Imprints and Shadows

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    I brought this up in another thread with @addisonborn the wise, and figured I should start a thread on this.

    This is PURELY speculation. But there is some interesting factors here.

    We all know from Tension that the OSDM gathered a TON of data on all of us, some more than others. What if in Lust they are implanting that data into people.

    As pointed out in other places on the forums Noah has been compared to me by a few folks.

    Sarah reminded me a hell of a lot of Kim (@electrichippo)…

    And now Melissa is being confused with this Melinda person.

    So is this whole thing with Shadow people and AI distinctly connected in terms of changing people’s personalities (via The Helmet from Tension) using Data collected from The Tension Experience.

    Creating the same person to fit your needs, or a Shadow of that person if you will.

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     Maxwell R 

    I absolutely could buy this, I have been wondering what they were doing with all the data they had collected. At “The End” they alluded to using it to sway mass groups toward their agenda (whatever it is) but with technological advancements over the past few months I don’t see why they couldn’t shift their motivations.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    I’m going to be really controversial here and say… you’re actually a pretty nice guy, @thebuz. Not nearly as much of a dickhead as Noah.

    (Now nevermind me, and let the theorizing commence.)

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    @bryan Who’s to say that they didn’t leave out my more compassionate tendencies. A shadow would take the base characteristics of someone (based on the info I gave) and use that for the imprint.

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    What if we are the beta, and the real run through is for world leaders, business moguls and socialite movers/shakers? What if their mistake is this: we’re harvested for our most dominant personality trait, But people are vastly complicated, so it inherently fails, (Noah going off script). What would an AI understand of the complexities of the human soul? Do they even want souls?
    If they’re categorizing people into winning traits and failing traits, what could that even look like? And what happens if they’re wrong?

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    @theladyj There were tons of implied stuff going on in Tension that they were able to swing the election due to their collection of data.

    So… this falls into that.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    @thebuz Fair point. If somebody’s engineering a personality from scratch, and they have access to the massive reserves of data that the forces in this case do, one would assume they would not simply go for clones. They’d want to improve and iterate by taking the bits and pieces they want, and leaving out others. Basically doing the designer baby version of personality creation and curation.

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    @thebuz …and well indeed, a side from sounding too political, if puling data from the internet and limited interaction, created a proverbial terror…We’re all very, very fucked. And if the interaction we have between us and IT are helping create a pool of data (some would say a cesspool), then we should only be nice and courteous to one another!

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    I’ll add here too that with the research we found on TACITUS yesterday, that they’d theoretically be able to study and replicate colloquial speech patterns for a possible “new human.” And we’ve given them plenty of original source data haven’t we?

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     Brad Ruwe 

    If they’re pulling text from the forums, I think we should start feeding some of these lines into our normal dialogue just to see if potential AI we encounter with ties to The System start using them.

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    Also something I haven’t shared to the forums is an exchange I had with Sarah. I don’t feel like digging into my email and uploading to so I’ll just transcribe but it went like this:

    Buz: Sarah, I’m sorry that you have to put up with so many of these people attacking you. If you need anything please let me know, here to support you and the brand.

    Sarah: “Perhaps it’s your resemblance but…. thank you. -Sarah”

    Not to say again that this theory holds any water, but even Sarah admits there’s similarities between Noah and myself.

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     Mustafa Said 

    If they’ve got bigger plans for mass Shadow production to fit the ideas @theladyj suggested…that doesn’t just scream dangerous to me. That’s just plain insane.

    Imagine the type of control someone could have once they’ve created a Shadow of that person and the Shadow is in a position of power. What could developed nations or dictatorships do with this ability backing them? I’m not sure if the Sinclair Inc have any real moral lines they wouldn’t cross; if there are enough zeros behind it do they care who has the potential as long as they have their hands on the button?

    I can only hope something like this isn’t the real plan.

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    “At first, we built it off nerds from the internet. Then theater go-ers. THEN THE WORLD.”

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    This is an absolutely insane theory, but the evidence is truly there. @thebuz any other interactions or subtleties that may stick out at you? If that’s the case who is next?

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    That is an interesting theory @thebuz.

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    @thebuz your resemblance may help support them and the brand? That sure sounds suspect.. something worth being ‘never silent’ about!

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    @electrichippo To answer your question of simalarities of you to Sarah.

    She was very “in controll” of the room, and she had certain mannerisms with nods and tilts that very much reminded me of you particularly.

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    @mumumusings They might look insane, or outright villainous, but nobody ever thinks of themselves as the bad guy. Does the OSDM (or whoever they are) really think they’re doing a good thing for the world? If they just want to make a profit, there are other, easier ways to do that.

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    So, speaking of replication…

    Today is a rather notable day in cinematic history.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    @theladyj Seriously. It’s getting pretty SUS up in here. Right @rizzzoooooo?

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     Brad Ruwe 

    Whipped up this gif for another thing @rizzzoooooo and I did. Think it’s time to resurrect it for Lust.


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