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       Meghan Mayhem

      Tonight, after the Reddit AMA-style chat in Slack from A, a live video popped up on the Experiences FB.

      A shot of a parking structure, then our dear friend @111error comes into frame.
      He produces a paper he’s procured through some friends, an NDA.
      We learn that @lilmsfancpants has been under NDA since the end of December. For what exactly? Hrmm.

      Morgan then tells her that she’s now free to talk as he sets her NDA on fire.

      Merry Christmas.

      Then, a photo appears on the Experiences Instagram.

      Lia my dear, care to talk?

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      On Slack, Morgan expressed that it was odd no one had heard from Lia since.

      **Edited and condensed**

      Then @wanda102 got ahold of her:

      wanda102 [10:46 PM]
      Ok fuck so I texted Lia to see if she’s ok
      And she said she’d been trying to call me over and over and left a message but I didn’t have one.

      wanda102 [10:48 PM]
      Let me finish tho

      So I called her and she said “I promise you…stop talking about this. That’s not the only copy of the NDA, and it means nothing. I’m not safe now. I’m burned, you know?”
      And I said “what do you mean ‘burned?’”
      And she said hang on a second, but then the call disconnected.

      Cerril [10:52 PM]
      That’s… a shame. I was hoping @111error could be taken as a statement of greater significance. Obviously the OSDM/Order is quite aware of the video and has more than legal means of harassing us to enforce silence, but still. Shame.

      111error [10:52 PM]
      Then at this point, talking may be the only choice she has.

      111error [10:54 PM]
      Though, I do believe we have destroyed all traces of this agreement …

      wanda102 [10:55 PM]
      She doesn’t believe that, Morgan. (edited)

      111error [10:55 PM]
      You’ve become very protective of Lia. You remember at the end of one of my videos I said the truth hurts?

      SHE was a mole. SHE was lying to you. Every moment she stayed within this community, she endangered EVERY single one of you. YOU want change, but you are so ready to stay the same.

      111error [10:57 PM]
      Someone – maybe DLB – sent her back *in*

      111error [10:57 PM]
      Why? Why would he send her back in?

      wanda102 [10:58 PM]
      Send her back where? The red room?

      111error [10:58 PM]
      NO, to this community.
      To this Slack.
      To *YOU*

      kevin [10:59 PM]
      To do what though?

      111error [10:59 PM]
      We have no idea, we were hoping she would tell us that.

      111error [11:01 PM]
      I’m not proud, can I just clarify this. Like, no searching for hidden meaning in this; I am not happy or celebrating or anything

      111error [11:01 PM]
      But, I will burn one to save many.

      111error [11:02 PM]
      She has no home now. She needs us. And WE will protect her.

      a [11:06 PM]

      may I speak freely?

      111error [11:06 PM]
      I am writing a fucking novel here, so sure, go ahead

      a [11:07 PM]
      Morgan had no other choice. If she were here, and honest, they turned her, and she was with them. Morgan outed her, yes, but hold judgement until you hear from her directly.

      a [11:08 PM]
      he ripped the bandage off, it stings. Give this time.

      Chrysalis359 [11:09 PM]
      This felt impulsive and reactionary
      I don’t know how I feel RN

      111error [11:09 PM]
      We have eyes on her.

      I can’t arrange a bathroom break without Bryan telling Tim what color it is. I am not some fucking clown nor do I think this is a game.

      111error [11:11 PM]
      I need to take care of something. Goodnight everyone.

      a [11:13 PM]
      Again, I must stress, wait for the facts. It is not my place to divulge. But it would serve us all well.

      a [11:14 PM]

      , tell them

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      Two outstanding questions with all of this (outside of the major stuff, obvs).

      Morgan’s “novel” never materialized and there was something A really wanted Morgan to tell us, but he had already gone for the night.

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      Looks like thanks to the MIRACLE of modern technology, Lia did leave me a voicemail but it only materialized on my cell this morning. But it allows for a good transcript, I suppose.

      “Cristen, I just got home from a show and uh I just saw what happened, uh I know you guys weren’t like…trying to hurt me but this… I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do. You guys have exposed me and…I’m not…I’m not safe anymore. I don’t think you understand what you did, you think that burning that one copy like, CHANGES anything? …Please stop talking about this, please. I just…you don’t know what you’ve done…”

      And she’s cut off there.

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       Mustafa Said

      I’m trying to wrap my head around how Lia could be in any danger because Morgan revealed the NDA? I could understand it if she did it herself somehow but she didn’t-that phonecall that @wanda102 got gives me the impression that Lia probably never intended for this to be revealed and wouldn’t do it of her own accord.

      So shouldn’t Lia have nothing to worry about? From what I can tell, she didn’t break the NDA and she didn’t reveal it either.

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        @mumumusings my impression is that she wasn’t supposed to discuss what happened to her at all, and the more we bring it up, including the public destruction of the NDA, the more danger she’s in.

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        @mumumusings @wanda102 I think there’s also a good chance the NDA was keeping her safe because she was “a mole” and the OSDM had a use for her. Now that she’s burned and people know, she’s a liability for them.

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      Catching up now, wow. I know I’m in the minority here, but watching this transpire after the fact and not in the heat of the moment, the burning of the NDA etc, didn’t seem that evil to me. I mean everyone wants Lia to talk and we are being encouraged to try to get her to talk, even Noah in his call to Cristen wants us to dig further. I don’t think Morgan is using dirty tactics here personally. I guess now we know she’s in danger, but that wasn’t clear until we heard more from her.

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       Bryan Bishop

      There’s a big distinction here that I think we may all be missing in the hubbub. Look closely at the paper Morgan burned last night.

      Lia’s NDA wasn’t with OSDM, the OOA, or even TENSION, LLC. It was with Blah Shank Productions. (Run a quick google search if you’re curious about that company.)

      It wasn’t signed by Tim Granik, Addison Barrow, or Joyce Carlberg. It was signed by Darren Lynn Bousman.

      Last night Lia was put at risk when Morgan burned a contract she had signed with one of TPTB.

      Let that sink in. Think about the implications. Think about what it says with regard to who we can trust, what that person’s allegiances actually are w/r/t BOS, OOA, and everyone else.

      And think about what we may be propping up here with every additional day that we continue to engage. Question everything does mean question everything.

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      (moving this over from slack) I’m divided on last night. I definitely still believe in BOS and in Morgan, but I’m still unsure of how I feel about last nights actions. On one hand, I understand the possible sacrifice of one for the whole, on the other hand, I really don’t want Lia hurt or forced into something for that.

      I really don’t want to think of any of us purposefully being a mole, and I don’t want to blame or point fingers without other evidence, so I am glad Morgan has that policy. As bad as it might sound, I actually do hope she was forced into it or didn’t really know, it’s somewhat better than the alternative.

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       Unseen Presence

      I’ll also bring my thought over from the Slack:

      I found the action Morgan took by ‘burning’ Lia’s NDA (and her in the process) to be a sign of an individual whose tactics may not be much better than those that he considers his enemy. They were also not the only potentially problematic actions taken.

      As far as I’m concerned, Lia’s story about what happened at the MSE (and to some extent her park story as well) were not prominent (or crucial at this moment) concerns until @a brought it up to us as a group. @a essentially aimed us right at Lia, making us a pressure point (as a group) to try and get her to talk. And it was clear that she did not want to do so–so when people kept asking, she played off the story once more as ‘clearly’ a prop or special effect. And then she immediately bailed on the entire conversation.

      To make certain that she didn’t scurry back into hiding, @a sent her something that upset her to the point where she contacted @wanda102, who then got upset. Thereby pushing us even further into feeling like we had to ‘know’ the truth of what was going on.

      Then @111error chooses to push the matter all the way, by burning her NDA (and supposedly getting all the other copies) and trying to force her to tell her story. Even as people got upset, the group has continued to talk about how Lia now -has- to tell her story. This is being prodded onwards by @a’s comments about “get the story first” before attacking. That’s still pressuring and manipulating us to ‘get the story’.

      I do not know whether the story HAS to or NEEDS to come out. It is possible that Morgan and @a believe that the answer (the ends) more than justifies the actions taken against Lia and to manipulate us into pushing her on our own (the means). It certainly -seems- that they both believe so. Perhaps they are correct.

      But at the same time, I don’t see any way the group wasn’t manipulated into starting to dig into Lia’s story all over again. And I am not certain that a group can claim to be about the truth and burning it all down–when the choice of actions taken to get there are as bad as those of its enemy. Worse, perhaps, because the ‘enemy’ in this case at least doesn’t claim to be ‘better’.

      Finally, if people in the BOS wonder why Morgan is such a target, I cannot claim certainty as to why. But I do simply want to point out that it appears, often, as though Morgan (and perhaps @a) are the only people who actually know what’s going on in the BOS. It looks, from the outside vantage, that you are caught as off-guard as the rest of us often. So it doesn’t make sense (at least to me) to attack/argue/whatever with those who aren’t privy to the information–it’s not your fault or action that I am questioning.

      I think the BOS ideals are fine. Morgan may even be doing what he must. But if he’s largely acting as a hold-the-cards-close dude, then the outcomes of holding those cards close ends up falling more completely on his shoulders, for good or ill.

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      Two thoughts on these last two posts.

      – …
      There is something about what you wrote that fills me with dread. You and I have talked about this quite a bit but my communications with TPTB in the past 7 months have been odd. Reading this I am now at a point where I am questioning whether what very, very little interactions I’ve had with them are actually IG or OOG. So is now the time to discuss whether or not the sky is blue?

      et al – I don’t follow ideals or groups or whatever. Following disappoints. I don’t believe in sacrificing one for a “greater good” or one for many. I don’t know or care why Lia did what she did. In my thinking, someone needs help, you help them, period. If what Bryan says is true then the person she’s afraid of is Darren. The implications of that are pretty serious for all of us.

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       Robert Fuller

      There is no OOG. Because there is no G.

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        @remrelganaps – so there is only “I” – fitting.

        I’m going to hang out in the background for a bit. The constant negativity and pointless bickering and moral high-horsing and meanness is not something I have room for right now. I’d love to be a part of things but lately that just seems to be when people want to remember that I haven’t talked about that one time in September. I want to enjoy this again so I’ll just hang out until I can.

        Waiting. Because I’m good at that now.

        Lia, if there’s anything I can do, please let me know.

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