Joyce telling Russell about having to revisit his past

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     Drew Huntley 

    I brought up on Slack Joyce telling @russell that he would have to revisit something he has had to do in his past and there was some great speculation flying.

    @russell feel free to drop in and talk as little or much about what Joyce told you. Totally understand why you would want to hold that closer to the chest though.

    I originally was curious if the periscope from last night had to do with something Joyce had told him. As if Joyce knew her end was coming and told him that he may have to rally the community after her death.
    @addisonborn then filled me in about @russell‘s role in Tension last year. I’m just going to quote Slack for brevity.
    “Last year, @russell was given a task of getting Addison/Overseer/Sabrina out of the OOA and back to her “father.” On multiple occasions, he was close to successful. Since there were real truths about the OSDM hidden within the lie of the OOA, maybe he’s going to need to use what he learned last year to get someone else out of the OSDM.”

    This opens up a lot of characters to be “saved.”

    What Joyce told him came directly after the first forum revelation that she had attended the retreats and regretted her actions. She then tells @russell that he will have to revisit something. What if he has to revisit his role from tension at the Mid season retreat?

    What if he has to revisit the saving of Sabrina quite literally at the retreat? We know now that Sabrina is back in the OSDM of her own will.

    There’s more that can be said but I think this is a good launching point.

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    I like this theory! There are many things in @russell ‘s past that this could mean. It could mean having to save someone a la Addison/Sabrina. Or it could even be something like he has to believe again. Believe in what, I don’t know. Last year, he was a firm believer that Tom was Addison’s father. No matter what, he stuck by that. He had that faith (and it’s the one thing they couldn’t program out of her…err..him).

    It could also mean he has to “let go”. Last year, when he saw Sabrina in the helmet, Samson made him leave. He want to help but they wouldn’t let him. He had to just go. He couldn’t save her. Perhaps, this could be another thing like that. We’ve already heard that people can’t be saved a couple weeks ago in the @larry / Stephanie situation 🙁

    This could go so many ways!

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    @daela brought up separately the idea that maybe he’ll be confronted with something from his past. I believe this may tie into Sabrina as well.

    I believe one of Russell’s pressure points is being put on the spot with the possibility of failure. With this in mind, should he be prepared to be confronted with the fact that he wasn’t able to succeed in freeing Sabrina last year? And now she’s back with the OSDM by choice – an alignment that could’ve been changed should he had been successful in saving her.

    Or is that what the OSDM wants us to believe, and Sabrina’s return to the OSDM is a conscious positioning, reflecting the “damsel in distress” role she played last year?

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    @wintermute, I appreciate you understanding why I may not want to reveal all, Drew, but I will comment partially on some of this. Joyce told me in the follow up phone call that I was going to be required to do something, and that she would be there and be involved with the task. She did not tell me much more than that. As far as my past experience, I think she was trying to subtly tell me that I may have to… “perform” a service for the community… to be the bearer of some message, perhaps? (That is mainly MY interpretation of her speaking so obtusely.)

    Personally, I have wondered if that is why Mason may have tried to gain access to my home when I was not there. Rather than investigating me… what if he were trying to figure out if Joyce had revealed something specific to me he feels I should not know? He wasn’t at the meeting at my place, perhaps he feels too much was revealed to me and that I am a wild card in his universe.

    @mike, for you to suggest I may have to “save” someone is interesting… but Joyce made it sound like I was going to be doing something bigger than that. (I mean it sounded like it would involve more than one person.) I don’t want to get into more specifics because who knows what plans Joyce may have set in motion that Mason may not be aware of… or maybe he is completely aware of something Joyce had me in mind for and he will return his attention to me when I can be of use to him? That’s the more likely scenario and Mason will approach me if I can be of use to him, I am sure. As I stated last night on Periscope, my allegiance rests with those I consider friends and chosen family.

    The periscope last night did NOT have to do with this, Drew. A friend had something she wanted to say and her phone died, I was there and I was able to help a friend… and make the point that I personally feel we could all do more of that… be there for each other

    Perhaps there is a reason the concern about me feeling “disconnected” was brought up so emphatically by Joyce… and why Sabrina commented that she felt a connection to me, still. Look, if Anoch is still on the table, if Sabrina feels there is truth and power for good capable of being set free by aligning with any organization… she knows I am someone who would be willing to listen to her and provide what assistance I could. She and Joyce are the only connections I have felt this year.

    So, yeah, @addisonborn, maybe there is some connection to me trying to be there for “Addison” last year and watching her be stripped of everything she had sincerely believed in. (Gee… that’s how I felt after my second time through Ascension… I had put so much faith into the story and felt betrayed.) The infamous “Red Room” devastated me on that night for Sabrina stood there with the promise of me being part of the solution to it all, and it quickly fell apart. Yeah, I do feel like I failed her… and two weeks later she wept in my arms, glitch-ing and repeating my name, and it freaking HURT to the bottom of my heart. It still hurts. (Looking back… I would have handled that night differently… but, that’s life.) For her to tell me on the phone that she felt a connection to me now… as I stood in front of Joyce… was saddening and thrilling at the same time. Michelle said it last year… they chose someone we could all see ourselves in… and I fell for it. I fell for it sincerely.

    Believe in what, I don’t know.

    Yeah, @mike… exactly.

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