iConfidant FB Live Video 6/5/17

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    “I personally went into the system to see what was going on.”

    Oh, I bet you did.


    Has anyone emailed her in response?


    Wasn’t expecting this to crop up during my morning routine. I also agree that Stacey’s statements felt coerced. Also, where have we seen this “reassuring” theme before? With the System. And look what happened soon after.

    I fear we won’t be able to communicate with Stacey without any of the people doing the coercing finding out as well.

     Andrew Kasch 

    My e-mail hacking was not a simple “cheap parlor trick.” It was a concentrated effort by either a brilliant hacker or a very organized, calculated hive. iConfidant’s troubles are not internet trolling tactics. There’s a clear agenda here. And I didn’t even see the worst of what was leveled at Stacey.

     Hannah Schenck 

    @meghanmayhem I had the same wonder about that leather bound notebook… it could be our emails printed out and bound together. Also some of the pages are blatantly folded or maybe marked?


    Broadcasting live from someone’s attic.


    Yeah, that didn’t feel like a confident, reassuring leader, that felt like a distressed, coerced woman. I don’t buy it. I think we’re dealing with a much bigger leak than we realize.


    Yeah I was wondering if the notebook looked familiar to anyone – have we seen it before?
    Also I did send her an email to see if she was ok, but no idea if she’ll write back.

     Brad Ruwe 

    @shankfx22 Didn’t Tina mention to some people that they were flagged in Lust? @genghistwan was one person IIRC. I wonder if his emails are some of the marked ones? And if I got a call from her as well…


    @chrysalis359 I think whatever leaks have occurred are the least of Stacey’s problems right now. She looked on the edge of panic and those leaks were a little bit ago.


    @daela – one of the two accounts was @kasch…I think the other was @111error?

     Buz Wallick 

    Good lord, guys. Ya’ll vicious going after her physical appearance.

    It should be noted that Stacey, even with the stress she’s showing in the eyes is still a very pretty person. I’d hate to sit here and pick apart a lady we don’t know that well on her physical appearance.

    Let’s get down to brass tacks though. Someone is DEFINITELY forcing Stacey to read this to us. That little nod at the end? That was definitely a “We good?”

    This further proves the theory of the BIGGER PICTURE. We’re seeing a happy, reassuring Stacey. But right outside the frame is something very sinister.

    More and more I’m starting to believe Kristen isn’t telling us the whole truth and that Stacey is most definitely not the bad guy in this but is being used by someone else.

    Puppetry at work.


    There were also a number of grammatical errors in her statement, the sort of wording that is nearly correct but hits the ear in an odd way that often happens when someone is speaking off the top of their head, especially when they are nervous or not used to public speaking. Whoever is coercing her probably shouted some bullet points and threw her on camera rather than drafting any kind of official statement. Every part of this feels even more sloppy and unconvincing than previous attempts The System has made in PR. Once again, who do they think they’re fooling? They’re either inept, cynical, or both.

     Claire Buchignani 

    Poor thing seems like she is in some trouble. I just sent her an email thanking her for her services and also offering my help if she ever needs it…which by the looks of it, she definitely does! Curious if she will write back…


    @macbethinabathtub …Or possibly written by someone whose first language isn’t English?

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