcbishop If I were you I’d get Stacey on your little podcast and interview her 😉


    Welp, at least it was a metaphorical fire and not a literal one, amiright?! UNholy Anoch, that was intense!

     Lukas L 

    So it is Sabrina who is the Phoenix who rose from the fire.

     Buz Wallick 

    That was certainly mind blowing.

    Though it certainly seems Sabrina has moved away from damsel in distress and may be into some really dark shit now.

    If she came back willingly… that does not bode well.

    It also makes some of my emails with her feel… oof I don’t even know. It’s either going to be really funny next time I see her in person or suuuuper awkward.

    Also… really interesting that Kristen turned out to be a snake. Sorry @111error. I feel awful for poor Stacey. I thought something might have been up before she made that crying video… there was just… something was off with the narrative we were being presented with her.

    I like entrepreneurs, even if they accidentally create data mining apps.
    Hope she is safe.


    @lukasrl yes I believe Jacob and Kristen are investors. They both speak how Nicole did during registration. Referring to being born into it, worshipping Anoch in the old ways. All of them are either bound by blood or at least a lifetime of worship. As far as Horace, it seems we have confirmation: a schism within the church of Anoch. It’s extremely significant that there were no Sinclairs present today. I don’t know about Tom’s assertion of the “hippy” ways being entirely in line with what we’ve seen from Horace, especially in regards to the treatment of Otis and @confuseddude, but they obviously differ on the right way to do things. And what was Sabrina after other than data (or emotions)? She finally admitted it: she was after the attention. She is, after all, just an actress. She missed having us in the palm of her hand. No damsel in distress here. I doubt she ever was, completely. She may not have chosen this path initially, but early on it spoke to a need within her. We still don’t know exactly how we all fit into serving this Anoch, with our emotions, or “vibrations” as Jacob (AND TINA) said, but we’ve made our pledge. There’s no going back.

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