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    Profile photo of Brad Ruwe Brad Ruwe 

    Wait… the event is valet parking???

    Profile photo of Megan Megan 

    Haven’t heard anything about a facetime option yet – maybe that’s a no go this time around? If so and they allow for it, someone please periscope!

    Profile photo of Julie R Goldstein Julie R Goldstein 

    I’m ready and on my way to my silver lining…

    Profile photo of Chloe Chloe 

    @coryphella yeah I have no clue, I’m just going on assumption at the moment. Just going to wait and see what happens at 2.

    Profile photo of Scot Scot 

    @coryphella @chloe It may be true that this isn’t the time, but with all restrictions lifted perhaps we can set up something later.
    I just hope some of those restrictions haven’t been protecting us in some way.

    Profile photo of Jackie Jackie 

    Found street parking on st Vincente, just a few steps from sunset. There’s valet parking everywhere, especially since we’re on top of the Whiskey.

    Profile photo of Kimberly Stewart Kimberly Stewart 

    My confidant just emailed me. All she said is this:

    “come,I will be here”

    This doesn’t sound like her at all.

    Profile photo of Tim Tim 

    Random question-is anyone tracking the beta version iconfidant is showing?
    It’s at 1.4 now-has it always been at 1.4?

    Profile photo of Brad Ruwe Brad Ruwe 

    @electrichippo Yeah… you gunna die…

    Profile photo of Buz Wallick Buz Wallick 

    Good luck everyone. I really hope I don’t have to come back to LA to all of you either being robots or missing.

    Also I really really miss you all.

    Be safe.

    Profile photo of Tim Tim 

    I should be heading to bed over here in the uk, but nervously checking on you guys continuously…

    Profile photo of Megan Megan 
    Profile photo of Maranda Maranda 

    They’ve just been asked to turn off their phones. Looks like we’re going dark until it’s over, guys.

    Profile photo of Megan Megan 

    Damn. 🙁

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