iConfidant Meet and Greet is Open

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    Profile photo of Shaun Shaun 

    @genghistwan I hope you get well soon and will be ready to #BURNTHISMOTHERFUCKERDOWN when you’re healthy again!

    Profile photo of Meghan Mayhem Meghan Mayhem 

    Unless I am explicitly told otherwise by someone I trust, I will be attending this Sunday out of sheer curiosity and FOMO.

    Let’s get weird, ya’ll.

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    Profile photo of superstar superstar 

    @meghanmayhem I like your attitude, lady! Bring the weird! 😀

    Profile photo of Twan Intarathuch Twan Intarathuch 

    @shaun Thanks for the sentiment. Hope you all survive your meeting with iConfidant. If it turns out to be a trap, I promise you all I’ll return with some fire 😉

    Profile photo of Cara Cara 

    Well, we have our answer regarding the meet and greet tomorrow for those without confidants. Just received an email from Stacey (technically my first IG interaction, yay!):

    “This email is to inform you that while you signed up for the iConfidant event tomorrow we are unable to have you attend.

    Tomorrow’s event is only for people who participated in the program.

    Thank you for your understanding.


    So I wish you all luck tomorrow getting murdered meeting your confidants!

    Profile photo of Taylor Winters Taylor Winters 

    @chrysalis359, I think Stacey (if that’s who even sent the email) just may have saved your life.

    Profile photo of Cara Cara 

    @taysavestheday Yes, I may have just dodged a proverbial (or literal) bullet!

    Profile photo of Lia Lia 

    I was also emailed by Stacey and told not to come, @chrysalis359. I expected some sort of message like this, honestly.

    Who else got the boot?

    Profile photo of GoldTongue GoldTongue 

    At this point who IS going???

    Profile photo of Megan Megan 

    I wish I was. I emailed to see if I could, but never heard back.

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