iConfidant Meet and Greet is Open

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    Ah! Imagine that, one person who knows ALL of (whom ever shows up/facetime) individual stories and details. That would be WILD. Legit, 2wild.


    Got mine! Were they asking more personal info than normal in this sign up page? Address, phone, birthdate, and the area about what we want from this experience with iConfidant? I don’t remember giving birthdate or a private message at the Lust registration?

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    Birthday might just be there to verify the >= 18 yrs old condition is met?

     Twan Intarathuch 

    I’ve been MIA for a bit and won’t be joining all of you in this because of some health issues. Good luck all and I’ll be lurking here on the forums reading all your awesome stories! Good Luck!


    Damn… Not sure if I should try to sign up. My gut says dont.

    I’m not sure what is going on. It’s like all activity for me has stopped.

    Could this already be over for me until October?

    Have I fucked up that badly?

    I haven’t heard back from my confidant in weeks… I reached out twice now since the post about meeting.

    I’ve reached out to the system and Andy’s mom without response.

    Then again, my confidant could be trying to protect me.

    Maybe my confidant isn’t evil. Maybe my confidant has found out about the evil that is happening behind the curtains at iConfidant, thinks I’m a good dude, they are a good person, and decided to opt out and go into hiding to try to protect me?

    My brain hurts.


     Kimberly Stewart 

    I agree @izryn, the timing and mere existence of both the ticket announcement and the FB live video is extremely contradictory. Like, here have a ticket to our thing that has burst into flames, good luck!

    I’m also confused about the invite/ticket list. Many of us have an ongoing correspondence with a confidant, but others quit their confidant or possibly never had one in the first place. Are we all going to be allowed to go? If we are, then what does this suggest about the event we’re about to walk into? It would seem much less a meet and greet between happy new friend pairs, and more like an opportunity for the #shininigans. Either way, joyfully we will march straight towards doom because it’s “fun.” I fully expect some angry looking fellow to yell at us if we’re lucky, and implant microchips into the base of our skulls if we aren’t. “Fun.”


    Speaking of which, why aren’t any of us trying to help Andy’s mom any more? It’s like we forgot, in sorts.

    Could that entire thing have been setup by the OSDM to see how we respond to the occult (again)?

     Brad Ruwe 

    @tyson I reached out to her twice. Once with Tina’s phone number as a possible source of info on his location, and again informing her of his supposed post on here, asking if she had heard from him directly. No response. No clue what that means, since I feel like a mother trying to find her son would be quick to follow up on leads like that. Very well could’ve been a bit of OSDM fuckery to see how we’d respond.

     Kimberly Stewart 

    At this moment there are more tickets available for the Meet & Greet.

     Julie R Goldstein 

    I got my ticket! I can’t believe this is really happening… I’m in tears right now…


    Yay I just got a ticket. My iConfidant hasn’t communicated in awhile so I hope it is OK and will be there for me to meet.


    Well…had a full day running around and packing so, I missed the window again on tickets I guess.
    It’s ok, I’ll probably end up having to work anyway. And it’s only facetime. I’ll be in LA in a month.

     David Shields 

    Well I don’t have a IConfident or the means to travel to LA so I look forward to seeing what happens to you lot!


    Got my ticket. My iconfidant is super nice and protecting. Kind of hoping to see a different side of them this go.

     Brian E 

    Got my ticket, looking forward to see where the rabbit hole leads, and maybe just maybe met a women who works as a chef in LA, who goes by the handle Blue 56….

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