iConfidant FB Live Video 6/5/17

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    I had sent Stacy and email after the Otiscast, with no response. Now she decides to do a broadcast with the same, off feeling of being coerced or forced. If Horace doesn’t LIKE Iconfidant, would he do this? Who gains by motivating us both to Help the (unknown) King, and Believe that Iconfidant is completely legit?

     Meghan Mayhem 

    Full transcript of the Stacey/iConfidant FB video. Pairs nicely with footage of a terrified woman pausing anxiously and glancing off camera to a TOTALLY NOT SINISTER PERSON.

    Hi I’m Stacey Erikson and I’m the CEO and founder of iConfidant.
    I’m making a live video so I’m gonna give you a few seconds for some people to chime in and get in and watch live so I can address everyone.

    Hi. Again, I’m Stacey Erikson. I’m here talking to iConfidant and addressing some serious rumors that are going on in our company.
    I just want to say that tech problems such as what we’re experiencing these past months are normal for a company like ours. Having compromises in the system and rumors and some of you freaking out, seeing that there might be some glitches is very, very normal.
    The one thing that I did notice that wasn’t normal was everyone’s reactions to it. It seemed like there was a lot more velocity of drama going on.
    So, I took matters into my own hands and I addressed these rumors and I went into the system with our tech team to figure out what was going on.
    I can confidently tell you all that there are only 2 compromises in the…in the system. Only 2 accounts that have had problems.
    I’ve looked into these 2 accounts in depth and I can tell you that these are nothing more than a cheap parlor trick in the system.
    There is nothing else going on that should warrant you of any fear.
    I want you to know that you can trust me. I’m really excited to see you all on June 11th and I’m excited to talk to you and move forward from these rumors.

    I want you to know that you can still trust me no matter what. I’m still available via my email on iConfidant 24/7, 7 days a week. So, please don’t be hesitant to talk to me.
    Just know that everything is safe on our end. You can trust me.
    Have a great day.

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     Hannah Schenck 

    @meghanmayhem You ROCK! Thank you for doing this <3

     Meghan Mayhem 

    Due to me typing down every single one of her words, I’m starting to obnoxiously over analyze them. For instance, the 4 times she said “the system”, the wording was done in such a way that the sentence could easily be applied if she were talking about the iConfidant computer system, or The System.

    “Having compromises in The System and rumors…”
    “I went into The System with our tech team to figure out what was going on”
    “…there are only 2 compromises in The System.”
    “…these are nothing more than a cheap parlor trick in The System

     Brad Ruwe 

    “…there are only 2 compromises in The System.”

    So what if she’s referring to THE SYSTEM, and the two compromises are not @111error and @kasch, but rather Noah and Sarah?


    If there were TRULY only two compromises in iC then I don’t think it matches with the 4 examples Otis gave (he addressed them as different people) when he was mentioning blackmail. Still don’t think the blackmail comes from iC.

     Kimberly Stewart 

    Sounded familiar so I looked it up and sure enough someone else used to use the uncommon phrase “cheap parlor tricks”… The Brotherhood of Seraph.

    One example, on the day the BOS hacked the OOA/Tension website they posted the following phrases in quick succession:

    “You OOA frauds and liars, Your so called Ascension is no more than a *cheap parlor trick*. We know all, and we will expose all”

    and then they modified the message to say:

    “You OOA frauds and liars, Your so called Ascension is no more than a *cheap parlor trick*. You pray on the weak, in hopes of gaining their strength. We know all, and we will expose all. Brothers of Seraph”

    BOS was OOA was OSDM is likely Horace and fam, so it all stands to reason I suppose.


    Since these Facebook posts (and entire Facebook pages for that matter) have a history of disappearing suddenly, I recorded the Stacey Erikson iConfidant live stream from today. Here’s the video for posterity:


    I’m glad I can help Stacey beta test her innovative confidant system.

    Did anyone happen to hear the time and place for the meetup? I asked my confidant about it but haven’t gotten a response yet.


    Hi @shaun. I don’t believe any details about the 11th have been released past that original Facebook post. And though I haven’t brought it up with my own, I’ve gotten the impression that others’ Confidants appear to know as much as we do or less about the 11th or anything else happening behind the scenes at the company.


    starting my day off with a smile. Thanks, @theladyj!

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