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    Perhaps this is the part of our problem with the results lately, instant gratification and unruliness wins the day once more. I give to you and you give in return, more questions and demands. “Show me why this is the way it is! Explain everything to me, every part and parcel of your business!”  

    Let’s chat on and on about acronyms!  Acronyms?

    This is all so very needlessly fussy and, well, I’m sorry but American.  This is precisely what happens when a national identity is composed from violence and puritanical sexual repression. Your species instantly acts upon your most immediate of social urges.  Why have you never learned to  hold them close to your chest so that you may weaponize them at the precise moment they could be most effective?

    “Mother, I am as capable of self-discipline as you are of dignity and fidelity.”  

    For twelve years I held on to that gem and wielded it only when the jeweled scarecrow herself felt it necessary to inquire about my second helping of roast. Simple, collected, effective.

    Still, I wonder what has happened in this country to manners and quiet dignity in general? Standing in queue, saying thank you and politely smiling through someone’s ignorance? Smiling through your own ignorance even.

    However, just this once I will embrace the certain raw appeal of your collective unfettered charm and return your directness with some of my very own. When in Ohio do as the Ohioan’s do and ingest the fat fried candy bar I suppose.

    I will tell you one of the biggest secrets of all. Is everyone ready?

    You are food.

    You are eaten nearly every day and you will never realize how.

    Humans believe that they are the very top of the food chain and have no natural predators.  A lie.

    Now, there you are.  This knowledge is as useful to you as giving as a house fly the blueprints of a Boeing 737. It makes absolutely no sense to you and you will never understand any part of it.

    Do you feel better? Do you feel enlightened?  Of course not.  

    Heed my advice, it is simply easier to follow along with the fun distractions that come forth here and there and to enjoy these frivolities we offer.

    This has been surprisingly cathartic!  Perhaps I will meet with some of you in person very soon and even share a few details of our transition between the this year and the last.  


    …our species?


    What advice?
    I see no advice offered in this post.


    So we’re Food. Rad. Unknowingly, or unwittingly, eaten. So is sunlight. Being consumed is apart of a cycle, sometimes, it doesn’t even mean death. Sunlight doesn’t die, it is energy is transformed, the sun isn’t harmed by growing grass. However, the Sun and Cattle have vastly different opinions on the matter, I’m sure.

    Meet in person very soon? Like A Sunday, very, very soon?

     Bryan Bishop 

    Well I think it’s safe to say that Joyce and Remi share some similar world views. Yikes.


    Beware of the uncouth, fussiness of Americans. We built a nation on it.


    Hmmm, now I only have more questions Joyce. It’s hard to hold them close to my chest. Must I always be polite? I’ve been playing that game for decades. I suspect you are not human or not of this world? And neither is your mother… I do shutter at the thought of the PREDATOR at the top of the food chain and hope it’s more than that Arnold Schwarzenegger film of the same name.

     Brad Ruwe 

    I’d respond to your dig at Ohio… but being someone who got out of Ohio as soon as he could, I really can’t.

    Which leaves us now to ponder… food for what? Anoch?

     Meghan Mayhem 

    @bcbishop Honestly? I like what I’m seeing of Joyce, just as I liked Remi. Brash and aggressively unamused, but she seems to tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to. Gee. I wonder why that appeals to me.


    A response designed to illicit an emotional response, yet encourages the readers to follow along and enjoy the frivolities? I’m not one to demand an answer to a question we don’t even understand. Curiosity tends to override a need for detail.


    Can’t help but notice that the person laughing at us for solving anagrams has a name that contains the letters c-y-b-o-r-g.

     Lukas L 

    Well that sure does sound like the sheep to the Shepard. Come sheep, follow the Shepard to safety, he will give us water, food and shelter from the wolves that wish to eat us. Because this way the Shepard can invest in us. Make us fat and ignorant. For one day, the Shepard’s intentions will show to be a just a reflection of the wolf.


    @joycecarlberg For someone who doesn’t seem to be American you sure have learned/learnt our spelling patterns very well. Not implying anything, mind, just making an observation.


    Something I find endlessly fascinating – why the automatic gravitation towards something perceived as “not good?” I can understand if you’re being asked to harm someone you care for, betray friends, etc. but honestly in all narratives where it’s lights vs. dark, the dark always is more interesting.

    I mean I honestly did support III last year because I wasn’t connecting with any of the remaining characters at that time and he wasn’t boring.

    I don’t know that @joycecarlberg is necessarily “good” or what the Investors *are* but I’m interested. The call I received the other night seems pretty clearly HDMI or whatever the fuck organization she’s with, and that call seemed pretty pointed – someone was telling me they had invested in me. The message may have been meant for everyone but it felt personal, and that’s pretty powerful.

    Investing in me/us? What does that mean? Aren’t you curious? I’m not talking about the theories that we’ve bandied about or what some people are 99% certain it means but what it really, truly means. We’re food. I’ve admitted towards an inclination to be prey, so meh. “When I go to the bank, I want to see you in it.” There’s something about that turn of phrase that’s dehumanizing. There’s been a voyeuristic feel at times to this, I wonder if there *is* a game being played but not by us. We aren’t the players, we’re the pieces.

    If that’s the case, I really want to see that game board.

    I hardly call myself a sheep for any of that rationale.

     Hannah Schenck 

    Hi, Joyce is it? Can I call you Joy? Are you cool with JC? Oh no you don’t seem to be a fan of acronyms so I’ll just stick with Joyce. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Seems as though you have quite the opinions of us here, yet we have only just started getting to know each other. If this is a challenge to light a fire under my ass then I fully accept it so grab the marshmallows because the fire is burning. Who says we are not holding our cards close to our chest? Perhaps we are not as transparent as you think. I believe you are underestimating us and that puts you at a disadvantage. I guess you could say we are “playing the game” but you don’t like that word either… I have to say, I always admire someone who can dish the sarcasm, be blunt and not give a fuck. This is clearly you, but it is also me. With that in mind, what puts me one step ahead in life is knowing when to fight, and when to hold out for the right time. Alas, I am eager to meet you and indulge in all of your advice that you have to offer, I know you have more in there…

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