Is there a such thing as IG and OOG anymore?

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     Christine Barger 

    So I’m still catching up on the past few months but it seems like the lines are so blurred now between what’s IG and what’s not that maybe everything is just IG? So I used to be really careful about trying not to break the world and IG reality in Tension. I was always worried about whether it was ok to bring up a point because it seemed OOG and I feel we had OH so many discussions on that back then. So now I’m curious if everything is in game to the point that we don’t really know where the game stops and reality begins…or did I leave and come back to find you all in an actual cult with actual psychos showing up at your doorsteps?

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    My view is that there are a few things that are still firmly OOG – don’t actually call the cops on Mason, for example (as much as I’d love to do just that). Things like that, safety issues, pulling the public in without their consent, etc. But most everything else is fair game.

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     Christine Barger 

    So I find this such an interesting and fascinating thing because the way the lines are blurred with reality it would be very easy for a person to go “off script” and really kidnap someone and no one would catch on for some time. Like @coryphella for example…if we don’t hear from her soon how can we be sure it’s in game and not something seriously happened to her?

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     Christine Barger 

    I recently heard the story of Redd Foxx’s death. He clutched his heart and said this is the big one while having a real heart attack and everyone stood around laughing at him and clapping and by the time they realized what had happened he was rushed to the hospital too late. If everyone had realized it was real then he might have received medical attention sooner. Just gonna toss that out there. Reminded me of this.

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    Reminds me of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” which, coincidentally, was baby Sinclair’s favorite story as a kid if I remember correctly.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    There is no OOG any longer @christineb. We are in a cult and everything surrounding it is very real.

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