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    @russell, I’ve only received three replies total. So, yeah, sloooooow progress. But, like you, I sometimes take a couple of days to respond, so I suppose I’m partly responsible for the pace. Most intimate info I’ve received from my confidant is that he/she/they/it likes ice cream. But, I mean, come on! Who doesn’t like ice cream???


    I haven’t been asked for a photo yet, but who knows? They might ask in a later response.

    I also haven’t been asked about my original photo that I sent to Stacey. It did have my face in it though, it was of me and my MacArthur Study Bible. It’s probably the best one I’ve ever had, and it’s so special to me because my best best friend from my childhood up to high school had given it to me as a birthday present in high school. It means even more to be now because she’s married and moved away so I don’t see or talk to her as much anymore except through texts and on holidays. It, and a small cross necklace my uncle had given to be before he died, are probably the only “thing’s” in the world I own that I would actually cry over if they were ever lost or damaged.

    And now that I think about that…

    thats not good


    Haven’t been asked for a photo, but have been asked “Can I hear your singing anywhere?”
    I wonder what they’re going to do with that recording, if anything… also, it’s a really crappy recording because I haven’t sung that song for a couple years.


    My IConfidant just got back to me today, the fastest she ever has. It was the most casual response I’ve ever received from her. Almost like it wasn’t her at all. I asked if we could send pictures, even just pictures of our pets or whatever and she said:
    (in references to the body of the email. It was just so out of character for her:)

    I’d love to see some pictures! am not technically allowed to send any back but maybe that’ll change soon?


     Lukas L 

    @theladyj funny you should say that. I got the same impression. My confidant always messaged on Thursday and this time it was sent on a wed. Very short and impersonal. We have a thing where each email we are supposed to ask eachother 3 questions. She anwsered my questiins and then just asked “how about you” like she didnt remember. Also I gave her a nickname and she never made mention of it and continued to call herself confidant.




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