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    Hi there friends,

    As a bunch of you may know, thanks to @thebuz’s incredible curation of the New Members thread, I’ve been running a Twitter account to keep track of what’s going on in Lust. The handle for the account is @LExpUpdates (Lex pupdates if you want to remember it a different way). I started this for myself as a way to keep everything in order and others have found it handy. I’ve found that I can usually update within an hour or two of something happening, sometimes quicker, sometimes a little bit longer. In any case, scrolling back through it can be helpful if you’ve been gone a few days, need a refresher, or are looking for a specific thread for certain info (I use it as a refresher and to find threads quite a bit). I just wanted to give a short guide on how you can use it:

    You can just occasionally click the link here or in the New Members thread to get to it (or bookmark it, keep it open in a tab, etc…) and scroll through.

    If you’re looking for a little more, you can follow the account. You’ll need a Twitter account of your own to do this. If you’re not familiar with Twitter, following someone will display their tweets in your timeline. So those will pop up when something happens and I’m able to get something out.

    If you’re looking for even more (and want to know when something is happening or just happened), you can set up alerts that’ll give you a notification on your phone when a tweet goes out from the account. You can set these up in a couple of different ways, depending on if you’re on a computer or the Twitter app. For both though, you’ll need to be following the account already.

    On a computer, go to the account you want alerts for, to the right of the ‘Following’ button there are three dots. Click on them and it’ll open up a menu, click on ‘Turn on mobile notifications’ and you’re good to go. Use the same steps to turn them off.

    For the app, navigate to the profile and you should see three buttons near the top right. Click on the one that looks like a bell with a plus sign next to it and you’re good to go. Same steps to turn notifications back off.

    If you’re worried about getting too many notifications, I promise I won’t send out anything that isn’t game relevant and only then when something actually happens. That mostly means phone calls, character interactions, and important updates on any of the Facebook pages. That usually comes out to a handful of notifications every few days, but can be more. That’s really only happened a few times though and should be out of the ordinary.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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    I can’t say thank you enough @kevin for keeping that twitter up to date. It’s EXTREMELY helpful. Especially when putting together recaps or just trying to catch up in general.

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    Seriously, @kevin such a great resource!!

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    @kevin, this is seriously fantastic and I’m going to be using it a ton to keep up this summer while I’m traveling and also to build the timeline later (like the Tension one I posted the other day)

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