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     Brad Ruwe 

    I had my iConfidant request a photo for the first time today, and IIRC that’s something that’s come up before. Wasn’t someone specifically asked if they had sent photos recently? If iConfidant had requested photos? Obviously there’s a few reasons they would ask for photos of us, especially photos of us doing things we do in our lives (mine asked for a photo of me playing Samuel the Savage at Dark Harbor).

    The reasons can be innocent, that they just truly are interested in our lives and want to see what we get up to. They can also be not-so-innocent, that they’re looking for photos they can manipulate to create blackmail on us, or to set us up for a crime. Or going back to the “creating a duplicate” theory, gain more visual data to base their duplicate off of.

    But it’s seeming more and more like there’s a specific reason to them asking for photos, both in our initial application and now through emails.

    P.S. I now realize I missed out on an opportunity to send this video

     Kimberly Stewart 

    I have heard of a few iConfidants asking their match for a photo. I never took it as suspicious since it’s always seemed to make sense to whatever the conversation was in the moment. Mine’s never asked for a photo but then I don’t think that’d be relevant unless she was asking for a picture of something we’d talked about, such as locations I’d visited, rather than just a straight up photo of me. @nothenrygale did you dare ask yours for a photo in return? They’d most probably say it was against the rules, but fair is fair, right?

     Brad Ruwe 

    @electrichippo Count that TWO missed opportunities in my response.

     Kimberly Stewart 

    Haha, awww @nothenrygale I think you got so caught up in your Nickleback fantasies that you missed the obvious. There’s always next time (for both) 😀

     Buz Wallick 

    Oddly enough mine did exactly this yesterday.


    I had asked them what the “rules” were that they had to abide by.

    Gave a pretty good answer and then not so subtly asked me for noodz.

    My reply:

    A Pennywise for your Thoughts


    Mine asked for a picture of me on 5/10:
    Can I ask you to send me a picture of you or is that weird?

    I sent a picture back and tried to use the opportunity to get their name out of them, but I haven’t heard back yet.

     Brad Ruwe 

    Alright, it DEF seems like photos do indeed play a role in whatever the plans of iConfidant are. If it’s a recurring thing now, something’s up.

    Also, @thebuz that photo…. perfection.

     Kimberly Stewart 

    If there is a pattern here, @kevin & @nothenrygale, when you originally sent in the photo of your favorite thing to Stacey, was it a photo that included your face? Mine did and I’ve not been asked for a pic by my confidant.

     Brad Ruwe 

    @electrichippo Yes, mine was a photo of @birdiesrunamok and myself on a rollercoaster. Face was a bit distorted (being launched over 100 mph will do that to the face) but it had my face in it.


    @electrichippo My email to Stacey did include a picture of my face, so I was actually kind of confused when my confidant asked for one. I assumed they would have had access to that information, or at least the picture.

     Vox Chaotica 

    My iConfidant has yet to ask for any pictures of myself yet. However, the initial photo I took for Stacey had half of my face covered by a physical copy of one of my Japanese porn games, which I am almost entirely positive is going to inevitably bite me in the ass. I also established early on that my iConfidant has the information I sent to Stacey, including that picture – or, at the very least, they didn’t deny it.


    Wait, didn’t we all have to send a photo of ourselves (with the thing we loved most) before we were matched?? They should all already know what we look like.


    @nothenrygale Going along with your thoughts, I have been wondering if anyone has received anything in the exchanges that specifically references their initial photograph they sent. (The one where we were initially asked to take a picture with something we love in our lives.) @sfire8, my original photo definitely showed my face, I bet most of the responses did.
    I have not received a request for a photo during the iConfidant exchanges.


    @sfire8 my original pic showed my face and I haven’t been asked for another photo.

    @russell nothing specific yet. At the rate me and my confidant are going, we won’t even be on a shared first-name basis until around the time “Nefarious” launches!


    @superstar, I have talked with a few people who seem to be having very different experiences. My exchange has been very casually paced, but that’s because I usually take a few days to respond due to my schedule and me wanting to think about my responses. To be honest, the responses are getting a little more personal but simply seem to regurgitate what I state, for the most part.

    Some people seem to be having more quick exchanges human-sounding interaction.
    I do not know what any of this means, of course. I spoke with someone last night who told me they have only received two responses total, that sounded odd to me.

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